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 New and looking to be set at ease. 
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Post New and looking to be set at ease.
Long story short I ended up with a non specific UTI last year (I believe soap related as I am allergic to some soaps/shampoos)

I had a dull ache start in my perenium which slowly got worse, went to gum after few days was given azythro 500 one tablet, cleared my uti not the ache.

Had a 1 week course of cipro 500 and made no difference again.

I sort of lived with it for a while before finally got to a urologist, found nothing abnormal with myself, nothing abnormal with prostate, though after the DRE my prostate felt like it had been stabbed.

No sign of infection in urine, explained I sometimes get extra dribble, was sent away and told to come back for a urinary flow analysis, during that 4 week period my test tightened up dramatically and very quickly, that got to a point where if I put a t shirt on, I gagged anything close to neck I gagged.

I notices I seemed to have a white tongue, which seemed to be yeast or candida related so I started hitting the acidophiles hard, 20bn culture 8 a day, and my neck eased up but not chest

So 2 weeks ago my bladder started hurting, I went back to DR's, explained it was still there and getting worse, got another 2 weeks of cipro 500. Which has helped the lymph nodes calm down, but my sternum is still tight.

So here is how I am currently
Perenium ache
Slight pain in head and tube, nothing major.
Pain after ejaculation
Urine frequency and flow normal, though I do have to force the last bit out, but no real pain there.
Tight chest or sternum, which I think is now chronic anxiety
Occasionally get cloudy urine and foamy urine, nothing overly concerning.
Little red spots on tongue, bitter taste in mouth, some yellowing
Blood in my urine when tested by DR.

I am certain it is prostatitis and I keep avoiding the net as apparently not only do I have many cancers but I have HIV as well, now I know it can't be HIV, whilst I've had some symptoms you may get with it, wrong time scales, and well it just doesn't add up when I logically think about it, but I am at a point now where I don't sleep, I'm constantly tired, I can't focus on what I am doing I'm mentally and physically drained, I know it is as these are all coming up as prostate related infection symptoms

Then it will say something like "blah blah, also found in people with HIV etc" I got athletes foot, I thought it was hiv, can't be as the time line is wrong, I have gained weight, had no rashes, no fevers or chills.

I just need someone to put my mind at rest, the more I read the more anxious I get, the more anxious I get the less I sleep, I haven't slept for 6 months, I'm fatigued (oh hiv symptom, no you idiot you're just drained)

I have had enough worrying about something I shouldn't be worrying about, I want to sleep properly I wake up everyday and spend the day bleary eyed wanting to sleep.

Can someone help calm me down, I need relief I need a break and some peace I can't take it anymore


Thu Feb 19, 2015 11:02 pm

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Post Re: New and looking to be set at ease.
Hi ava11,
Some of the symptoms you are describing are side effects of the cipro course u took
- Slight pain in head and tube, nothing major.
- Urine frequency
- Tight chest or sternum, which I think is now chronic anxiety
- Little red spots on tongue, bitter taste in mouth, some yellowing
- Occasionally get cloudy urine and foamy urine, nothing overly concerning.

Theses 4 symptoms can be related to cipro
see theses links : ... fects.html
and ... 246794.pdf

When did u finish your cipro course?

I know it's easier said than done but TRY to relax I've also took something similar to cipro (noroxine) and I'm having some of the side effect including muscle ashes and tendon pain, crawled the whole net about it and the only response I had is to stay alot hydrated, take magnesium & Zinc and It will go away with time.

Concerning thoses symptoms:
- Pain after ejaculation
- Perenium ache
- Urine frequency (also)
- Blood in my urine

Theses 4 one are typically related to prostatitis,
Did you ever tried to not have sex, or masturbation for a long time? In my case letting my prostate or Perenium muscle rest make me almost feel pain free! so maybe you should give it a try.
BTW heard zinc and magnesium are also good for the prostate ( some say yes, some say no but i've decided to give it a try! )

Hope I'have helped you

Fri Feb 20, 2015 10:21 am

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Post Re: New and looking to be set at ease.
Everything helps at the moment, sorry I was up at 2 am again last night when I posted that

So to make it clearer
UTI - took Azythro 500 and that cleared the UTI May last year
Still had pain so had a week course of Cipro and a massive yeast infection followed (June time)
Pain has persisted but it did calm down, saw my urologist in September who did a DRE, saw nothing in my urine as far as UTI's go
3 weeks later I had a urinary flow analysis which came back as excellent.

In the 3 weeks between urology appointments I had a sudden onset of the tight chest and sternum.

Not been able to get a DR's appointment (working away all the time) till 3 weeks ago where I started a 2 week course of cipro, now just started another 2 week course.

Now the dull ache had eased slightly, or I had grown use to it but after the recent course of cipro the pain has come back, really painful after ejaculation.

The yellowing/redspots/white spots on tongue have been here for a while I can't pin point a date but before the recent course of Cipro it was there (could it be there after 6-7 months of first cipro course?)

Foamy urine is mostly after ejaculation or in the morning, can be cloudy sometimes but I drink a lot of liquid so most of the time it is clear, not a constant cloud/foam.

Now urinary frequency is fine, I am not constantly at the toilet, I have good flow and everything seems to work fine, but I understand you may have symptoms ABC, but mine maybe A,B,D.

I try to relax, but the problem is the usual things, I work too much, need to work to get money to pay bills, rent etc so I am in catch 22 of always being run down, can't afford a holiday so tonight I am going naked swimming with a mate to try and relax a bit.

As for sex and masturbation, I will be fair I have always had a high sex drive, even as a kid growing up but I have this constant feeling of being "full" and need to empty myself, so I can end up masturbating 3 times a day or more, and I need to do it or the ball ache is unbearable.

Your post is definitely a help though, I am just so tired and drained I can't deal with it anymore, I'm worried I will get another yeast infection as my family suffers badly with them, thank you for the links I will read them thoroughly.

Just tired of chasing my tail as I have every thing under sun according to Dr Google, but I accept that self diagnosis is never good, but it is hard not to worry.


Fri Feb 20, 2015 4:35 pm

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Post Re: New and looking to be set at ease.
Yea I feel you mate !
But keep in mind that your prostate has been hurted, maybe you should let it rest a bit. Doesn't a soccer player has to take a break after an injury?

Maybe it won't give you no relief but in our cases i think we should try everything!
Heard prostate milking helps in your case, they say that emptying the prostate makes the horny felling go away, I've never tried it tho.

To relax you can try the following :

- hot baths
- making Melissa decoction, I dunno where you're from but here in france we can buy this herb at the herborist, boil 1L water with 4 soup spoon of Melissa during 10min and let it infuse during 10 more minutes, filter it and drink the whole liter it make you feel more relaxed (I can confirm it) and it's also good against bacteria (can't realy confirm this one, but hey it's harmless ;) )
- during a few days or weeks stop googling about prostatitis, stay out of forums to clear your mind about it, personally when I start to google about it and read unsuccessful stories it magically make my symptoms worse.
- If you can do a sport ( good for perineum aches )
- try to take someone as a model that will give you strengh, for example steve jobs were condamned and still giving the hell out of himself and was acting like if nothing happened to him.

Fri Feb 20, 2015 6:09 pm
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