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 Is this CPPS?? Or something really wrong with me? :? 
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Post Is this CPPS?? Or something really wrong with me? :?
Hey guys.

8 Months ago I started having pain in the perineum which came with a handful of symptoms. Sometimes decreased urine flow, sometimes sporadic urine flow with force. Also when I had the urge to urinate, there was a strange feeling in the front of the bladder. Another one of the symptoms (and this is the strange one), penile retraction. (You may know it as penile turtling, buried penis, or shrinkage. ) This is the scariest one since it shrunk my penis to a really small size like it was blocking blood flow and being pulled back into the body.

The scrotum also shriveled up. Anyway, eventually, I went to the urologist he checked my prostate with the finger test and said i have non-bacterial prostatitis. (had no comment on the penis issue. ) He gave me an anti-inflammatory and some alpha blockers. Eventually, things got better and everything relaxed. During that time I did trigger point exercises and massages and things seem to have got better.

After a while, symptoms started coming back. Also worth mentioning I may have IBS(Irritable Bowel Syndrom) which is causing gas in the colon. So this gas started irritating the pelvic floor and every time I went to the bathroom for #2 it becomes worse. So now I'm back to where I started and symptoms are worse. Now here's what worries me:

I don't have the normal symptoms of someone with CPPS. For one, I don't have frequent urination, and the other, no one with CPPS has this penis issue that I'm having. During the good days, the penis is fully relaxed, almost too much. Some days its pulled back. But when this perennial problem flairs up its fully pulled back and small and the shrinking sometimes causes pain. (This is not paranoia. I am aware that the penis can change the size and shrivels up when its cold or to protect itself.) This is very correlated with the pelvic strain.

Does anyone have any ideas of what could be causing this? Any suggestions?
Does anyone have similar symptoms or had similar symptoms? Please share if you have.


Sat Oct 06, 2018 11:35 am

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Post Re: Is this CPPS?? Or something really wrong with me? :?
Hi httpmax,

I have and have had similar symptoms. The shrinkage is one, and so is perineum pain. I had frequent urination mostly, yet decreased urine flow and sometimes with more force than usual, and stream splitting / spraying. I think the increase in force is due to retention, but can also be from a number of other causes/effects. I also think that pelvic tension and pain produces narrowing of the urethra, and bladder exit narrowing or pressure increase which also results in increased force of urine stream and decreased flow. It would seem it would only cause one, but with a narrower urethra, the stream could easily be restricted by weaker pelvic strength or a restriction in the release that is part of regular peeing.

Have you ever tried pyridium? It turns urine neon orange, and can stain a toilet seat if not wiped up in time (as it did one time when I was taking it), but it works quite well for restoring regular urination. There's also alpha blockers (Flomax). I'm almost done with the sessions I'm covered for by insurance at physical therapy, in which I'm getting myofascial release trigger point and other massage, and extensive stretching of leg and pelvic muscles. But another aspect of it is abs. Tight/tense abs can generate tension in the back and pelvis, and in the upper legs, all of which induces pelvic pain/strain/tension/problems.

If you want to discuss more about this, send me a message via the forum's User Control Panel and I'll reply quickly. We can't post links to other sites/pages, so we'd have to use the private messaging to share more information that way. I think your doctor more than likely has it right, that you have CPPS. I was diagnosed with chronic nonbacterial prostatitis by the urologist I went to, but CPPS by a pelvic floor physiotherapist. Official diagnoses aren't all there is to it though.

Sat Oct 06, 2018 7:29 pm
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