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 CURED - prostatitis, induced by edging. 
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Post CURED - prostatitis, induced by edging.

Ive suffered from mild to moderate (at times) prostatitis from around April 2017 until November 2017. I can safely say those were some of the most miserable days of my life, but I have found answers, I hope this can help some of you.

Lets begin by explaining how it started, and my symptoms, but even prior to that I must point out my masterbation habits as a teen were excessive (12 times one day). This creates an imbalance of chemicals and without the necessary testosterone production the prostate cannot function properly.

The prostate inflammation was induced from this 'edging' technique' i read online. I must have edged to much, and i didn't ejacualte at the end. I then felt this dull and growing ache in my pelvis. Prostatitis had begun. I decided to not master bate until the pain subsided, but it got worse. Multiple trips to the doctor and no solution. If theres one thing i can tell you about this horrible experience, its that no 'mainstream' doctor is going to help you. Any drugs they give you will make things most likely worse! If you are in a position to afford treatment, a herbalist or a natural healer is your solution.

After about a month i felt a massive pressure in my prostate and intuitively decided that I had to ejaculate. There was loads of deep brown liquid (old blood). My theory, partially backed up by other evidence, is that when edging, the prostate swells up, and if you dont release the valves at the end the inflammation will continue - at least it did in my case.

Now i could go on about the multiple trips to the doctors, the depression... But thats in the past. Here is the science of inflammation and how to reduce it.

Ok, so prostatitis is basically inflammation of the prostate, wether that be bacterial or non bacterial.

If you've got prostatitis theres a big chance it is partially due to an imbalance of bacteria aswell as general inflammation. Bacteria are probably present even if your test are negative. I also have IBS, (irritable bowel syndrome) which is characterised by imbalance of gut flora. The gut is responsible for over %80 of your whole immune system, so if your not feeding your gut the right foods, then you arent going to be healthy.

Step 1 - normalize your bodies bacteria - dont take anti biotics from doctor unless you have a serious infection and test positive (even then there are natural cures to infections, you can use honey and garlic.) if you dont understand why anti biotics are bad, then i seriously suggest you research this before considering that as a form of treatment. The effects can be detrimental on your gut flora.

You can introduce good bacteria from things like Apple Cider Vinegar, Raw fermented Dairy, Fermented vegetables.

Step 2 - Clean up your diet. You need a healthy balance of omega 3 to omega 6 fats. Omega 3's are the ones that are going to reduce inflammation, and surprise surprise this is what we are lacking the most as a society.

Step 3 - Actively take measures to reduce your stress. Meditation. Reading. Something i wouldn't have got through this without is CBD oil. Its anti inflammatory and a painkiller. I would recommend ''LOVE CBD''. I also cant stress enough how much meditation will help. Alot of the time your prostate inflammation will be stemming from your stress levels, youll then be worrying more about the pain, getting more stressed, hence releasing more inflammatory chemicals. Its a vicious cycle. The cure isnt really in anything else but your head. Diet will help, but if your not mentally clear YOU WONT FIX THIS!

Step 4 - make sure your getting good quality sleep, this fights inflammation.

Now to really understand inflammation, you need to understand stress. When our bodies are in a state of stress, cortisol is release, which increases inflammation in the body.

Stress manifests itslef in 3 ways, and heres the crazy thing - your body doesent know the difference between the 3 kinds of stress, wether it be physical, chemical OR emotional stress. But, what your body does do is react in the same way.

For example:

Physical stress: only getting 4 hours sleep, rushing to work, repeating, going out drinking, you get the idea, burning the candle at both ends. NOT GOING TO END WELL! Believe me.

Chemical Stress: To many omega 6 fatty acids, not enough omega 3's. Eating commercial meat. Non organic veggies, which are laced with harmful chemicals

Emotional Stress: we all know this to well, need i say any more.

The point is, wether your eating bad food, or worrying about something in the future or even going out and not getting a good sleep, your body reacts the exact same way and releases cortisol, then increasing inflammation.

In a nutshell:

reduce the 3 types of stress in your life. clean up your diet (CRUCIAL!) get some CBD oil hit the gym, lift weights, get your testosterone levels flowing! Start meditation (youtube for the best content ive ever seen on the topic)

If your going to beat this, you need to change, and you need to want to change. I felt hopeless at times, but i can safely say ive never been more happy with my life moving forward.

I would also highly recommend this video and all other videos on this channel if you really want to know the science behind it all (this ultimately cured me). Theres also a video specifically on prostatitis on this channel - ... zYv-2_tddM

Ill just finish of by saying those of you who induced the prostatitis from edging, you must be very steady and delicate when starting to master bate again (and taking a couple weeks off wont hurt initially)

Try and get yourself into a calm state, and relax and build the orgasm gradually without any sudden increases in speed. This takes practice.

I hope this helps some of you!

Sun Dec 31, 2017 4:16 pm

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Post Re: CURED - prostatitis, induced by edging.
thanks for this

Can I ask you how much cbd oil you took? What was your dosage? I know it's drops under the tongue but how much at a time/per day?

I tried cbd oil a while ago but struggled to find the right dosage

Sun Dec 31, 2017 9:55 pm

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Post Re: CURED - prostatitis, induced by edging.
I was thinking CBD oil would be a good option for prostatitis, good to hear you got some benefit.

Wed Jan 03, 2018 2:40 am

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Post Re: CURED - prostatitis, induced by edging.
I really really hope you are still around on this forum because I think I may have induced it by edging or stress or something. Can you please tell me how your symptoms began and go into detail about this?


Mon Feb 05, 2018 4:27 am

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Post Re: CURED - prostatitis, induced by edging.
I tried another round of cbd oil.

No joy. 60 bucks down the drain.

Tue Feb 06, 2018 12:09 am

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Post Re: CURED - prostatitis, induced by edging.
Hello All - whatever jkilloxx mentioned made total sense....We had a similar issue and i am describing my almost recovery path to the victory as below...

What I am going to write today may help a lot of us who have been suffering from this serious problem. While I know everyone's case is different, hopefully my experience could be useful to some or many of us....
I have suffered for 1.5 years now. My intentions are not to judge anyone but to ONLY help us all in our journey of recovery! I am NOT fully cured (almost there!) but have in most of the aspects over-powered this nonsense and am on the road to full recovery with my determination and willpower....

Very briefly, few important points:

1. I am 35+ man who is still single. Last GF almost 6 years ago...and probably that's where I got entangled into this nonsense when I started masturbating more frequent. But my frequency was nowhere near as compared to people who have either mentioned the same in this forum or maybe few other forums I have read. But probably I was watching porn for longer hours and not masturbating properly...maybe i used to press the penis during ejaculating and hence not fully ejaculating out the semen...

2. I Do NOT Drink, Smoke, drugs, no coffee or tea also...I know seems like I am good man...but then we all are!

3. My symptoms HAVE ONLY been frequent urination...NO pelvic pain, or painful urination. Though for the first 3-5 months felt a with very bad burning/hotness sensation constant throughout the day and debilitating, and after any nightfall/ masturbation episode even worse feeling of hotness and frequent voiding (16 times/ day initially).

4. I have the greatest luck of my father being a homeopathy doctor, which definitely have helped in recovering faster I believe. He has provided his best work!....

5. My urologist has no idea what could have started this...but he says if at times semen keeps going back in the body and didn't getting ejaculated properly that may cause some inflammation in prostate. But what western doctors do NOT realize that in some way over/ incorrect masturbation is NOT healthy. And my urologist said that my continuation should in no way aggravate the situation (WHICH IS NOT TRUE as I found). The only med he gave me all this time is Flomax. And his PA even said to masturbate regularly. I tried for a month and my condition was worse after a masturbation.

So what has cured me to a greater extent? My recovery path was a trying many things as time progressed, but I will come straight to the main solution -

1. STOP Masturbating....and I mean At ALL! I am clean for the last 1 year (out of the 1.5 years) and that has helped big time.

2. My father's homeopathy meds...if couldn't cure, really helped in recovery as I was only taking those meds initial 4 months. Flomax later helped to some extent in controlling the urge to urinate. Though after taking everyday for 1 year, I have dropped the dosage to only once every 2 days. This helped bringing down urination frequency to 6-7 times/ day.

3. Take natural non-inflammatory products and herbal tea. I started drinking 1 glass (250 ml) of water with 25% or little less of teaspoon turmeric (2ice a day). Eat garlic (natural anti-biotic) and ginger in food. Herbal teas - chamomile with honey.

4. MOST Importantly - What took the recovery from lets say 90% to 98% (which is VERY crucial) is the following-
ISHA Foundation (a spiritual practice non-profit organization) - Famous guru named Sadhguru (and he is no quack, I have lived my life as an atheist, and i can tell you this man is a stronger his videos on youtube). They have a 4-day Inner Engineering program (ISHA Kriya) which entails few yoga postures and amazing breathing techniques (Kriyas). This I have done 2 times a day (it takes 35 mins for one session of ISHA Kriya), and in just last 3-4 months have changed my life! They also have meditating techniques which will SURELY help.

Also as already a decent Yoga practitioner myself, I have found few good Yoga postures specific to cure this condition (another great guru BKS Iyengar Yoga) which I have now added with this ISHA Kriya. And I am on a roll! Now I can tell you most of the times I feel healthy in that region. I can take 3-4 quick succession nightfalls without impacting my urination frequency. Though when I tested with more # of quick nightfalls (by watching porn in the day), I found that creates some irritation...but man the recovery from that state is very fast!!!

I would also mention here that at times our stress and depressing mindset during this period will also add to this suffering, so pls allow yourself to heal. I know most of you can not have access to step 2 above, but still step 1, 3 and 4 MUST help you improve...Also, try to live a sober life for sometime...And find a good partner (who are single like me) and keep the sexual relationship off for sometime (if u already have a partner)....

This is my Journey...I hope all of you will find your peace. Let's fight and win this battle.

Thu Feb 08, 2018 12:32 pm
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