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 Vegetable Juice Fast for Prostatitis? 
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Post Vegetable Juice Fast for Prostatitis?
Hi everyone, has anyone tried a 30 day all vegetable/fruit juice fast (along with Omega 3 supplements) to see if all those extra anti oxidants and detoxing could help if not cure prostatitis? I was thinking of giving it a try. I will post to this thread as I progress to see how my symptoms feel and if I get better during or by the end of the juice fast. I hear detoxing your system and consuming all organic fresh vegetables and fruits juiced can make a huge difference. Saw a great documentary called "Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead". Google it. He did a 60 day vegetable juice fast and cured many of his aliments including his chronic prostatitis. Let me know what you think.

Sun Jan 22, 2012 2:21 am

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Post Re: Vegetable Juice Fast for Prostatitis?
I haven't done anything as drastic as this but just over 3 years ago (having been suffering from a dull ache in the lower abdomen region for the past 20 years!) I decided to go on a 3-day fast and that 'heavy' feeling virtually disappeared! Furthermore, it has never returned since to anything like the same extent.

I do still have some 'issues' down below that I've described in previous posts but just a 3-day fast seemed to eliminate most of the gunge (at least that's my theory) and cleansed the whole region.

In recent times I've given up consuming most types of sugar and this has also been hugely beneficial. In fact, I've just come off a six-week sugar-free period and am eating chocolate again but I haven't had a relapse because whenever I eat sugar I go for some fungicidal stuff like probiotic yoghurt, garlic and spring onions - all of which seem to maintain the balance and compensate for any sugary excesses.

One other thing I should add is that I no longer drink anything fizzy! This has been hugely beneficial to my bladder (and prostate too, I suspect, as they're in the same region and I often find I have trouble differentiating between bladder problems and prostate ones). After carbonated drinks I was peeing about 10 times a day and feeling like I needed to even if I didn't, but on a 'water only' regime it's now been reduced to 3/4 times.

These are just some thoughts, some of which may be relevant and others less so, but I've been checking out the correlation between yeast infections and prostate health and I'm pretty sure there's a link. At this point I should say that I caught 'prostatitis' (or so they said, though checks revealed it was in fact the normal size and weight but there was sure as hell something wrong with it!) in 1990, along with thrush and balanitis from an infected woman. I got rid of the thrush - eventually - through circumcision but, knowing what I know now, it would have sufficed to eat the right foods.

Personally, I reckon there's so much rubbish in our bodies these days through modern living, especially diet, that every so often you just need to clear it out and/or stop feeding it. Sounds simple I know, but give your 60-day plan a try at least, PaladinRoden. On the other hand you could go for something less radical rather than the full 60 days, just to see if you're on the right lines embarking upon this long period of self-deprivation (because it's damned hard to stick to these things - especially if you've never done so before!) For others less committed though, I would at least suggest maybe a scaled-down version of this because I'm going on what I achieved in just 3 days of fasting!

Thu Jan 26, 2012 1:02 pm

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Post Re: Vegetable Juice Fast for Prostatitis?
I've read many articles and forums and blogs on different types of cleanses for the body. The thinking behind the cleanses seems to make sense in that we eat lots of nasty foods with preservatives and chemicals in them and that they don't all get filtered and passed out of our bodies. Still, I'm skeptical since my doctor has never told me to fast or go on a cleanse and I've never read any medical research reports citing that they work. Some of them sound really scary and potentially dangerous to one's health especially the longer fasts and cleanses that last for weeks.

Manny "Mandy" Thompson - trying to find some short term health insurance plan that will help cover some of my protstatitis treatments and medical costs.

Mon Jan 30, 2012 1:45 pm

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Post Re: Vegetable Juice Fast for Prostatitis?
bumping for the results if you tried it

I saw the documentary but I don't remember prostatitis being mentioned

Fri Feb 17, 2012 2:16 pm
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