Experiences with Dr. Bahn?
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Author:  mrjump136 [ Tue Jul 02, 2019 11:35 pm ]
Post subject:  Experiences with Dr. Bahn?

I'm considering going to see Duke Bahn in California. Seems reasonably reputable, and affordable.
I understand relapses are common, for various reasons. Not sure on the exact statistics of patients who relapse vs. are cured (his office says 75% cured, but I'm skeptical)

From what I understand, his injected antibiotic cocktail recipe is administered to all patients, without prior bacterial testing?

My question is, does anyone know if he's ever willing to switch up the antibiotics that he injects? Or is it basically that if those antibiotics have no effect on your infection, then oh well?

I did get testing from Dr. Toth previously, who said I had chlamydia (surprising huh), although given numerous symptoms I actually believe that chlamydia is very plausible for me.
So if I show Bahn the evidence from Toth, hopefully he'll be willing to inject with an antibiotic for Chlamydia... one would hope

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