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 My story, chronic prostatitis associated with weak orgasms 
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Post My story, chronic prostatitis associated with weak orgasms

I'm 37 years old, just turned. I'm slim, I don't smoke and I don't drink alcohol.

I'm from Spain so, please, excuse my imperfect English.

I have been suffering for several years the symptoms I describe below in detail:

- Very low libido.

- Difficulty to sexually arouse.

- Difficulty to have an erection. I can have them by touching but they are difficult to maintain and if I stop touching they immediately get weak. Specially the glans tends to get deflated soon if I don't keep touching my penis. Also, it's almost impossible to me to have full erections only by visual stimulation or thoughts, I need to touch myself. The only times when I have them without touching is sometimes when I wake up, the morning erections, but that times they hurt a little, specially in the base of the penis; they are not pleasant erections.

- Almost no pleasure when masturbating.

- Difficulty (long time for) reaching the orgasm, I guess because the low pleasure.

- When masturbating, I have a light burning sensation in my penis base that increases in intensity as I get close to ejaculation and extends to all the penis, even the glans.

- The orgasm is almost gone. It feels like "peeing sperm" rather than ejaculating, and it's annoying rather than pleasant; the burning sensation I described above reaches his peak when ejaculating.

- My sperm is usually very clear, watery with some white points inside. Also the amount tends to be low.

- After the ejaculation, I feel tired and not satisfied. That can last 10 or 15 minutes.

- Recently, I have observed that my glans looks a bit cracked when it's flaccid.

- Also, sometimes I feel a similar burning sensation in the anus, specially when defecating.

When all of this started?

It's difficult to me to place in time the concrete beginning of this, because the symptoms I have described are constantly changing in intensity. Some days I have even mysterious improvements which cause I've not identified yet. That improvements can usually last one or two days, then I go back to the same state.

But these improvements was the cause I started to think my sexual functions are not working correctly. Because when they happen I remember what a masturbation and an orgasm feels like, maybe not at 100%, but better than usually; then I started to think something is failing almost all the time.

Maybe my sexual functions haven't been normal and healthy for more than 10 years.

The "magical" spring

I can't remember but I think it was on 2010 or 2011. That spring, for some reason I don't know yet, my libido ans sexual functions got normal, but I felt it like a "high libido" because it's always low. I remembered what an orgasm is, I could get aroused easily thinking about erotic things or just watching erotic pictures. It was like re-discovering the masturbation pleasure, just the same as when I was a teenager and I started masturbating. It was amazing. Also, I could have erections easily, without touching.

Some days, I waked up excited and with the heart beating fast and I needed to masturbate, and the orgasms were powerful and satisfactory. I could masturbate a lot of times in a day and still the pleasure and arousal didn't weaken.

Another important point of this, is that few months ago I was taking anxiolytics that had very bad consecuences in my sexual functions. So I thought stopping them was the cause of that improvement.

But after few months that was gone and my libido and orgasms got weak, even without taking anxiolytics anymore.

Were the anxiolytics the cause? My researchs about prolactin

2 years ago, remembering the sweet memories of that spring and having realized that my sexual functions was not normal, I decided to start a medical research.

The first thing I thought as the cause was that the anxiolytics have leaved something unbalanced in my body. But when I told the urologists, endocrines or another specialists that my orgasms was weak all they said is that it was "psychological", without asking me nothing and without any tests.

So, I did some research on the internet about the relationship between those drugs and the libido and the orgasms. Then I arrived to the prolactin. I was happy because I think I had something to follow. I read that prolactin high levels in blood can lower libido and weaken the orgasms.

It took a lot of time to convince an urologist to prescribe me a prolactin test. I found it was a little high, but they kept saying it didn't have nothing to do with my problem. After testing more times it and founding that always it was high, not too much but a little, one of them finally prescribed me a treatment with bromocriptine (I selected that drug also, because I was reading about it on the internet, the urologist only wrote the prescription). Then, I tested the prolactin again and it effectively was normal. But no improvements in my sexual functions.

I have tested my prolactin more times since that, and sometimes is high, sometimes is normal. I also made a CT to check my hypophysis and it seems it's normal.

So, I arrived to the conclusion that prolactin wasn't the cause of my problem.

The medical "wandering"

From that point, I got lost again and I started a wandering from specialist to specialist that have lasted 2 years. Almost of them says that "it's psychological" and some others listen to me a little, but always I must guide the whole thing, ordering the analysis by myself. So, they almost only write the prescription. I have checked a lot of things, a lot of ETS (even I never have had sex) and even I checked lupus. All seemed to be right.

Even I went to an ayurveda doctor. He was one year prescribing me a lot of pills to "relax my mind", "clean my blood", etc., but nothing changed. My sexual functions was equally atrophied.

Also, I have tried by myself a lot of changes in the diet, like leaving the gluten. Sometimes, when eating a lot of licorice pills it seemed that the libido and the orgasms improved, but sometimes I ate more than 10 pills in a day and no changes. So I don't know well if they work together with something or what. Another mystery to me, but maybe a hint to know what is the problem behind no one doctor could interpret.

I also tried a few times staying one week without masturbating. Sometimes it gets a little better, sometimes not. And the thing that more concerns me about this is that even after a week of abstinence I can't have an erection without touching. I think that's not normal at my age.

Recently, an urologist said it can be chronic prostatitis "by exclusion" (in his words), and he said that it's difficult to diagnose and treat.

Is chronic prostatitis the cause?

Then, I switched the cause from anxiolytics and prolactin to chronic prostatitis and I recently have oriented (this year) the research in that way. But I still think the symptoms are very similar as the ones I suffered with the anxiolytics. I don't know if anxiolytics can trigger a chronic prostatitis, but maybe.

Then, I did a lot of urine and sperm tests. The sperm always is "clean". But once, it appeared an enteroccoccus faecalis in the urine. Again, I was happy thinking I had the cause. They prescribed me erythromycin, I also selected that antibiotic because I thought it was safer than others that appeared in the antibiogram (antibiotics scare me). I took it 10 days. The next urine test appeared clean, but no changes in my symptoms.

They said that it can be that that bacteria may not be the cause of my prostatitis. I started to doubt even if this was really a prostatitis.

Also, I did by myself an uretral test, but I was feeling bad about inserting that thing and then I masturbated a little until preseminal fluid was in the tip of my glans, so I inserted only a little the rib to catch a few. I inserted the rib only a few milimeters because it stinged a little, but I made sure I got some preseminal fluid. In that analysis again it appeared the enterococcus faecalis. This time erythromycin appeared as non-sensitive in the antibiogram. The urologist said that in 10 days it's not propable it have turned resistant. I don't know if that is the same infection or another, but the antibiogram is different. Even so, they don't know if that bacteria is the cause of my prostatitis.

Then, few months ago I went to another urologist and he made a rectal examination. Inmediately he said I have a prostatitis. I felt a little relieved because after years of wandering finally I had a diagnosis. I also felt relieved because the feeling when he touched my prostate was like the one I feel when those burning ejaculations, but stronger. When I ejaculate I feel no pain, it's like if a mosquito had stinged my prostate gland, but no pain at all. But when he touched the prostate that turned into pain. He said “tell me if it hurts”, and he knew exactly where it hurted more, in the left side he said “hurts there, right?”, and yes, it hurted. For some reason my left side seems to be more inflamed.

Now I have a secure diagnosis. No one can say to me that my problem is “psychological” but I don't know the cause and the treatment. Even I don't know if that enterococcus faecalis that have appeared two times is the cause. Then, the urologist I'm consulting these days gave a sulfamethoxazole treatment for 1 – 3 months. I did it very scared because I know that is dangerous. I only did almost 2 months of treatment because I was having little whistles in my ears and also, the trembling I'm having in my body since I started taking antibiotics got clearly worse, and the worst of all was that there was no changes in my sexual functions, even sometimes I felt the burning feeling when ejaculating was worse.

Also, I have been months taking serenoa repens supplements but I'm still in the same way.

I asked the urologist if the cause may be a fungus, like candida. He said it's possible, but when I ask those things they seem to think I'm “overthinking” and “searching silly things on the internet” and they don't take it seriously. So the doubt remains, I mean, “it's possible” but how know if it's my case or not? Because in the sperm culture there were not any fungus, but also there were not any bacteria. Sperm cultures seem to not reveal always the truth.

So, What is the cause and how could I fix my sexual functions?

So, I have a chronic prostatitis, but sure a strange kind of prostatitis, because when I read the other people symptoms usually they are different. They talk about strong pain that always is there and specially when urinating. But I haven't seen almost nobody talking about the libido and the weak orgasms. I found in this forum some topics about that but they were not similar to my case. Also, my last urologist said that a prostatitis shouldn't interfere with the sexual desire and libido. But I think if your orgasms are weak, erections difficult to reach and maintain, ant you feel a burning feeling in the penis when masturbating rather than pleasure, you get used to that and then your brain doesn't associate sexuality with pleasure. But I'm not sure, maybe my prostatitis is only a consequence of a bigger problem. But I don't see too many people in the internet talking about prostatitis and libido problems. So I'm confused about this also.

What doctor can see me as a full human being and not like an isolated prostate gland? I'm in a point where I don't know what to do. That's why I wrote my story here in detail, to see if someone suffered the same things and knows something concrete about it.

I feel so sad about this, because I feel like asexual, I can masturbate and try to arouse but almost always it's frustrating, my penis feels strange, like if I have inside something that “kills” the pleasure. I feel like my sexuality is gone. I've never been that kind of man that get obsessed with the penis size, hard erections, and so on, but really, after years in this situation I feel sexually destroyed as a man and this is turning into a complex.

Also, I didn't mentioned the psychological factor. I don't know if it affects the prostatitis, but I feel this problem got worse since a girl I liked broke my heart and made me feel “less man”, humiliating, lying and betraying me. In fact, when I remember that painful memories I feel a kind of “rage” between my legs, just where the prostate is. It's something like a “sexual rage” I can't describe with words; maybe the opposite to sexual arousal. So, I think this problem is far more complex than most of the urologists think. It's not just about “killing bugs with antibiotics”.

Also, I haven't mentioned that the day that girl hurted me deeply I had other health problems. I had nausea, stomach pain, blood in the feces, and I catched cytomegalovirus (maybe nobody passed it to me), my eye floaters increased and are still there. Maybe since that, something is making my whole body get inflamed with days of peak and days of improvements. I'm not saying that a psychological pain “create” illness like others say, but maybe it can trigger, awake ones that are already there controlled.

I need answers to my problem, a problem that is ruining my life. And I feel the urologists and the money oriented medicine can't help me. Also, I don't know how can I do by myself because when you search in the internet 99% of the stuff you find are lies and fake ads.

Also, I'm concerned about the tremblings I'm suffering in my body even when I'm sleeping. I think that began with the antibiotics, but I don't know the cause of that too.

Recently, my doctor prescribed me magnesium supplements for that. I have been taking them only one week so I can't tell yet. But, I was searching the relationship between magnesium and prostatitis and I found that it seems to be some. Is it the magnesium lack what caused all of my problems? I don't know. I found this anyway: ... d/14995071

But I suspect prostatitis is only one “branch” of the “tree”. I would like to identify that “tree” to uproot it and maybe all my health problems will end. But how? With a science full of lies and ideology, where money is more important than persons. And, also, specially the men's sexual problems are not taken as seriously as the women ones, specially here where I live, in Spain. I'm disappointed, tired and frustrated about that, because when I go to doctors alone they don't take me seriously, but sometimes, in the urologist, I see couples and I can hear how the doctor shows more interest in the topic because a woman is involved, and I can't barely hear the man, only the girl and the doctor's talk. Some doctors even laughed at me when I said I haven't had sex in my life.

I don't understand why this happens to me. I try to eat healthy things, I have been practicing karate more than 8 years, I run 30 minutes several times per week, etc.

Is there anyone who feels identified with my case? Any clues?

I need help and orientation , I'm quite hopeless.

Thanks in advance.

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Post Re: My story, chronic prostatitis associated with weak orgas
Few things I forgot to mention:

- I usually have the scrotum loose and sometimes, specially when sleeping it feels itchy and I must scratch it a lot.

- I usually have back and abdomen pain, specially when I wake up.

- I usually have numbness in my legs, specially when long time sitting with crossed legs.

- After a long time walking I feel palpitations in my legs for a while when I stop and sit down.

- My knees make a sound when stretching out the legs after bending.

- I have dental marks in my tongue sides.

- I usually have pain and stiff the cervical zone, specially when I move the neck to the sides.

- I feel the nose and trhoat usually obstructed because an allergy to house dust, specially when I wake up. I sneeze a lot.

- When I went recently to make an echography of my kidneys, bladder and prostate it was all ok. They told to me I must go with the bladder full, but the doctor said it was too much urine and then I went to the WC; then when I came again he said that my bladder was not empty at all. He said that as it were not important, but reading another threads in this forum I find some others have that problem too so I guess it's related to prostatitis. I usually have a dripping after urinating.

- One strange thing that maybe it's not studied by sciencists. I have found that when my libido and sexual sensations improve, the glans scent (that one that can be arousing) is more present and perceptible. And when I feel worse I can't smell it. I don't know what makes that scent but I think it's related to my problem. I mean, maybe some substance is missing almost all the time and go back when I have sporadic improvements. I know that may sound nonsense but I have confirmed that. Maybe that scent comes from the prostate and maybe it's related to a healthy libido. I have searched about that in the internet and I haven't found nothing, but I thing it's something important.

- I have observed in the last years my eyebrows are losing hair in the extremes. No one doctor could tell me why, but I guess it's another symptom that shows something is unbalanced in my body.

- I have also having some hair loss in the last years and my father is not bald.

I would post more data about my health as I remember, because I think all of it can be useful to clarify this issue.

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Post Re: My story, chronic prostatitis associated with weak orgas
Hi Chavalote,

Your story is similar to mine.

First, I want you to know that there is hope. Second, most urologists will not be able to help you with this problem. This problem is complex and can involve the entire body.

I have a problem similar to you. Most of my symptoms are sexual. I have never experienced much pain. I have improved greatly after doing physical therapy and dry needling, and researching and consulting with several skilled physical therapists and experts. I am not completely cured yet, but now after doing much more research and consulting with some experts, I know what the last steps of my cure will be.

There is no one cure that works for everyone. Prostatitis can be caused by different things so everyone's case can be a little different, but it is definitely treatable. Unfortunately, most urologists know very little about prostatitis and just prescribe antibiotics which can sometimes help but in many cases can make the problem worse. In my case, I think my prostatitis was caused by tight muscles, a possible infection, and inflammation caused by a leaky gut. Currently I have fixed the tight muscles and am working on the inflammation.

I have a lot of information to share with you. I do not have time at this moment to write it all down because today is a busy day for me, so I am going to give you a summary and I will write down more information soon.

My prostatitis started out in a very subtle manner. First I experienced some occasional painful pelvic floor muscle spasms, then I developed premature ejaculation, then I developed erectile dysfunction and my premature ejaculation got worse, and finally I developed low libido. All of this happened over the course of several years, but my symptoms became much worse during graduate school due to the stress and sitting down studying all the time.

My urologist tested my urine and said that I do not have an infection, and he prescribed me pelvic floor physical therapy. I have made great progress in loosening my pelvic floor muscles and also the muscles around my pelvic floor such as my abs, quads, and butt. All of my muscles were very tight. For many years I was always sitting down and studying under stress, so all my muscles from my diaphragm to my upper legs became tight.

The pelvic floor physical therapy eliminated the occasional painful spasms, it improved my erectile dysfunction, and slightly helped my premature ejaculation.

The next step in my cure was dry needling. Dry needling is incredible for loosening muscles!! But it is very important to find a skilled practitioner. Dry needling is a technique in which they feel your muscle for the trigger points, and poke deep into the trigger points with a thin acupuncture needle. The act of penetrating the trigger point with a needle makes the needle dissolve, and the entire muscle relaxes and goes back to normal. This is by far the most effective way of eliminating trigger points. The only other ways are to press hard on them, like during a massage, but this is painful and takes weeks or months, by contrast dry needling works in seconds. Another way is to use a cold laser, but cold lasers can not penetrate deep into the muscle, so they only work on shallow trigger points.

Dry needling was so incredible, that now I am able to breathe much better than I ever could. My muscles where so tight that my body was not able to breathe properly.

I am now on the last stage of my cure. It involves curing the prostate and eliminating the inflammation there. For a long time I thought I had no problems with my prostate, I thought that I just had a muscular issue, because my doctor said that there was no infection in my urine, but now I am confident that my prostate is inflamed. I think this for two reasons:

1. I started acupuncture, and my acupuncturist did something very interesting. He put a needle in my perineum, below the prostate. He also put a needle in my lower abdomen, and needles in my feet. Then he attached wires to those needles and ran electric through the needles into my body. My entire pelvic floor started to contract and twitch very powerfully and rhythmically. It was very unusual and a little painful, but I endured it. The next morning, I was awoken by the largest most powerful erection I have had in a long time. For the next week my erections were rock hard and started easily, one time just by thinking sexy thoughts. I felt cured, but after a couple of weeks the erections started to fade. If I do the electrical stimulation again, the strong erections came back. It turns out that the electric stimulation was probably stimulating my prostate, and electrical stimulation of the prostate is being studied as a way to treat prostatitis. This breakthrough made me realize the important role that the prostate plays in erection and caused me to think that perhaps my prostate is inflammed.

2. Now that my muscle tightness is almost gone, I am much more aware of the feelings in my pelvic floor. Before, when I had tightness, it was hard for me to sense things in that area. Now that I can feel things better, I am aware that I have a bit of an irritation deep in that area, in the general direction of the prostate. This light irritation is similar to the feeling I experience when I ejaculate. I think that my premature ejaculation is directly linked to my inflamed prostate. Several medical studies back up this idea. When I write to you again, I will include those studies.

So now my questions are , what caused my prostate inflammation? What caused my muscle tightness? Other people study hard during graduate school and do not develop such bad muscle tightness. Maybe my inflammation predisposed me to develop muscle tightness and trigger points during grad school?

I have researched and discovered that the prostate inflammation can be caused by the following things:

1. bacterial infection - antibiotics may not be effective because the antibiotics cannot reach into the prostate. This can be fixed by doing prostate massage to open up the prostate and help the antibiotics penetrate the prostate and taking supplements/ drugs that open up the prostate smooth muscle tissue such as forskolin, neurontin, and expectorants. Also, several people have had great success doing prostate massages while taking antibacterial silver water. The key is to open up the prostate, because otherwise the antibacterials cannot penetrate it effectively. The prostate has many little crevices and sacs.
Problem with antibiotics - they destroy many bacteria in your body, including the good bacteria in your gut that are so important for your immune system. In this sense, ironically, the antibiotics could make your condition worse and cause other problems in your body, such as the shaking problem you mentioned.

2. Autoimmune issues - systemic inflammation caused by dietary sensitivities, such as gluten. Also, leaky gut syndrome, and imbalanced gut bacteria. This is a whole other field of research that is very cutting edge and complex. We are just now beginning to understand how important gut bacteria are. I think this area is important though because consider this: people with prostatitis are more likely than the general population to also have autoimmune diseases such as psoriasis, crohns, fibromalgyia, and chronic fatigue syndrome.

3. Fungal infection - A fungal infection of the prostate can behave similarly to a bacterial infection. Some studies have shown success in treating prostatitis with anti fungals. You will still want to massage the prostate and take supplements/drugs to open up the prostate to help the antifungal penetrate into the prostate.

4. Hormone issues - One study found that people with prostatitis might have slightly abnormal cortisol production. this could affect muscle tightness and inflammation. This should be easily fixed with supplements or low doses of adrenocorticoid.

I have more information to share, mainly studies that give support to the points I have made above. While you work on your cure, you can probably find some relief from your symptoms by taking anti inflammatory herbs that reduce cox-2, prostaglandin e2, and histamine. Some of these herbs are quercetin, ginger, green tea, garlic, curcumin, etc. I have had good results with them and so have many others.

In the mean time, you can read these links. The last two links are from a research scientist who is an expert in autoimmune disorders and inflammation:

http://www.bbbb/chron ... condition/ ... tence.html ... s-and.html

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Post Re: My story, chronic prostatitis associated with weak orgas
Thanks, your long answer made me glad.

I haven't read the links yet but I want to comment some things about your post before.

Premature ejaculation

First of all, I find strange that you talked about premature ejaculation, because that's exactly the opposite of my problem. I have had difficulties reaching the ejaculation for years, maybe since this started. And when I had that improvement in the spring I talked about, I don't know if that was "premature ejaculation" but since the pleasure had returned it was easier and took less time reaching it. So, I associate premature eyaculation with high libido and the opposite with low.

In other words, when I was healthy the penis "asked for" ejaculating, the pleasure went increasing until the climax, that's why it didn't take more than 5 minutes, specially when I was aroused; also, I didn't have to force the erection. But when I'm worsened, the penis acts like "leave my alone, I'm not in the mood", and I feel I'm forcing it to get erect and to ejaculate; the "road" until orgasm is not pleasant and it can last 20 minutes or more ejaculating with that burning sensation and a very weak orgasm, almost nonexistent.

So, I wondered why our cases are the opposite in that point.

About dry-needling, acupuncture and muscles

I don't know much about this. Even I don't know the difference between those two.

I read some time ago, searching about weak orgasms and low libido caused by psychiatric drugs, a few posts talking about hard erections without touching just after the first acupuncture treatment. One guy said that he was driving returning from the session and he had a spontaneus erection. I was a bit sceptic about that but I wondered if it would works but didn't know where to go.

I searched in the internet and found only one Chinese doctor that does acupuncture in my city. It seems they usually don't put advertisements on the internet and they are hard to find in my zone.

I went to see him and the experience was not good. I said that I've never made acupuncture and I asked if it hurts and that I was a little concerned about infections, waiting he will calm down me with gentle words, but he instantly turned cold and said "I can't help you with your problem because you've been years with it, I honestly think I can't do nothing for you, sorry", and I was very embarrassed. Minutes before, he had been talking about treatments, he checked my pulse and tongue, he said my kidneys pulse was weak and that I have the tongue inflammed pointing with a pen the dental marks in the sides of it. It was an abrupt change in mood which made me think he felt upset with something I said.

That's my only experience with acupuncture. I don't know any other place to go. I'm afraid of losing money in somewhere that it's not reliable, because I have not much.

I don't know also which specialist I must visit for that psychical therapy to looseing muscles you refer to. I've never done nothing related to that.

Is there any way that I can test by myself to know if I have those trigger points to get any clue about it before visiting a specialist?

I don't have that painful spasms you refer, but I have observed that sometimes, when getting an erection, the perineum palpitates like if something (blood?) is trying to pass to the penis but having difficulties/obstacles. I don't know if it's the same problem with intensity differences.

I don't remember if I mentioned it but I also have difficulties breathing, specially when I make physical efforts. I live in a 4th floor and when I go up stairs with my groceries my back and chest hurts and I breath with difficulty; that also makes my legs and arms muscles get tired soon.

Maybe prostatitis and muscle tightness are two phenomenons that feed back each other.

I want to ask you a question: have you ever taken any psychiatric drugs (anxiolytics, antidepressants...)? I'm not sure but I think in my case that was one of the main causes.

I'll read the links you posted and I look forward your next message. Thanks again.

Sat Jan 02, 2016 8:00 pm

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Post Re: My story, chronic prostatitis associated with weak orgas
The first link didn't worked but I want to comment the second.

I haven't taken Finasteride never but 3 or 4 years ago I get concerned about some hair loss I was suffering and tried Minoxidil and a multi-vitamin supplement named Complidermol 5 Alpha, here in Spain, that had some herbs that seem to mess with the alpha-5 reductase, so I thought that would be related. Because I remember that was 3 or 4 years ago when I started to feel strongly my libido was bad. Maybe that alpha-5 reductase inhibitor messed with my prostate gland. The herbs were Pygeum Africanum and Sabal Serrulata. I told that to an urologist some years ago but he said "if those herbs really work that would be useful with prostate cancer cases", like if what I was suspecting was an stupidity.

The article is very difficult to understand to me because English is not my native language and there are a lot of technical words and initials shortening that I don't understand, but I think I understood that hair-loss, poor gut bateria flora, low libido and prostatitis are all related.

Maybe all is due to a general inflammatory process, as I suspected.

I feel some kind of anxiety reading those things because I think if I tell these things to any doctor here in my city they won't take them seriously and I don't know where to go to get a suitable treatment.

I'm concerned also about my hair loss. I'm not bald but in the last years I have seen how my hair gets more fine and I'm losing some in the sides. There are always in that sides some hair, but small, short, like if they are trying to grow but they can't because something is lacking. Also, I have a lot of white hair for my age. That began in my teens and increased in my twenties.

My father is in his sixties and he is not bald so I don't think this hair loss is "genetic", I think this is like the article author says, environmental. But I'm feeling impotent and anxious because I see too difficult reverting this without help.

Maybe also my eye floaters have the same cause, because I read that an inflammatory process can trigger them.

I'm feeling very depressed because I feel that my health is very bad in a lot of senses, like if I were becoming deteriorated and I don't know what should I do.

Sat Jan 02, 2016 9:01 pm

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Post Re: My story, chronic prostatitis associated with weak orgas
I've been checking the blog and I have searched to a concrete explanation about that diet, but I've not found it. I mean, something like a list with the food that is inflammatory and non-inflammatory or a concrete diet program to follow.

I've been suspecting that diet is one of the things that have influence in my improvements and worsen periods. I've tested a lot of diet changes but I'm lost. So, it would be useful to have any concrete information, then test that diet for months and keep reporting here the outcomes. Thay may be helpful for others also.

Also I'm lost about probiotics. Any concrete ones that may help to recover the gut flora?

That blog has a lot of information but I got lost because it's too general when it comes to the solutions, I need concrete knowledge.

For example, is integral rice inflammatory? And potatoes? If I quit all the carbohydrates from where I get the glucose? I',m saying that because I tried an anti-candida diet a few days and glucose appeared low in my blood analysis. Should I eat dairy? Because they have vitamin D but maybe they are inflammatory? A lot of questions and very few answers.

I find very interesting the social aspect, because I live quite isolated and maybe that's one reason why my bacteria flora is poor.

I thing western science must change the idea that bacteria are bad, like enemies, and see them like "friends".

I need to start doing something with my diet and probiotics, any helpful link or ideas about that?

Sat Jan 02, 2016 9:59 pm

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Post Re: My story, chronic prostatitis associated with weak orgas
Chava, VSL3 is the strongest one out there. It can recover the gut flora in as little as three weeks if taken correctly, and at a higher dosage. I just take two capsules per day, personally. Some people who have ulcerative colitis, and irritable bowel disease take up to 8 capsules per day though. Have to buy it online from their website, you can get it in capsules, or powder. It comes in a refrigerated container when shipped to you.

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Post Re: My story, chronic prostatitis associated with weak orgas
Hi Chavalote,

Here is a link to a good anti-inflammatory diet recommended by the scientist from the "Cooling inflammation" blog: ... z2wvAVopGG

In addition to this diet, it is good to rebuild your gut bacteria with probiotics and fermented vegetables. The greater amounts and variety of beneficial bacteria you consume, the better you will probably feel. Since you took so many antibiotics in the past, you have probably devastated your gut bacteria population.

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Thanks to both of you, I'll check that and I'll try a diet. I think I'll post the diet monitoring here and the results.

The problem is with the probiotic that Inflamed said. I was searching it in the internet and it's very difficult to get it in Spain. And I don't have too much money so I can't purchase it from the abroad. From monday I'm going to start eating kefir and L-casei yogurts. Not too good but better than nothing for the moment. But I need to found a good probiotic that I can get here in Spain.

I'll also ask to my doctor for zinc, magnesium and vitamin D supplements (I didn't get the difference between D-2 and D-3 yet, though). I'm still taking magnesium but maybe the quantity is too low (only 53 mg per pill and I take one or two in a day). I have tried also to insert food with magnesium in my diet such as agar-agar algae, integral rice, and nuts like sunflower seeds, almonds, hazelnuts... And I have made a "test" today and my semen was a little more bit white, just a little but maybe magnesium is doing something.

I really didn't take a lot of antibiotics. Only 10 days of fusidic acid (which I suspect that triggered my tremblings problem) , 10 days of erythromicin and recently almost two months of trimethoprim/sulfamethoxazole, following the urologist advice. Maybe they worsened my intestine conditions but I have been suffering burning sensations in the rectum, pain in the abdomen and eventually diarrhea a very long time. I mean, it's not something that started with the antibiotics. Maybe I have been suffering chronic irritable colon for a very long time.

I think I won't take more antibiotics because I don't get better and they worsen another conditions like the tremblings that are concerning me these days too. When I go the next time to the urologist I don't know what another alternative he will propose, but I think I will say "no more antibiotics, please".

The things that blog says matches with theories I thought by myself and anothers I read, so I think that is a good way to follow.

I'm a bit in good spirits because I see this forum is serious and people try to help. I've been in another sites on the internet and there is no clear information and a lot of advertisements only to make money.

I hope my thread turns in the future in a success story. Because really, I thing my prostatitis is not that grave, only I can't grasp the causes and the right treatment.

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Ok I checked the diet site and I have a few questions.

Are potatoes sweet potatoes and pumpkins allowed in that diet? I'm eating them because I'm afraid for the glucose levels (like I said above, my glucose went down in a blood test because I removed the carbohydrates one week).

Are tomato juice and tomatoes allowed?

Are gluten free bread and gluten free pasta allowed? I usually eat a lot. I can't live without sandwiches and spaghetti. Well, I can live without them but my diet would be boring without that kind of things.

Are snacks allowed? I guess not. Maybe I should use salty nuts as snacks. I have one problem with that, because my body craves salty snacks always after meals. I don't know the reason, but it was so since I was a kid.

Are corn and popcorns allowed?

Are onions and garlics allowed? I say that because specially with garlics I feel that my gut conditions worsen, but on the other side I usually read that they are good for prostatitis, and they are anti-fungal and bactericide.

Is salt allowed?

Is the honey allowed? I guess it is?

The fish and meat at the base of the piramid means that it must be eaten daily? More than one time in a day?

Abd exercises are good or bad for prostatitis? I have started to do them few days ago but I'm not sure.

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Here goes an update of my case. A very weird experience I had yesterday which made me think this is perhaps more grave than I thought, and that maybe it is connected with all the health problems I have.

I tried to masturbate in the bed before going to sleep and it was worsened. When the penis was erect it was annoying and I felt something running from my prostate zone to the tip of my penis through it, it's not exactly a unbearable pain but it makes the whole thing unpleasant and, as always, when I was close to the ejaculation it was a feeling like if nettles were running through my penis. No orgasm, no pleasure. Then I thought I must do something and I remembered what I have read in this forum about how a prostate massage can relief the gland flushing the "bad stuff" outside.

I have tried that other times but very shyly and without success. I don't know where exactly the prostate is and I can't identify it with my finger. So I usually get scared of keeping rummaging there and I leave it. But yesterday I used the tip of a toothbrush to see if I can reach the prostate and feel the same painful feeling that I had when the urologist explored that zone. I inserted carefully it about 4 or 5 centimeters and moved it lightly but I don't know if that was the rectum or the prostate. Sometimes I thought I had found something but it was difficult to tell, so I kept like 5 minutes with that inside moving it to see if I can take out the milky stuff. Sometimes I had a light sensation in the urethra but it dissapeared soon. There was also no erection, so I think I didn't do it well.

Anyway, when I was like 5 minutes doing that suddenly I started to feel very bad, like if I had fever or influenza. I felt nausea, even I thought I was going to vomit, and also I felt fatigued and dizzy; also my arms and legs weakened. It was nothing subtle, it was enough clear to make me feel scared and immediately stop. I thought if I continued I would have vomited or fainted.

I washed my anus and hands with water and soap and lied down in the bed anxious, asking myself if that feeling will continue or not. Luckyly, it soon stopped. So I guess it was due to the trying of the prostate massage.

So I have thought two theories:

1 - I have an infection in the prostate and I "moved" it and/or maybe made it more active. Sometimes, when ejaculating I feel that dizziness and weakness in the legs but that was like the hard version of it.

2 - I have some kind of inflammation in the rectum and keeping a few minutes moving something inside it triggered something bad in my whole body.

Anyone had experienced something like that? I'm concerned. What can be the explanation to that weird phenomenon?

Anyway, I wish I know how to perform correctly a prostate massage because when I masturbate and ejaculate the feeling is that it is like obstructed, so I think that maybe that can help. I have read a lot of stuff about it, I have even seen explanation videos but I can't identify the prostate nor massage it correctly to flush the fluid.

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Hi Chavalote, Here are some answers to your questions:

1. Dry needling vs. acupuncture -

a. dry needling is very different from acupuncture, the only thing the two systems have in common is that they both use the same needles. Dry needling releases tightness in muscles by stabbing the "trigger points" in the muscles that are responsible for muscle tightness. Trigger points are hyper-tight, hyper sensitive nodules of oxygen starved muscle that pull on all the surrounding muscle tissue, causing tightness through the entire muscle. A skilled practicioner can find these points by feeling for them with their fingers. The process of stabbing the point with a needle, although painful, is very effective in destroying these points and allowing the entire muscle to return to normal. I had great results from dry needling, although you do not need it unless you suffer from tight pelvic floor muscles. You can tell if you have tight pelvic floor muscles by noticing if you have painful spasms in your groin and pelvic floor at random points during the day, or if you experience spasms and pain after ejaculating.

b. acupuncture - acupuncture involves using needles to manipulate pressure points. Pressure points are areas in the body that contain many important nerves. By sticking needles in these points, it is possible to manipulate the nervous system to promote calmness and reduce inflammation throughout the entire body. At first I had general benefits from acupuncture, but nothing drastic. Interestingly, acupuncture eliminated some of my psoriasis. The big benefit from acupuncture came when my acupuncturist ran electric current through a needle in my perineum. This greatly boosted my erections for a couple weeks afterwards. I suspect that this benefit came from electric stimulation of my prostate. Therefore, you could get this benefit without acupuncture by using other methods, such as transrectal electric stimulation, although I have never tried that method. Transrectal stimulation is currently being studied for the treatment of prostatitis with good results so far.

2. Questions about diet
a. potatoes, sweet potatoes, and pumpkins are good
b. tomatoes are good
c. gluten free bread and pasta is fine, although dont eat too much of them. Also, do not eat any gluten for the time being.
d. salty nut snacks are fine in moderate amounts.
e. corn is fine, popcorn is ok too in moderation. I dont know about the popcorn in Spain, but most of the popcorn in the u.s. is very unhealthy and contains vegetable oils high in inflammatory omega 6 fatty acids. Maybe popcorn in Spain is better. When I was in Spain I noticed that the food in general is much healthier than in America.
f. Onions and garlic are very healthy, but if garlic makes you feel worse then you should limit garlic, because you might be allergic.
g. salt is ok in moderation. I recommend using fresh sea salt.
h. honey is good
i. fish and meat will form your main source of protein. There is no requirement to eat it more than once a day, but you should eat them regularly, usually at least once a day, to consume adequate protein. Free range grass fed meat and wild fish are superior to other meats because they have high omega 3 content. Meat and fish raised in captivity is less healthy and has relatively less omega 3 and relatively more omega 6.
j. Are you talking about abdominal exercises? Certain abdominal exercises can make prostatitis worse because it can cause muscle tightenging. Situps, for example, are bad. If you want to strengthen your abs, I recommend doing the plank exercise.

3. Your recent prostate massage experience

This is very interesting. It seems very likely that you have an inflamed prostate. I think your sensations were caused either by the pain and sensitivity, or possibly by release of infection. I think it is unlikely that you have an inflamed rectum. You can test whether you have an inflamed rectum by doing the same procedure, but this time press down on other areas, instead of the area where your prostate is. See if you experience the same symptom.

Prostate massage can be painful, but many people have had good success with it. The reason it is important is because it helps open up the prostate and allows antimicrobials (antibiotics, antifungals, silver water, herbs, etc) to penetrate into the prostate. The prostate is very dense and has many crevices and sacs called acini. It is hard for antimicrobials to penetrate the prostate under normal conditions. I read that at least one scientist had a good experience using the herbal extract forskolin to open up his prostate so that antibiotics could penetrate. Forskolin makes smooth muscle tissue relax and open up, and is effective in treating bronchitis because it makes the bronchioles relax and open.

Anti microbials and Anti inflammatory herbs will help cure your prostate inflammation/infection. Also, some herbs are both anti microbial and anti inflammatory. Here is a list:
green tea
bee pollen
stinging nettle
cayenne pepper

Important: be careful massaging your prostate. There are special tools that will help you massage the prostate better. I do not recommend using toothbrushes or pencils or such objects.

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Post Re: My story, chronic prostatitis associated with weak orgas
Thanks again.

About dry needling and acupuncture

I don't know if any of those can help in my case because I still don't know the cause of my prostatitis. But I know that due to the stress, anxiety and repressed rage I always have the muscles tense and for example, my sides of the pelvis, just where the femur is inserted, hurts a little in certain positions. Specially the left side; when I lay down on that side I feel some pain. I guess one of the causes is that I was forcing that muscles and bones trying to perform difficult kicks in karate for a long time. Also, I have another chronic muscle pain in the back and in the neck, in the cervicals. The cervical problem in particular I have suffered it since my teens.

And recently, my doctor said the tremblings I'm suffering in my fingers seem to be due to some muscular tension. I think antibiotics hurted some nerves but maybe he is right also with that and chronic muscular tension would be part of the problem. That tremblings don't occur when I have the fingers resting on a table, for example, only when I move them in the air trying to bring them closer to anothers but without touching them. That's when they tremble. But it's something that happens in my whole body.

How is this all related to my prostatitis, I don't know. But maybe it deserves giving dry needling a try.

I've found a dry needling clinic in my city. If it's not too expensive I'll go and tell the results.

I'm very interested in trying that electric needles thing, because I can't remember what was having an erection without having to touch my penis, and even if that last only a few time I would like to experience it. But in my city is more difficult to find acupuncture doctors.


Problem with garlic occurs when I make garlic soup using a lot of them and also eat the boiled garlics. Then I feel my abdomen hot, like inflammed, for 1 day and a lot of flatulence, and I have to go to the WC like 3 times in a day. I don't know if that's due to an allergy or maybe they are "cleaning" something.

And about pop corn, I refer to that ones you make by yourself. These: ... G_6184.JPG I make them with a bit of olive oil in the frying pan but sometimes I feel strange after eating them.

It's difficult to tell what is exactly inflaming the gut because it takes time and it's not clear. And maybe, for example, the thing I ate before the pop corns is what made my gut become inflamed and then I eat pop corns and I think they was the cause.

I want to quit all the suspiciuos food.

And about abdominal exercises, I meant the situps. I didn't know how to say it in English. I started them recently because, even I'm very slim (I'm the type of person that can eat a lot and never get fat) I realized that my abdomen is a little swelled in the low zone, near to the bladder. I thought that exercises would help but maybe it's not fat, maybe it's just a gut inflammation. I also started this for abdominals, I don't know if it's bad for the prostate (I don't know how to say it in English). ... inales.jpg

I have used ginger, garlic (black one too), green tea, curcumin, bee pollen and nothing seemed to work. Also I'm taking cocoa because I read that it has a lot of magnesium. And the only thing I think that worked a little was the licorice pills, but it's strange, sometimes seems clear that they worked but sometimes I take a lot and nothing occurs. I quit it because it's not good taking too much, it seems that lower the potasium levels.

I forgot to mention about cortisol the other day. When I was wandering around and ordering a lot of blood tests I measured it and it was inside the normal range.

About the prostate massage

I think my rectum is always a bit inflammed. Because when I defecate I feel the burning sensation, and also a few minutes before it. And when I clean myself after with an sponge and water (I quit the toilet paper thinking it would be bad) I feel that the anus stings a bit. I don't have that "golf ball" sensation I've read, though.

It's really difficult to tell, when I try a prostate massage, if I'm touching the rectum or the prostate, anything inside seems to be in the same conditions and it feels similar to me. I really don't know how deep the prostate is in my body and I don't want to go so deeply because I'm afraid of hurting something.

I used the toothbrush tip because I don't have anything better and when I use my finger I feel I can't reach the gland. When I see those prostate massage devices I really don't find them too different from a toothbrush tip, that's why I tried that. I was very careful, though, so careful that I didn't get nothing, maybe I almost didn't touched the prostate directly.

I did that because I got desperate with my masturbation, it really felt so bad and stinging; I thought that I must get out that thing out of my prostate. I have been months without experiencing a normal orgasm, I have even forgotten what it feels like.

I don't know if I will have the courage to try a prostate massage again because that experience was scary. It was not a dizzy feeling from an unbearable pain, because really it didn't hurt so much (the urologist exploration hurted more), it was something very weird, like if something have been triggered and influenced my whole body after a few minutes moving softly the toothbrush tip inside. I mean, I think I couldn't not tell if it's the rectum or the prostate because I don't know if I'm touching the prostate or not, and because all that zone gives a similar feeling.

I've thought a different theory now. Maybe I released from there some pathogenics in my blood abruptly? That feeling is not new to me, I feel sometimes a bit nausea and that dizzyness, but at a lower level; that's why I think that can be another explanation.

I would like to ask it to the urologist but I don't know if it's a good idea, maybe he would think I'm fool. Also, it's embarrassing.

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Ok, things I'm going to try (I started yesterday):

- Quitting for the moment all breads and pasta, even the ones without gluten. At least some weeks to see what happens.

- Eating eggs and cheese almost daily for vitamin D. I don't know if I have any intolerance to those, though.

- Eating fish, chicken or pig meat at least once or two times in a day.

- Obtain the glucose from potatoes, integral rice, carrots or fruits.

- Quitting the snacks (that is the most hard to me). Sticking in seeds only, macadamia nuts, almonds, walnuts, hazelnuts, pumpkin seeds and sunflower seeds.

- Quitting the consommé tablets, because the monosodium glutamate. That's going to be hard also to me, because I'm used to using it a lot when cooking.

- Taking almond milk or coconut milk with honey and cocoa (this last one for magnesium).

- Taking kéfir and L-casei yogurts daily.

- Eat fresh vegetables and salads (this is something I always do, though).

- Keeping drinking a lot of water.

- Also making some pelvis stretchings and some another exercises like running 30 mins a few times per week, push-ups, planchs... etc...

I want to see if at least that finish with my lower abdomen pains when I wake-up from sleeping. I think maybe it's related to the prostatitis.

I'm going to ask in a few days to my doctor about vitamin D, magnesium and zinc suplements, and also about probiotics. I want to take vitamin D, magnesium and zinc at a good levels but without surpassing the limits (I have read that too much magnesium can be dangerous). Any advices about that? I mean, the amount of mgs that worked on each one and that kind of things. What I should take for prostatitis? Vitamin D-2 or D-3? Any other suggestion?

I'll keep reporting how it goes.

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Update of my case.

I've called the urologist and he is in the bed due to lumbago problems. I called the past week Tuesday and he said "call the next week"; he can't attend me still. I thought maybe I can ask by telephone a few things and I called again. We have been talking until he has told me to wait till the consultation day. I feel like I'm an annoyance for doctors and that I really don't be important to nobody. I felt even desire to cry in desperation during the phone call.

Basically, I told him that antibiotics didn't do nothing and that I'm thinking in another causes and treatments. I told him about my fungus personal hypothesis and he didn't answer nothing clear. He said that I can try one day dosis of antifungal but that he doesn't think fungus is the cause because the prostate gland is a place where they can't live so long, and he hasn't seen any cases caused by fungus (I thought how he knows that? The other day in the consulting room he told me that there are cases of chronic prostatitis that "never heal", how can he know whether several of that cases wasn't caused by a fungus?). My anxiety and desire to cry were due to the way he was talking. He was talking like "I don't know nothing clear". No concrete answers, and the worst, the most dissapointing thing came when he talked about the "other option", which was finasteride. From that point I really thought he doesn't know anything about my problem and that he doesn't care about my libido.

We have been talking about that and when he has explained that finasteride can lower my libido, but that it helps to make the prostate "relax and rest". I have told him I already knew that and that I have even read cases in forums of men with prostatitis caused by that drug. I have got confused and sad. He has said that the libido would come back after leaving it but I have read a lot of people really desperate because their libido wasn't the same again after taking that ..... I don't count finasteride as an option because I know that drug is horrible and that only could worsen my libido problems. He seems taking my libido problems as a thing without importance. He has forgotten that I've told him a lot of times my libido is fucked! That I can't arouse! That my orgasms are weak and my erections difficult to reach and maintain! He has said finasteride is good to cure prostatitis because testosterone (and high libido (?) ) are what causes it! I mean, WHAT THE ....!? I'm sorry but I'm really angry and sad. How can I "play" with my libido, with a drug that lowers it when I'm complaining about libido loss!? Is not my libido important to him? Is not that a clue to find the causes? Is the solution to my problem lower the libido more? How can I believe an specialist who doesn't follow the basic rules of logic?

I felt like if he was treating me as a farm animal "in heat" who needs a drug to calm down, when it's just the opposite, and I have told him that a lot of times. I don't have prostatitis because I have an unbearable sexual desire, is prostatitis what is affecting badly my libido. Also, he have talked about an example with a broken leg. He has said "you need to make a broken leg immobile to let it heal, an inflamed gland is the same". I've said, you're telling me that is as simple as letting the prostate rest by abstinence? In that case, why is finasteride necessary? It's not sufficient simply quitting masturbation? I told him that another urologist said that abstinence is not good and you need to ejaculate daily to relax your prostate and his answer was astonishing, he have said "there is no consensus about that, indeed". Wait a moment, consensus!? To the hell with consensus! I need to know the truth and not the consensus. If it's as simple as letting the prostate rest with abstinence, why to prescribe dangerous drugs that can put in danger my libido even more?

He has talked also briefly about autoinmune or allergic causes. I have allergy to house dust so I have got desperate when I have heared that, because if that is the cause I'm really doomed. But on the other side, when my allergy is better or when I took antihistamines this doesn't get better. So I think that allergy is not the cause, at least, not the main cause, and I hope it isn't.

My anxiety, sadness, anger and desperation comes mainly from this: I realized he didn't really know nothing about my health problem. He criticizes my researchs in the internet because I'm not an "specialist" but on the other side he relies on what he hears from other "specialists" and the "consensus" without thinking. I wonder which option is worse.

So, basically I have these four options left:

1 - Trying an antifungal on one day dose (I don't think that can cure a chronic prostatitis even if the cause is fungus).

2 - Trying an antifungal more time, like a week, to see if there is some relief accepting the risk on my liver (I don't like this option much).

3 - Finasteride (An option I don't consider indeed).

4 - Trying few months of abstinence, but without any guarantee is hard, not because my libido and desire (like he said), but because I want to recover and feel an orgasm again and that usually tempts me to give a try after a few days. Maybe the best option for the moment.

He has ended the conversation because I was asking a lot of questions and talking a lot and "he need to rest". He has asked me to go to the consultation room to talk properly but I really don't know if that will be good; I don't think he can offer me another option and I honestly don't see any signs on him of being taking my problem with the seriousness it requires.

I really feel clueless, lonely, desperate and even insulted as a man by this "society", this culture in which our libido and sexual health seems to be nothing serious, even this way of life is destroying it by who knows what causes. I need a doctor who really cares about my orgasm and libido loss. I need a doctor who see me as a suffering person and not as a annoyance, not as a fool guy who makes a lot of "stupid questions" about "silly things he read in the internet", because that's how I feel this urologist (and a lot of them) sees me.

And what worsen this situation most is that I often don't read cases like mine, so I don't have references and I feel I'm the only person in the world with that kind of weird prostatitis.

What can I do? Anyone who tryied the antifungals with success who can orient me?

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I see your taking vitamin D but could I ask if you have been tested for vitamin d levels as well as magnesium and b12?

All of them can have an affect on muscular problems.

On the subject of vitamin D your not going to get that much from cheese in fact cows milk does not contain vitamin D. Your best best is ezposing your arms and torso in the sun from 12 till 2/for 15 to 30 mins without sun tan lotion and obviously avoid burning. Other than that take suplliments a maintenance dose may be 2000 to 3000 units if your deficient then 5000 to 10000 units per day. And you need magnesium about 400 to 500 mg it helps with vitamin d absorbtion if you are deficient you may need more.

With that out the way my own experience with vitamin d is taking 5000 units for three months and now upped it to 10000 units per day for a out a week. Its taken along time but each week I feel stronger the deep pain has subsided and I have sore spots but there specific spots now and there's less of them.

But in order to know for sure you need a 25 hydroxy blood test not a 1,25 hydroxy blood test its easy to get done too. Otherwise you could be trying to solve something g that's not deficient.

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Post Re: My story, chronic prostatitis associated with weak orgas
Teak, are you taking Vitamin K2? Heard K2 is essential due to vitamin D upping blood calcium levels. Vitamin Shoppe has a supplement that combines K2 and D I believe. I need to pick it up.

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Post Re: My story, chronic prostatitis associated with weak orgas
I'm sorry, I forgot to mention about that in this thread.

I'm not taking vitamin D supplements because a few days ago the general doctor told me that vitamin D gets acumulated in the body if not used and I only taking magnesium and zinc supplements now.

I really do not take much sun because I live a "vampire time". I usually awake at 16 or 17 PM and sleep at 6 or 7 AM. In part, that is because I'm suffering eye floaters and during night I notice them less (I see them depending on how I move my eyes while writing in white backgrounds like this forum's, though). With sunlight they can be really a nightmare. It's another health problem I suspect may share the same cause but doctors are also unreliable at this. Maybe I should try exposing my body a bit to sunlight with my eyes closed like 30 minutes in a day.

I'm also thinking about a serious and long abstinence from ejaculation, but that can be hard, not because I have a high libido, but ironically because I have it low. I really want my libido and orgasms back, so, when I have been a few days in abstinence I tend to think about making a test just to see if I can arouse a little more or have a better orgasm. It would be anxious to stay weeks or months without masturbating and without knowing if that is working or not. I don't know if that is really the solution. Maybe my prostate could get better but if there is a cause that weakens it, when I ejaculate after long time I guess I'll be again at the starting point.

The thing that I hate most of this is that I feel something is working bad in my body, specially in my urogenital system, and I don't know the cause, this is very frustrating.

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Post Re: My story, chronic prostatitis associated with weak orgas
Chavalote since how long are you having your problems.
Can you remember something that started your prostatitis?

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Post Re: My story, chronic prostatitis associated with weak orgas
First, I thought it was a thing of 3 or 4 years, but sometimes I think my problems began long before and what it happens is that I just noticed it more the last years. Maybe is something that started more than 10 years ago, when I was living in Japan, in a very dirty and wet guest house, with a shared bathroom, kitchen and shower, and in this last one, you could see slugs in the courtains sometimes.

My allergy problems began also there, because I slept in the floor, on a mattress they call "futon" that was very old, dusty and dirty. I remember also have had another problems like an itchy sensation in my anus when sleeping there. Under the "tatami", I found white fungus and they smelled wet, like the thing I associate with my allergy problems.

Sometimes I tell this to the doctors by they don't take me seriously because it has passed a lot of time, but I think something bad remains in my body since that. I never had allergy problems or asthma until that, and when I leaved that place, the asthma stopped, but I feel my respiratory system and my body in general is not the same since that.

That's why I think my problem is not only in the prostate, and that maybe is a fungal chronic and subtle infection what is causing all of this symptoms. Maybe my body is struggling to get rid of that infection and that's why it damages itself like an autoinmune disease. But these are just my hypothesis, I need a doctor with an open mind and patience to listen my story and to do a proper research.

Now, while writing this, I'm having the anus itchy sensation and I must stop at times to scratch me. That has lasted since those days, with days of no symptoms and days which I notice them. The eye floaters is something I also relate to that. I think my body in general has a chronic inflammation process that implicates a lot of parts.

I have been these years visiting several specialists and no one has given me an answer, and I feel anxiety because I feel something is damaging my body slowly and I don't know what, and nor how to stop it.

I don't know if a single dosage of an antifungal could work on something that has lasted so long. I'm also not sure whether it's a fungus, maybe it's another thing, just my allergy or who knows.

I would like to know what changed that spring I recovered my libido and orgasms, because it had been the only time in the last 10 years (14 to be exact) I could feel again normal orgasms and arouse, feel healthy sexually. And that what the thing that made me think I'm used to a low libido and weak orgasms, that usually they're not working, not healthy. Maybe people reading this can't imagine how sad is losing that for months or years, recovering again for a day or two and then losing it again, and keeping the memory of it and miss it so badly. It's something that causes a lot of anxiety and sorrow. You know you can masturbate all you want, but you won't feel any pleasure and the orgasm will be almost unnoticeable and depending of the day, even burning or painful.

Wed Jan 20, 2016 12:49 pm

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Post Re: My story, chronic prostatitis associated with weak orgas
I just want to address what was told to you about vitamin D and I'm not a doctor but what was told to you is rubbish but to clarify yes vitamin D does get stored in the body in fat as its a fat soluble hormone. But unless your taking an absolute crap load there is no toxic affects.

To give an example if we can make 10000 units in 15 to 20 minutes in the sun then according to your doctor the tribes on the equator would all be dead. The reason that I say this is as your not going into the sun your getting no vitamin D from an health stand point that concerns me as lack of vitamin d can cause depression, lack of energy, lack of concentraction, pain, weakness etc. I would honestly urge you to get your levels tested now.

I'm not saying its the cause but from what you described it could be a future problem, or part of the problem.

A lot of the RDA are based off amounts needed to prevent rickets at 800iu of course you know what's best for you but I wouldn't have felt right if I didn't give a nudge for my own piece of mind.

Hope I don't come across as an ass :)

Wed Jan 20, 2016 6:33 pm

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Post Re: My story, chronic prostatitis associated with weak orgas
Today I stayed without T-shirt exposed at sun like 30 minutes. I'm thinking about doing that all days if I can, because I prefer the natural source. I think is different letting your body make vitamin D with the sun than drinking a synthetic one. I don't think the sun one can accumulate, I guess my body simply would stop making it when it's sufficient. But it's different if you force your body to take them orally.

I have done a lot of blood tests this year. I prefer resting a bit from that and take a bit of sun to see what happens. It was weird today because after taking sun about 30 minutes I had a little nausea and a cold sensation, like chills, in my body. Maybe it's not used to that and it must get used again bit by bit. Maybe that's one of the unbalances.

Anyway, I don't think that is the only cause of my problems, maybe it worsen them only. I'm also trying the abstinence from ejaculation but I don't know how many days I must do and I'm not sure if that will be good for my problem. But those two are thinks I need to test.

Wed Jan 20, 2016 7:43 pm

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Post Re: My story, chronic prostatitis associated with weak orgas
Chavalotte when doing long period of abstinence (3/4 weeks) I usually take zinc complements (~50mg), heard that zinc picolinate is better absorbed by the body.
It has been proven that zinc has antibacterial/microbial action, and since ejaculation depelete zinc levels in our genitals area, thought it was a good idea to let all of this precious zinc substance concentrate in the prostate.

I based my protocol on the following scientific reviews : ... d/12135851 ... d/15190832 ... d/24448329

No doctor told me to do this, I've decided it on my own, it may or may not work but I think you should give this a try since it wont hurt you ;)

Thu Jan 21, 2016 6:53 am

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Post Re: My story, chronic prostatitis associated with weak orgas
Lenivy9, let us know the results of your experiment with zinc when you complete it.

Thu Jan 21, 2016 12:14 pm

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Post Re: My story, chronic prostatitis associated with weak orgas
Your body won't naturally produce too much vitamin D so you can't become toxic, also if you are deficient you may well get worse before better as your body uses the vitamin to repair and re mineralise your bones etc and it can take months it isn't a quick fix its best to get the worst days over with as soon as you can.

I don't think its the source of all your problems but I hope it helps, combined with magnesium and zinc as advised above its a good starting point.

Hope you find some progress will be interesting to hear more about peoples experiances with zinc.

Thu Jan 21, 2016 5:18 pm
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