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 Fourth Prostatitis Flare up 
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Post Fourth Prostatitis Flare up
Since September 10, 2021 I am having a fourth prostate flare up. I have been dealing with my prostate problem for a long time from 2007. I think this time I will keep a journey here, so it might be helpful for others who are suffering from the same disease, and also keep a record. I will try to update my condition every week.(I have another post when I had my third flare up in prostatitis foundation forum)
My main symptom in every flare up:
Burning and irritating sensation in my urethral and prostate area. This gets worse after I urinate. I had prostate pain, but not that severe.
A lot of pressure in my groin area, always feeling like I need to go. I have to get up 5 or 6 times at night to pee. During the day, I have to hold my urine all the time. Always have feelings of urine.
Difficult to urine, hesitation, weak stream, but this is my least worry.
Fever and chill feeling, sudden sweat when having prostate burning feeling, general lack of energy, pain on my 2 legs below the waist. This symptom comes and goes depending on how bad the burning in the prostate.

My brief history of prostatitis:
Start of my prostatitis journey:
In 2006, the doctor said I had blood in my urine, prostate is slightly large, and suggested a prostate biopsy. I agreed since I didn’t know anything at that time(very bad idea). No cancer found.
In June 2007, one night I start to feeling to urine, burning sensation in my groin after sex. It gradually got worse, all the frequent urination and burning showed up. Went to the urologist and had cipro for 1 month, it didn’t work. Then by someone’s suggestion, July decided to go to China(I am originally from China) to get treatment. Gone through hell in China, the doctor did prostate biopsy(old style, through urethra), and also decided to do prostate surgery. But luckily, I decided not to do the surgery. He also did abx injection directly to the prostate through the perineal area several times, it didn’t help at all. Looking back, in China, the medical system is very corrupted. Those doctors will do anything to make money, especially when they find out I am from America. My advice to others, please don’t go to China for any treatment. I would say most of the doctors in China are liars with very low skill sets. Not professional at all. At least in America, the doctors are more professional and responsible. Please trust me on this, I learn it the hard way.
August, came back to the US. I went to a local health clinic for prostate massage in the bay area. It helped a little, but most of the symptoms were still there, I hardly slept at night. Then in September, went to Tucson, AZ to get treatment from Dr. Polocheck. He did prostate massage with 2 kinds of antibiotics for 3 months(I stayed there for 1 month, he also did bacteria check in prostate fluid).
Came back home late October, luckily, my wife also started to learn prostate massage, she got better after a few months.
In December 2007, my symptoms became a little milder, tolerable. We continued the prostate massage. I did daily long walks, a healthy lifestyle, enough sleep early, etc. bad symptoms gradually went away.

Second flare up:
Second flare up started December, 2009 after several days continuous sex(I always remember, my prostate problem start with unrestricted sex or masterbation). Same bad symptoms, frequent urination, urge to urinate, burning in the groin area and all others.
I went to Dr Polocheck again, stayed 2 weeks, and got antibiotic treatment with prostate massage. Came back home, continued the treatment. The symptoms got better at september 2010.

Third flare up:
Start June 2014, same story as the second flare up(gradually forgot I had prostate problem, had too much sex, especially holding ejaculation to prolong sex is bad). I called Dr Polocheck, but he retired by this time. So with no other choice, I went to local family care, got antibiotics for 1 month. Didn’t help, continue with prostate massage. Started healthy life style, long walk, no alcohol, no coffee, sleep early, less sex(like once a week). Symptoms got better by January 2015.

Current flare up(fourth time):
Even though I had the prostate small flare up on and off, but most of them are not severe, I will feel some sweaty and fever feeling and pain on my legs, but it seems urination is ok, other than difficult to urinate, I can hold urine for 2 or 3 hours. I thought my problem is mostly gone now. So started all the bad habit, especially with this Corona virus, I work from home, no activity, too much sex again, like once a day.
I noticed about April this year(2021), I am feeling more and more discomfort on my legs, and some nights my frequent urination comes back. Then get better after prostate massage. Then last week(Sept 9). after sex at night, all hell broke, whole night had burning in my groin, couldn’t sleep, need to go to urine. Every bad thing came back.
Since then the symptoms have become more severe. Last Wednesday and Thursday, I hardly slept, I had burning and pressure on my prostate all the time, it seems I am holding urine all the time.

What is my plan this time:
Since I know it is not useful to go to the doctor, I had to struggle myself out this time. I started below to help myself.
Stop sex since Sept 10. I am hoping this time I will avoid sex for a while.
Start a long walk daily.
Sleep early, sleep enough. Even though it is hard to sleep with this problem, and I have to wake up every hour, I force myself to go to bed and try to sleep as much as I can.
Continuing my prostate massage, I am not sure if it is helping, but since I have been doing it for a long time, I think it will at least release the pressure a little.
Start to take Vitamin C, D3, Zinc, fish oil. It is now the 4th day.
I Started by taking chopped Garlic with honey, my wife said garlic with honey helps with inflammation, she chops the garlic mixed with organic honey in a jar. I take 1 spoon each meal. I started this 2 days ago.
Very interestingly, last night, my symptoms became a little bit milder, I had to get up 3 times to urinate. Still burning sense after urination. But I can feel it is slightly better. Today, I still had an urge to urinate, a burning feeling, but it is tolerable (I would say it is 20 to 30% better).
I know this disease goes up and down, I had this roller coaster before, I keep my finger crossed. Hope this trend continues.
I can’t pinpoint what helped this improvement now, the possible help could be, 1. I stopped sex, 2 Vitamin I am taking, 3 Garlic with honey.
I am not sure, let’s see next week if it holds.

Sat Sep 18, 2021 11:43 pm
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