Next Gen Sequencing to identify all bacteria in prostate
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Author:  chris85 [ Wed Feb 14, 2018 3:38 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Next Gen Sequencing to identify all bacteria in prostate

Yes well many medicinal mushrooms have anti inflammatory properties because of their triterpenes like cordyceps and reishi. Although I feel there is a mushroom for everyone out there, but some people they are scared of mushrooms, I call this mycophobia! Irritational fear of fungi.

Author:  prostate454 [ Wed Feb 14, 2018 7:53 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Next Gen Sequencing to identify all bacteria in prostate

eadk wrote:
Can you show me those peer review studies? Also, what kind of test was used to identify the bacteria in those studies? Was it NGS? What kind of samples did they use? Urine? Semen? or both? Because the study that I posted in my earlier post says the opposite. This one right here ... d/28147438 and they used NGS in that study.

To me, the chronic bacterial theory makes complete sense. Yes, bacteria can enter your body in many of the ways that you explained but why doesn't everyone get prostatitis? Well I think it's because it depends on the types of bacteria that enters your body and if your immune system was able to kill it before it causes prostatitis. I think one or two bacteria usually don't cause any problems except maybe acute infections, but it's when many strains of bad bacteria that enters the prostate and joins together to make biofilms is when the problem starts.

Antibiotics don't usually work because you have to first identify the strains of bacteria that are causing you the problem and then find an appropiate antibiotic to kill all of them. I know I said this already but traditional culture tests are unreliable, not all of the bacteria grow on the dishes which is why NGS can help give a more accurate diagnosis. And the other problem with antibiotics is that it's very difficult for substantial amounts to reach the prostate.

I've done phage therapy before but I went to the wrong place that I found out scammed me and they gave me phages that my bacteria kind of responded to but wasn't really effective. Before I took phages, I had always noticed that my pelvic floor muscles were tight. I would always tighten them whenever I'm stressed out or whenever my prostate is inflamed or whenever I eat certain foods. I would always clench my pelvic floor muscles, it wasn't involuntary, it was more like I felt the urge to clench it and I HAD to clench it. I thought my problem was bacterial AND muscular, until I started taking the standard phages. While I was taking the phages and even after I took the phages, my main symptoms didn't improve much because the phage center gave me phages that didn't target all of my bacteria, but I did notice one major improvement after taking it. My pelvic muscles were no longer tight and I no longer felt the need to clench my pelvic muscles and it doesn't feel like I have a muscular problem anymore. The muscular problem just completely went away after I was done with the phages. This tells me that the bacteria is capable of causing muscular problems around the prostate, I don't know how exactly but that is my theory based on my experience with taking phages. If I had to take a wild guess, I think it might be the toxins that the bacteria releases that could be affecting the surrounding pelvic floor muscles. Now i'm not saying that ALL cases are bacterial, I do believe there are cases that are truly non bacterial but what I'm saying here is that it's better to assume it's bacterial and be wrong than to assume it's not bacterial and be wrong.

Unlike you, I think the variation of symptoms indicates a genuine infection. Bacterial activity is dynamic especially in biofilm communities. The activity of the bacteria in the prostate can be affected by stress and the foods you eat. Certain foods are antimicrobials so they affect the bacteria in the prostate which can cause a fluctuation in symptoms. One example is that when I didn't know my problem was bacterial, I was eating Popeyes chicken and I would always put honey on my fried chicken because it taste good. I would always put a lot of honey. After I ate it, later on I noticed my symptoms improved. I had no clue why my symptoms improved all of a sudden. Looking back now, I found out that honey has antibacterial effects and can break down biofilms of certain bacteria. Not only that, but your immune system can attack the bacteria in your prostate if it is able to detect it, which can also cause a change in symptoms.

I'm glad that you're seeing progress in your condition and who knows your condition is probably non-bacterial but my point is that people should be SURE it's not bacterial before trying other things. If it is bacterial you shouldn't let the infection get worse by not treating it as non-bacterial.

I don't have them handy, some searching on NIH should be able to find them. If I could start over several years ago I would have DL'd and saved all the various papers I looked at for misc subjects relating to prostatitis I would have done so - there must be 100s of them (of course none ever helped cure me at all).

CP is such a mystery I freely admit I don't have all the answers and could be wrong, I'm just judging based off my own journey through this mess. There are cases that pop up on here from time to time that clearly seem bacterial. Just a couple weeks ago there was one, sufferer talked about extreme pain, fever, chills, recurring UTI...those types clearly seem bacterial to me and have the hallmark infection symptoms. In three years I've never had any of those except mild/moderate aching and three random cultures where treating had no effect. I've been on the major broad-spectrum abxs and they had no impact. And my biggest success so far has been with tizanidine, which has nothing to do with infection.

Author:  eadk [ Thu Feb 15, 2018 1:47 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Next Gen Sequencing to identify all bacteria in prostate

Chavalote wrote:
Eadk wrote:
This tells me that the bacteria is capable of causing muscular problems around the prostate (...).

That's also what I think. I talked to the pelvic floor phisiotherapist about that because my symptoms (low libido, burning, weak orgasms...) didn't improve after all the therapy even if my muscles were clearly less tight. She has no idea about that (I mean, if a bacterial infection can cause muscle tightness) but to me it's clear.

I think that the problem is muscular when there is a strong pain but with symptoms like mine I think that it's clearly a chronic infection that the body gets used to but can't get rid easily of it.

I feel that common medicine practicioners tend to overestimate the antibiotics. Antibiotics worked well decades ago but bad practices (like using them on farm animals or overuse them for flu) have brought humanity to a point in which there are "superbacterias" very difficult to kill with them. The cicle of "resistant bacteria --> new antibiotic" is clearly destructive that's why I said that we need a paradigm shift. Bacterias are not our enemies. They turn pathogens when they are under "attack" or out of their place. They should have thought why they turned against us and stop the cause instead of declaring war against them. Antibiotics should have been used only in extreme cases and not like the wild card for all.

Declaring war against nature is absurd, science should be about understanding nature and learning to correct mistakes that make it sick, not to fight it because we are nature and fighting nature we are fighting against ourselves. That's why antibiotics are so harmful against our bodies. But too many ideological stuff and monetary interests on this to change. I'm quite pessimistic about this. That's why I'm on my own for now.

I'm sure that without the last decades antibiotics abuse (which I didn't do) I wouldn't be infected with this for that long. That says a lot to me about this system and its science. It's very hard to me to trust it.

Madcap, I eat a lot of tumeric and ginger. I want to try the allicin and quercetin that Eadk mentioned in my thread but they are difficult to get here. I guess I must order them online.

Yep, if it wasn't for antibiotics the west would have been using phages now. But certain companies are starting to catch on and realize the potential of these viruses. If you do get the quecertin make sure it's the quercetin that also contains bromelain.

Author:  presto423 [ Sat Feb 24, 2018 11:19 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Next Gen Sequencing to identify all bacteria in prostate

Has anyone ever heard of Dr. Song in China who does a special types of injections?

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