CPPS/Prostatis/Pelvic Floor Dysfunction
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Author:  prescotmunn [ Wed Nov 30, 2016 1:13 pm ]
Post subject:  CPPS/Prostatis/Pelvic Floor Dysfunction

Hello Everyone,

i am a 32 year old male with issues over the last 2 years. Started as i remember with just needing to go the toilet for pee a little more often. A few months later this then turned into always feeling like not quite finished and double voiding. Until, one night i got up from bed and felt like i was bursting for a pee, only that i could not go, i had to stand over the toilet for 20mins forcing drip by drip and burning coming from right testicle.
I went to the doctors who gave me antibiotics cipro and this did nothing. I went back to doctors and they gave me doxy which helped, and after a week i felt much better and could pee properly.

A week later again, slow,weak stream and always feeling like i had not finished and double voiding. Took doxy again for 3 weeks an 0% change. I went to see a Urologist had every test under the sun, infection negative, prostrate OK - just a slightly tight bladder neck.. They suggested sensory urgency of the bladder may be the cause of my symptoms, after probably having epidiymitis of testicles.

They gave me flomax and bladder mediciation betmiga (mirabegron), this stopped me being stuck in bed with 1000% urge for toilet so at least i could work. Still 100% everyday i have urge to urinate and tingle in my urethra. Driving me insane!

I have been to see a pelvic floor specialsit who believes i have CPPS or Pelvic floor dysfuction. He said i am super tight on a scale of 5 he said 4. (internal and external) I have been giving stretaches exercises to do and regular physio visits as well as internal massage.

Does this sound like CPPS issue? Anyone else had smilar symptoms?

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