Cervicitis = Prostatitis. Finally I don't have pain but...
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Author:  ortizprostate [ Sat Feb 01, 2020 2:18 pm ]
Post subject:  Cervicitis = Prostatitis. Finally I don't have pain but...

Hello guys, I want to support new sufferers with my problem and how I solved it. A deep story of my case is found in my previous post.

First, I'm in contact with one of my old-girlfriends that 1.5 years later after we stopped seeing each other developed UTI symptoms. I was her last sexual partner and this is important information to keep in mind. The bacteria that has given you prostatitis stays dormant for years so you feel cool but years later the nightmare begins. If you have multiple partners you will never think of that girl that you met years back. In my case I was able to keep track of my sexual encounters.
I developed urethritis 1.5 years later after being infected with Ureaplasma. A bacteria that I found like a year later after starting dealing with urethritis. This old-girlfriend developed similar symptoms 1.5 years later after being with me. Her symptoms are similar like the ones I had in the past. She started having urethritis without bacterias being detected except for candida and vaginal discharge. However in her case, year after year her symptoms are getting worse, she had kidney stones, mucus in the stool, and so on. Like me, when she took ciprofloxacin she felt like in heaven however weeks later pain will come back. She was diagnosed with cervicitis, inflammation of the cervix, and also her blood test showed low vitamin D and B12. To date I'm helping her, as she has some bladder pain and other things.

In my case I no longer have pain in my prostate area, however I cannot say I'm cured
Now i have more data of what I did. I was officially diagnosed with prostatitis one year back, and i say officially because the ultrasound revealed my prostate size was 30mm3. That's huge!!! Before my prostate size was ok. So one year back I started a 6 months treatment with Cernilton, 3 times per day. In 2 months my prostate size went down to 16mm3. And 5 months later it became stable at 18mm3. When treatment stopped and I checked the size 9 months later it was 20mm3. Curiously 12 months later it went up tto 27mm3. I felt dissapointed because I was not having symptoms anymore but the size was larger and dramatically enlarged compared to 20mm3. Today I'm restarting a course of Cernilton to see if it will lower the size. It is natural medicine, so no issues, no is pollen. I strongly recommend Cernilton... Is the key "medicine" however keep in mind that this won't change your pain, it is just for the inflammation of your prostate.

If you have pain while urinating just before or just after it is muscle related for sure. I had it and it went away with alpha blocker + low dose of viagra (prescribed by my doctor). I'm 34 years old btw. these 2 components will help relax the muscles and it should go away, however only that specific pain, other sort of pain (maybe penis palpitation or burning feeling without peeing) won't go away

1) Doxyciline: Worst medicine ever, don't use it, it will destroy your gut
2) Azitrhomycin: Only if specific bacteria is found, otherwise forget about this one, never use it, is useless
3) Ciprofloxacin: Amazing antibiotic for a few weeks reliever, because then pain will come back, so don't be happy so soon, pains comes back usually 2 to 4 weeks later without doing anything
4) Levofloxacin: Best antibiotic , good spectrum, it will lower you pain, it won't cured it but it will lower your pain to the point that you may say: "i can live with this"

What cured me was Amoxicilin + Clarithromycin + omeprazole combo (read more about it in my previous posts)
But let me be honest it actually "cured" me because i stopped masturbating. When I followed this treatment the first time i felt absolutely great, even my loose stool went away. But weeks later because I decided to masturbate continuously and the pain came back, mild though. At that time I didn't know it was related,
I gave up at this point, the pain was back and I said game over, I didn't want to take more antibiotics as this one produced me a constipation.

However what happened in november was that I got a virus infection. I freaked out because one night some "random" girl in a gathering kissed me and unluckily on that night I was having some red spot on my gum and she put her tongue inside. I didn't react fast but eventually the kiss lasted a few seconds... The nightmare starts here, one week later I developed tonsillitis, and the doctor gave me amoxicilin one week and the following week clarithromycin because It was a strong tonsillitis. Guys actually this is my new fear, I never had tonsillitis so I couldn't understand why. Well in contrast to my combo months before, this time i took first amoxicilin alone and like a miracle just by taking amoxicilin the burning feeling in my penis went away but my anus started itching crazily and my mouth became very dry (so weird as before I didn't have such a reaction). However when I took clarirthromycin the following week, the anal discomfort went away completely. I was 100% cured from any symptoms down there (until today).... but of course this time I said, ok I won't masturbate because I felt that in the past it contributed to giving me pain.. So I'm pain free until today. I have masturbated eventually maybe as much 2 times in 3 months and because of that I guess nothing happened, All fine.

I'm in a different nightmare that I'm trying to solve. I got a virus infections because when I got sick my gf visited me and a week later she got sick also. I has to tell her the incident I had and she understood that it can happen and was glad that I told her. But anyways the problem with this virus is that I had a soar throat for like 1.5 months, and my gf also. We both never had such a long soar throat. The kiss happened on november 10, 2019. I had tonsillitis on nov. 17. My gf got sick on dec 1. And on dec 23 I went to the doctor to check my eyes and I was diagnosed with dried eyes. I freaked out, I felt I got hiv because I had gingivitis on that night so I was wondering of some blood to blood virus transmission. I suffered a lot. My last hiv test was 10 weeks after that incident and was negative. I know the probability is low but it is strange a weird soart throat that lasts forever. Because of this I kept checking and the doctor found I have laryngitis due to a granuloma in the larynx. Because of that I was prescribed omeprazole for a month because the doctor says it is acid reflux. Is ironic but i'm taking the same medicine I used before and helped me to feel better from prostatitis. This time is working amazingly. I have no pain down there. Is like perfect except for the fact that of course I still don't recover fully from loose stool and acne.

My symptoms in my previous posts are gone. I said I had sticky semen, well it is gone, I thought I was cured but recently I checked my prostate size and is 27mm3. Doctor says upt to 25mm3 is normal size but well, as i said, i'm back with cernilton. My fear now is this larynx issue. because actually when I got the tonsillitis I had a lymph node under my arm and even got white tongue and canker soar at the lateral side of my tongue. Nowadays all is better. I'm still afraid of HIV, I'm thinking of CMV, and so on. But I'm lazy to test (except for hiv of course) because HSV, EBV, CMV, Corona V. (i'm in japan) etc etc don't have cure right so what's the point but this makes me think nowadays in another theory for prostatitis...maybe it is also related to virus infections and that's why antibiotics sometimes don't do anything. a lot to think about. My current fight is laryngitis and loose stool, and i'm hoping my body is strong enough to overcome any virus infection I got in november. My gf is perfect now, she has a better inmune system but took her almost 2 months to feel perfect, too much for a flu or a simple virus.. surely I got a crazy weird virus and that's my new fight.

To finalize I'm helping my old-gf as I said, for example I told her to try amox + clarithro....She took amox and her bladder pain went away however her vagina pain remains. She stopped clarithromycin because when she started her body overreacted. The pain crazily increased and she got afraid and stopped.... who knows why, but it has happened to me with other medications that first the pain gets worse right? anyways the treatment was stopped so I cannot confirm to a 100% that my method is very effective...

you have to notice that Im not cured, symptoms are gone but my prostate was enlarged in the process, so my theory is that the bacteria went back to the prostate house and wants to sleep for some time. I believe I will never be cured that's for sure but if symptoms are gone then at least I can have a descent life for now...if things get worse i will let you know... Also days ago I went back to the "eyes' doctor" and is no longer dry. Amazing. it means whatver stupid virus invaded me it gave me dried eyes... I'm even thinking of the possibility that this virus increased the size of my prostate from 20mm3 to 27mm3 :o... that will be crazy to believe but it will confirm my hypothesis that viruses also influence the prostate...anyways I cannot give a solid proof as I'm already with cernilton and therefore is useless to do an ultrasound now, I will do so in a couple of months.
Take care

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