My Prostatitis Experience (6 years)
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Author:  dtrolley [ Mon Oct 19, 2020 5:21 pm ]
Post subject:  My Prostatitis Experience (6 years)

one week after a new sexual partner (vaginal and oral, unprotected), I developed classical prostatitis symptoms (urgency, burning before/after urination, chills, ill feeling, burning in perineum, etc.). Was traveling and went to urgent care clinic. Urine clean and intern did not think was prostatitis (no DRE done). Was empirically treated with Rocephin and 2g Azithro but did not help. After a few more days, went to my PCP. Did DRE and urinalysis but said prostate felt normal. Urinalysis clean (but fortunately sent it out for culture). Was prescribed Cipro but that did not help

Referred to Uro who did Meares Stamey and only found "trace leukocytes" and said prostate felt "boggy". Switched me to Bactrim (did not help). culture then came back from PCP visit and had grown E-Coli. It was sensitive to everything, including all the abx's i had already been on for several weeks. It was not resistant to anything (I now feel that this was likely a contaminate, as none of the antibiotics made me feel any better). Asked for referral to ID, did EPS and Semen culture, both negative. extended Cipro script.

New Uro prescribed levaquin which also did nothing. Started to have severe left testical pain and was diagnosed with Vericocele. Had the vericoele surgically repaired, all pain gone after. Was varicocele coincidental? seems odd. Had some gentamicin shots after a cystoscopy (inflamed prostate, nothing else seen). Began to have lower colon bleeding that i thought was because of months of Quinolones, and decided to stop all ABX (after 3-4 months straight). Bleeding resolved almost immediately. I decided enough abx, just live with it. About 1-2 months later it resolved completely (must have been slowly, as it was not like i woke up one morning and it was gone).

6 months later had protected sex with new partner. a week later the symptoms returned. New Uro (the one I see now) willing to try other Abx. Tried doxy for a few weeks and it also did nothing. This time the flare up last ~10 weeks and resolved (i had stopped taking abs after 6 weeks or so). A few months later had unprotected oral and 48 hours later had red meatus, micro hematuria and then prostatitis returned. Uro agreed to try Augmenin and it WORKED almost immediately. was on for about 1-2 months and tried to come off, but symptoms returned. switched to flagyl, and it WORKED almost immediately. Stayed on a month, but symptoms returned once stopping. Tried Clindamycin and it WORKED almost immediately. stayed on for 1-2 months, but symptoms returned once stopping. Then tried Moxifloxiciin, and it also WORKED immediately. 2+ months on Moxi and i stopped with no return of symptoms. Flagyl only has activity against Anaerobic bacteria, clindamycin also used primarily for anaerobic mouth bacteria during dental procedures, augmentin has strong anaerobic coverage as well. And finally, Moxi (the latest generation quinolone) has very good Anaerobic coverage.

I thought this was all behind me, but fast forward 3 years and had unprotected oral with prostatitis returning about 1 week later. This time tried all previous abx and nothing worked. finally resolved after 8-10 weeks as before. Entered new relationship soon thereafter and we had unprotected oral and vaginal sex 1-2 times per week with no issue. However after a year in the relationship had another flare up of prostatitis and abx not working presently. Can't say if this time was precipitated by oral/vaginal sex, as we have had sex ~50 times over the past year with no issue.

the only sample that i had that showed bacterial growth with the first one with my PCP. But given that all antibiotics on the antibiogram could kill it, i believe it was a contaminant. Incidentally, when i have these flare ups, i get a prostate massage weekly and the EPS is viewed under a high powered microscope. It ALWAYS shows a ton yeast (fungus) which i have seen with my own eyes (Uro showed it to me). Have tried weeks of diflucan and itracnazol, but yeast remains. Very occasionally, there is pus in the eps.

Net of it is, pretty much a mystery. Is Yeast causing prostatitis symptoms now? Who knows, and the anti fungal agents don't seem to do much. I have pretty much taken long courses of every abx under the sun. would have nuked pretty much anything out there.

Next step - going to have the MicrogenDX test done on EPS. Not entirely sure it matters because if it does show some pathogen, hard to believe I haven't already taken plenty of abx to cover it.

Author:  ortizprostate [ Tue Oct 20, 2020 2:40 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: My Prostatitis Experience (6 years)

Hello nice summary.
it will be nice to know from where do you write. I cannot find a good doctor in japan.
My concern is, what about your bowel? Didn't you develop loose stool or ibs? It is odd that so much antibiotics didnt give you side effects.
I think you have the answer to your problem, is yeast, an odd yeast of course.. I also think i'm left with hidden yeast but doctors are so bad here. My plan if I ever get a fungal medication ..because here they don't want to give me, is to try those special combinations like
1)quercetin+fungal pill shows to be much better,
2)take medicine in a thermal pool... yeast is weak in very hot environments
there is a book written by a futurologist (i don't believe on that but is fun to point it out) that mentions that one big problem to come is a weird yeast-like bacteria impossible to treat but it will be found that under strong hot conditions we will be able to treat it.... and this same book said that in 2020 a flu-like virus was going to spread around the world...hehe funny but true fact

Author:  dtrolley [ Wed Oct 21, 2020 8:49 am ]
Post subject:  Re: My Prostatitis Experience (6 years)

in the US. Abx definitely caused issues in my GI tract and lower colon bleeding at one point. However, I also took lots of probiotics and so I am sure that helped

Author:  dtrolley [ Tue Oct 27, 2020 4:44 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: My Prostatitis Experience (6 years)

Had the MicrogenDX DNA testing done, on EPS and post massage urine. Results came back negative. This thing is a total mystery........

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