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 My mystery and story - help if you can.. please 
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Post My mystery and story - help if you can.. please
Hello everyone,

Firstly thank you all for your contributions not just here but in other posts> its been invaluable.

My story

- In Oct 2019 I have sex with a sex worker where the condom broke
- Within 4-5 days I had a very strong burning sensation in the tip of the penis/urethra
- No discharge
- No pain during urination or ejaculation. Some after
- a week later my left testicle began to hurt and shortly after that I had pain in my perineum

Went to Dr
- Standard STD panel Clear (urine and blood)
- Mycoplasma genitalium clear (via urine)
- 2 weeks of Doxy proscribed, cleared up symptoms however they returned 1-2 weeks after.

Went and received retest 3 more times at different clinics (Mycoplasma genitalium and trichomonas included) Always came back clear

Went and saw my family GP
- Did a PSA check, slightly elevated, he repeated the STI tests, again all clear, his diagnosis was prostatitis
- Proscribed 4 weeks of Trimethoprim for 4 weeks and also refereed to uro
- 3 weeks in I saw the uro for the first time, he proscribed me another 2 weeks of Trim as I was about 90% improved (pain in penis and perineum gone but some testicular pain remains)
- Finished Trim and pain returned 1-2 weeks later
- Uro proscribed Ciprofloxavin for 6 weeks, got about 80% better (pain in penis and perineum gone but some testicular pain remains as before but a bit more intense)
- Ultrasound carried out showed no inflammation in testicles but a small lisan in bladder which uro says is unrelated but wants to do a cystoscopy anyway

Added information
- I am married, yes I cheated, I will live with this for the rest of my life, please dont judge
- Wife has zero symptoms
- Aware that this can also be potentially mental but have read a lot on here about mycoplasma ureaplasma + other bacteria hiding in the prostate

My current plan of attack
- Go back to family GP tomorrow, ask for prostate fluid screen to see if there is anything hiding there
- Still dont know if I should go for the cystoscopy... the timing of the pain and my symptoms have me feeling this is an infection of some time...
- I am also going to explore counseling and anti depressants as I am mentally absolutely in a horrible state. Not only with the physical guilt of my act but living with the constant constant pain I now have

Any thoughts, help or advice would be appreciated
Thank you all and I will keep you updated

Sun Mar 08, 2020 10:21 am

Joined: Sun Mar 08, 2020 9:28 am
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Post Re: My mystery and story - help if you can.. please
Hi all,
So I thought I would try and keep everyone updated as some others have done here with their journeys (this was an amazing help to me, so maybe this can help someone too).

1. After reading many other posts here iv booked in another appointment with my uro for tomorrow to ask for further infection tests and hold out on the cystoscopy for a bit longer.

2. Also booked my GP to discus a second option and potentially seeing a infectious decease specialist

3. Have also booked in my psychologist. I can suffer from severe anxiety and bouts of depression and these last 6 months has been life ruining.
I know then when I’m searching the internet and thinking about this stuff my pain really jumps.

I’m hoping it’s purely psychological but given the timing with the sexual encounter ect and others reports I’m not placing all my bets on that one.

More to follow as it progresses

Sun Mar 08, 2020 7:37 pm

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Post Re: My mystery and story - help if you can.. please
Same boat as you sir, but it's been 2 years for me. You have had every single test there is, and all were negative. What more could you ask for? I think you answered it yourself when you said the last 6 months have been hell and you regretted it. I've done the exact same thing and wound myself up to no end. And here I sit today, feeling like something is lodged in my rear end. The pain is driving me nuts. One thing I'll say about this forum, although I don't even listen to my own advice; I haven't been able to find a single story like ours that resulted in a phantom STD or a wife being infected with anything. Hopefully you can trust in that, even more so than I do.

How are you getting away with all of these doc appointments without getting yourself in even more trouble with wifey?? :shock:

Mon Mar 09, 2020 2:40 pm

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Post Re: My mystery and story - help if you can.. please
Hi Stanfelder,
Thanks for replying.

I work shift work so for example I have 5 days off now so I can see doctors in those days.
I really want to do a seman sample but it’s so hard to find someone here in Aus that does it...
Have you done one?

I am over all a very health guy, lots of exercise and stretching with a good diet.

Following the in counter I also got an infected eye and a sore throat.
I have convinced myself it must be some bug up there hiding and it’s driving me crazy! The pain is intolerable when sitting and sometimes just sore penis and testies.

I’m seeing a psychologist next week but I cannot imagine living with this pain forever plus the guilt...

Have you found any relief from anything?

Thanks again for your contribution

Mon Mar 09, 2020 6:18 pm

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Post Re: My mystery and story - help if you can.. please
It seems the key is getting a good diagnosis.
You have picked up some sort of bug.
I understand your pain - physical and psychological - a few of us here wrecked ourselves.

You'll need to google around to find doctors in your area and labs who will check for gram positive / negative bacteria.

I am sure mine is caused by a staph infection that i discovered too late.
you can see my threads here for more info.


Tue Jun 23, 2020 4:58 am
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