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 diagnosed with prostatitis, found e. coli via MicrogenDX 
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Post diagnosed with prostatitis, found e. coli via MicrogenDX
Hello all!

It all started all of the sudden at the end of may 2020. All of the sudden, I got pains in my prostate area. I figured nothing better but masturbate to see if that helps - nope, felt pain. Then started to go to bathroom every 30min, especially at night. I have never had any issues “down there” and never had unprotected vaginal sex in my life. I had oral sex before but never had anything like STD or what not and my last oral was like 2-3 months prior this whole thing happening.

Anyhow, after few days and not improvement - I went to urgent care. They tested me on everything and referred to URO. He did DRE and said I have prostate inflammation and I should take cipro. Did not like his recommendation and few days later I was at another uro, whom did DRE test and gave me same diagnosis. I told him that I would like to avoid cipro and he gave me Bactrim for 6 weeks with some anti-inflammatory.

After 6 weeks, things improved a little. I did not need to pee at night, max 1 time to wake up but mainly I would wake up at 6am to pee. I then looked at what I can do myself and tried doing dry fasting for 48h every week. Did not help much.

After Bactrim my symptoms: frequency is more than normal, as well as urgency. Pain/discomfort around bladder. Prostate hurts/burns. Some times feels like there is something stuck in the tip of my penis. Low libido, penis feels cold and shrunk/looked purple ? Erectile Dysfunction.

I went to uro 5 weeks post Bactrim to run tests. Thanks for this forum and reddit, I was able to compile list of test I though are appropriate. They range pcr tests on chlamydia/mycoplasma/ureplasma, siphilis, gonorhea - all negative. Then he did EPS culture via prostate massage and sent it to MicrogenDX for bacterial testing.

My PSA: 0.78 - said excellent for my age (I’m 30).
Prostate: feels boggy he said

Few days after receiving MicrogenDX level1, it showed E. coli ngs 99% and based on that he send prescription for augmentin 1000-RX but said to wait until level 2 result. Later we got level2 with same result, E. coli 99%.

He said to go ahead and start augmentin right away. Once we got level 1, I have researched about e. Coli and that fosfomycin could be effective against it. He agreed but gave me only 6 packs to take one every 72h.

Now, after his eps culture (which was painful), I felt more discomfort in my prostate however, few days later my symptoms got better. My penis did not shrink zany more and returned to normal, no more feeling cold.

After week on aug and 3 packs of fosfomycin - no difference so far.

I went to see him again and discussed all of the above, asked if we can do fosfomycin protocol (1x 3mg every 24h, then 5 weeks 3mg every 48h). Also agreed for 1x prostate massage a week.

Based on my readings, it seems like most treatments fail due to calcifications in prostate which prevent abx hitting bacteria as they should.

I have added olive leaf extract to my regimen, as well as d-mannose 1000 with cranberry extract both twice daily.

Do you guys think, I should get TRUS done to see if I do indeed have calcifications ? And if so, should I stop augmentin and not do fosfo for now but instead do EDTA + tetracycline?

Thank you all!

Thu Sep 17, 2020 10:47 am
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