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 Urethritis->Prostatitis, Myco-/Ureaplasma,Microgendx results 
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Post Urethritis->Prostatitis, Myco-/Ureaplasma,Microgendx results
First a small recap of my story:
October 2016, Unprotected sex followed by discharge and urethritis, elevated WBC in urine. Got treated with lots of antibiotics, nothing but Cipro improved the symptoms (whole story here:
or could get rid of it.
Discharge went away by itself some time later, but burning persisted, nothing to bad. Ejaculations, hardness, semen volume all was normal, only some burning during peeing, usually most first time in the morning or when I wouldn't drink much throughout the day. Tests sometimes showed up with Entoroccocus, but most of the times nothing was found. Only one time in Aug 2017 Mycoplasma.
Didn't want to live with that small problem and didn't wanna spread anything, so continued trying to get rid of It, when one urologist performed a cystoscopy Feb2018. Since the cystoscopy I'm having problems with the prostate also, especially bladder pain, also the volume of my ejaculations has decreased.
So I had several more urologists giving me antibiotics, none of them did any improvement. One year ago in January 2019, I took one month of Moxifloxacin, didn't help.
In April 2019, I got tested positive for Ureaplasma, by a special urology clinic & in May 2019 got tested positive for Ureaplasma parvum and Mycoplasma hominis.
The urologist prescribed me with Azithromycin, Moxifloxacin or Doxycline, to treat the bacteria, but as I had already taken all three of them, I figured that it wouldn't make sense to take the same antibiotics that didn't work, again.

So since last summer, I haven't done anything anymore as no urologist could help me, and the bacteria only showed up at the urology clinics where I'd have to wait half a year for another appointment. Being stuck I tried all sorts of supplements, dietary changes, stretches, herbs, etc. Nothing really helped.
So January 2020 I did the microgendx sperm tests, and got the following results: ... co/6JNGDpL
low bacterial load, and the following:
Sneathia amnii 45%
Prevotella bivia 27%
Veillonella sp 9%
Gemella asaccharolytica 9%
Sneathia sanguineness 2%

Flagyl/Metonidazole has a tick for all of them, but I have already taken it for 10 days before without any success.

Now once again I'm stuck, are these the bacteria that cause the problems and if, why didn't the Flagyl help?

Then if I had Mycoplasma/Ureaplasma in summer 2017 & summer 2019, and haven't had them treated, how come they don't show up in my Microgendx results?

Local urologist did another urine sample, and found nothing but WBC.

What to do now, either it's one of the bacteria which were found with low bacterial load in the Microgendx test or the Mycoplasma/Ureaplasma found last summer.
What would speak for the Mycoplasma is that my blood IGG has a high number & I also experience some side effects since the infection (pain in left chest & red eyes conjunctivitis).

Wonder what to do next and how to combat these problems. Tried pretty much all the local urologists, and they don't know what to do with me anymore. Strange thing is also that their tests never show any bacteria, while both the tests at the urology clinics came back positive.

Help would be much appreciated!

Sun Feb 02, 2020 5:46 pm

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Post Re: Urethritis->Prostatitis, Myco-/Ureaplasma,Microgendx res

You should go read my thread on Mycoplasma / Ureaplasma. You need to have a proper lab culture your Expressed Prostate Secretions to find out which antibiotics kill the mycoplasma/ureaplasma. Mine was only killed by minocycline which I had to take for 45 days. The prostate is a very difficult part of the body to get Antibiotics (ABX) into. You need to do extended courses with weekly massages at a minimum. Not sure of your location but if you go to the forum index there is a list of doctors who can help.

Again, go through my thread on Mycoplasma /Ureaplasma. I am also updating my second thread on the Staph Aureus infection I just beat (i hope). Again 40+ days of ABX.

Tue Feb 04, 2020 2:27 pm

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Post Re: Urethritis->Prostatitis, Myco-/Ureaplasma,Microgendx res
Hello, before focusing in your prostate issue or penis issue i strongly recommend you the following:

1)do a complete stool test to check all bacterias if you think you don't have the perfect stool
2)do a test to check stomach bacterias also if you feel you have some mild digestive problem
3)do a test to check bacterias in your mouth. include chlamydia and gonorrhea mouth tests if you think you are not perfect there. the latters may be there and symptoms will show still in a couple of years.

If problems come in the above tests, then treat those bacterias first...
Once you are perfect in those areas or at least treating those areas move to the specfic ureaplasma/mycoplasma test, notice that urine test will show negative for these bacterias, so if you go to the doctor and say i want a test of bacterias in my penis, it will not cover ureaplasma/myco, you have to specifically tell those names and be sure these doctors know that it is a totally different specific urine test, some doctors are stupid and maybe that's why you get negative results in some labs and positive in others.

Also when you say that you tested positive for ureaplasma after meds it is important to know what you did in that time frame..maybe you had sex with condom and you think you are safe, or maybe you just had a handjob from some girl and you think you are safe. you likely got reinfected. once you have ureaplasma it is extremely easy for you to get reinfected even if you are very cautious because ureaplasma kinda destroyed the gate to your penis and you become extremely sensitive to any tiny bacteria that comes to you, including regular bacterias that doctors will say are not pathogenic. Ureaplasma should die with a couple of weeks of doxycicline, but will be death in test results only as your pain may continue, but at least is a great step.

Once this is solved do an ultrasound of your prostate and check the size, if it is enlarged then you need to treat that. Enlarged prostate means that you developed prostatitis, and that means non pathogenic bacterias now become pathogenic in your body but doctors will not admit that as an option. Anyways If all this is fixed or settled or you are working on this then I can tell you what medicine will help you with the pain and how to take it...


Sun Feb 09, 2020 10:56 am
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