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 27 yr male needs help 
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Post 27 yr male needs help
Hi I will start by telling everyone I'm 27 male from the UK..basically my symptoms started around 10 months ago"out of no where I started to have urine frequency "I'm healthy guy with no previous medical conditions my symptoms started one night at work(I do shift work days and nights consisting of sitting for long hours)I noticed I was urinating frequently this persist for a few weeks until I went to the doctor for a urine test and also blood test both came back negative only slight high inflammation in blood test 28mm,i than got refered to a urologist who said it could be overactive bladder and I will need to hold it in when I got the urge to go after doing that for a few weeks.I developed pain in my testicles/scrotum urine symptoms are better now but I still get frequency once in a while but not too only complaint is I get pain/discomfort in my testicles/scrotum which gets relived once I urinate I don't wake up at night due to this problem but it is there all the time everyday.i did get diagnosed with "acute prostitits"but didn't really believe that because acute prostitits is when there is a definite infection also with fever and other symtomps. I was given meds which didn't work since then I've been to 2 urologist who have done all the test CT scan ultrasound on bladder for stones,prostate exam,cystcopy all test where negative.anyway can someone give me any advice or help , I have no bladder pain I don't have pain regarding sexual intercourse or I don't need to get up at night with pain or needing to urinate.but it's been 10 months now and I still haven't got a answer the pain is worse sitting for longer periods.. I've started to play football it's high intense play for about 2 hours I notice My symptom's are better but go back to previous levels after a few days.. Thanks for reading in advance and would really appreciate some help thanks

Thu Jul 30, 2015 12:34 pm

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Post Re: 27 yr male needs help
Have you considered it could be muscular? I'm not saying it is but if you have tried other things then you have nothing to loose.

Now this is just a theory so make of it what you will and apply your own experiences to it, but I think sitting g for long periods of time trains out body to be in an unnatural position shortening the hamstrings and adductors the muscles that run along the inside of the thigh. It can also cause the abductors and core to become weak and this can put strain on other muscles and the pelvic floor which causes nerve irritation and all sorts of weird symptoms.

This could be totally wrong but I would try to stretch your hamstring, glutes, short and long adductors at the very least if you only had time for 4 stretches hold each for at least a minute and do them 4 times a day.

If you have time massage your groin and stomach, flutes as well if you have time you can use a tennis ball for this.

Exercise will help gain strength and if you have time try to do what ever exercise you can that strengthens your core, abductors which is your outer hip, glutes and lower back and try to avoid those that focus too much on any muscles that you find are tight, short or weak until that tightness has been addressed through stretching.

Try it for a week or two if you notice any improvement at all then it may be worth the time to concentrate fully on it.

Hope this may give you ideas at least.

Thu Jul 30, 2015 2:21 pm

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Post Re: 27 yr male needs help
Check out my thread, I think it will help you. I use to notice my symptoms disappear after high cardiovascular activities. I think it was due to the pelvic floor relaxing.

Thu Jul 30, 2015 5:05 pm

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Post Re: 27 yr male needs help
Thanks guys for reply..I also forgot to mention I get this tingling feeling in the groin area which comes and goes when I'm sitting and gets less intense when I stand up.i have googled my symtomps and nothing really matches up.also notice as the day goes on the problem gets on Evail 50mg and gabipentin which I don't think have made a difference,I haven't seen a urologist for around 6 months now because like most of you I was told "there is only so much doctors can treat u will have to learn to live with it".easier said then done..if anyone has any similar symptoms please contact me so we can discuss.

Fri Jul 31, 2015 3:20 am

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Post Re: 27 yr male needs help
@Male27 If all of your tests are negative then seeing a urologist should be avoided they are useless...

No infection seems to be present and you saw by yourself that physical activity brings your pain down.
I'd suggest you to get off any chemical medicine and give a break to your body, take complements vitamins, probiotics etc.. in order to boost your immune system and then get on a sport schedule.

If you really wanna see a specialist then a physical therapist would be more likely to help you

Fri Jul 31, 2015 11:25 pm

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Post Re: 27 yr male needs help
Yes I'm also starting to believe that my symptoms are muscular..I've been googling my problem and there are lot of issues with similar symptoms."interstitial cystitis" comes up this confused me because firstly I don't have to urinate all the time I normally go 4/5 times a day and never at night.Secondly my pain does not come from the bladder the discomfort is in the groin area.but intresttingly my symptoms do get relived for a while when I urinate,maybe my muslces get tensed up which causes pain and once I urinate the get relaxed..I dunno,has anyone had anything similar?

Sat Aug 01, 2015 6:48 am

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Post Re: 27 yr male needs help
I have a few similar / same symptoms: specifically the pain being mostly in groin area, tingling in groin, and a sense of relief from pain usually after urinating. But with the usual pain gone for a while after urinating I also get a slight to little more intense burning sensation in my urethra and cold sensations for up to a half an hour. I also have problems with urinary frequency and dribbling, so I think the burning sensation may be repeated back flow of urine and/or urine staying in urethra. Since urine in warm/hot, it may cause burning sensation and irritation. I don't usually have testicular pain, but have experienced it, and most pain I experience is in the perineum (a dull ache in the prostate area), a part of penis (swelling pains, though there were fewer times years ago when I experienced sharp, shooting pains), and vague discomfort. Another symptom I think is part of this condition, at least for me, is that I get focused on / aware of the pain and when it subsides (and even when it doesn't), I feel naked in my clothes, or partially naked. I know it sounds strange, but it is and has been disruptive in my life for a long time now. I'm considering doing stretching and practicing some kung fu I learned for a few years to redirect my awareness and focus and attention. I remember doing sports in high school and stretching and participating with focus and awareness helped me to get my mind off of schoolwork and stress from school sometimes. Other times I was ready to participate without much or any need to redirect my focus/awareness/attention. I think that one of the causes for me of my symptoms is being overweight, especially in the chest, gut area and legs, and also needing to improve my diet more. My symptoms have also included bowel movement problems, with hemorrhoid flareups, constipation, diarrhea, and overly soft and discolored stools. But a P.A. told me that black, tarry stools are more to be worried about because they indicate blood in the stools which could be a problem higher up than the rectum. I've never talked so much about this area of my body before, so it is disturbing still to discuss it at times. However, I think it's necessary to get informed and share information and experiences/symptoms/treatments with others who are having similar problems to hopefully discover or come up with a working solution and have relief from this debilitating problem. Currently I'm on a prescribed dose of 500 mg. of Naproxen twice daily with food, drink 64 oz. of water daily, and don't sit for long periods of time. I'm still working on that last one, and am further than halfway to 64 oz. of water most days. I have not been prescribed antibiotics yet and have been researching prostatitis and chronic pelvic pain syndrome and related illnesses/diseases for around a week or two now. I think my problem might be musculo-skeletal in part because I have injured my tailbone badly before when falling on ice, and I have bad posture with most likely a curvature in the mid-lower part of my spine. What treatments are working best for you, and why do you think they are working as well as they are?

Wed Apr 13, 2016 1:11 pm

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Post Re: 27 yr male needs help
Hi you can read this


Wed Apr 13, 2016 1:35 pm
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