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 My story of innovation for my prostatitis 
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Post My story of innovation for my prostatitis
Before my immigration to Canada from China, I was an university teacher in Chemistry and my research interest was high temperature superconductivity. If I didn't have this disease, I won't get to be related to Medicine.

In 2008, the second year of my residence in Canada, I felt my sexual function got bad. So in my vacation in China in the beginning of 2009, I had to see a doctor. I visited Department of Urology of Beijing 466 Hospital found by searching online. A military doctor Liang saw me. He diagnosed my prostatitis by his experience and later biochemical tests diagnosed my infection of Staphylococcus aureus(SA). He blamed me why I didn't see a doctor early and explained the bad treatment situation. He said to me seriously that I must change myself to another person- no alcohol, no spicy food and going to bed early everyday. I was confused: it was a disease of infection, why it was so difficult.

It was in the period of Chinese new year's holiday and the patients in the hospital were rare, so I had a chance to listen to Dr. Liang's lecture of medical literature. I thought he had a desire of tutoring and he should have a career in a medical school. When he explained the blood- brain barrier and blood- prostate barrier, I understood. That he said only lipid soluble medicine can penetrate into the prostate impressed me deeply and he also commented treatment methods including direct injection.

Results of cultures indicated that cephalosperin was more sensitive for my infection but was not in the literature, so I always wanted to find a physical therapy to help medicine penetration. I tried hand massage by my stomach for the prostate after medication, but no achievement happened.
6 months later, my symptoms came back and got worse, I obviously felt prostate pain.
When I had a B-ultradound test, while I was thinking of a propriate physical therapy and I felt my prostate was hurt by ultrasound, an idea happened in my mind: Yeah, it is ultrasound.
I had experience of electroplating. Before plating, the surface of base materials should be cleaned of lipid contaminant for stability of clad layer, and ultrasound is a common cleaning method.
I was excited. A doctor invited me to join a trial of direct injection, I refused because I had a better method.

I searched on Alibaba by the keywords of medical device and ultrasound. A product attracted my attension. It had high said intensity and a big treatment head, more importantly, it was very cheap with a price of 120USD. When I received and tried to use it, I felt regret. It was a junk product because it could not stop leaking water. I was angry and searched it online again, to my surprise, it was announced false product by the national industrial and commercial administration bureau becaused lt was alleged that it could cure prostatitis by physical therapy without medication.
That time in China, the use of medicine was out of regulations. There was a convenience prescription room in Qilu Hospital, Shandong province. Any patients could prescribe any medicine by themselves and the doctor didn't care about patients' ID and diseases, and only signed its name on prescription paper. So I easily got 10 injections of Imipenem, and I fixed the leaking problem of the device, so I could start a trial.

After medication, the ultrasound exposure was applied to my prostate immadiately. From caution in the beginning to voluntary use in the final. After three days' treatment, my prostate SA disappeared, and another infection of coagulase negative staphylococcus(CNS) emerged. My SA infection covered the test of CNS.

Extended trial of Imipenem intravenous injection and ultrasound exposure was no longer effective, because CNS can cause a problem of biofilm. So I had to get help from doctors of Beijing 466 Hospital. They conducted Imipenem directly into my prostate from my urethra with a catheter and I did ultrasound exposure. After 7 days' treatments, the amount of white cell in my prostatic fluid dropped sharply but cultre could still test the infection. Additional gentamycin and ultrasound treatment cured CNS absolutely. I still remembered that there were many oil dews in my prostatic fluid which may was protective substance for biofilm.

My prostate pain disappeared and the treatment was so successful that I thought it should be published.
I contacted Science Magzine and an editor recommended me to submit it to The Translational Medicine. All the paper from its content to the verbal expressions were in a manner of Chemistry and the magzine rejected immadiately after submission. So you can image how lucky I was.
I had to learn some medicine. After several months' reading of references and revision of manuscript, it looked like a medical paper.

So I submitted to The Journal of Ultrasound in Medicine. One reviewer strongly supported it and the other questioned. I tried to respond to the questions but my understanding about the device was not right. In the middle of 2012, I received a letter from AIUM( American institute of Ultrasound in Medicine), inviting me to attend 2013 AIUM annual convention. My oral representation although got closer to the nature of the device, my understanding was not right.

After the convention, I wanted to buy one more device for extended study but it was swept away from the market. So I had to manufacture it by myself. After 5 years efforts, I made clear of the mechanism of the dvice which was published at 2016 AIUM annual convention. You may google for Far-field continous therapeutic ultrasound. You can find the patent I applied for to know more details about it.
My story demonstrates that Luck is the real secret of scientific research.

PM ME - any detailed discussion is welcomed.
Postscript: My plan for FdA approval is for orphan disease exemption (transverse myelitis?) and I hope a trial for prostatitis can be started soon under cooperation with a physician(I can be only a sponsor
Thank you for your reading!

Mon Aug 17, 2020 10:45 pm

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Post Re: My story of innovation for my prostatitis
What dose of Imipenem was used? I heard it can cause seizures.

Fri Aug 21, 2020 10:05 pm

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Post Possible problem is allergy
Before I first use of it, I asked a doctor of pharmacy in Qilu Hospital if I needed an allergic test, She said no and I had no incidence all time. But for a patient of ankylosing spondylitis, a nurse who was his relative said he needed skin test by penicillin. He passed the test but allergy happened. Symptom was kneel pain and he did not go to a hospital. For another patient of myelitis allergy also happened and symptom was eye pain.
Dose of our three was (imipenem 0.5g cilastatin sodium 0.5g) for three times( 0.5x3g/day) (transvenous injections)
It seems if you had too much antibiotics before, you are easy to have allergy.
If you did not, it is safe.
Only a guess.

Fri Aug 21, 2020 11:10 pm
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