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 My prostatitis experience 
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Post My prostatitis experience
This is my first post on

I have had prostatitis for almost exactly one year now.
I want to tell my story if it might help anyone else with a similar scenario/case and symptoms.

I am a 33 year old male from Canada.
I contracted a bladder/urinary tract infection from unprotected sex with my girlfriend (rubbing penis on anus for less than minute, not anal sex).
First urine test came back as e. coli, took Macrobid and I was fine for 2 months.
After two months I got burning in my feet and then another urinary tract infection, but it was different I could barely urinate.
Got another urine test and it showed Proteus Mirabilis, took 7 days of Ciprofloxacin, as they only thought it was a UTI.
The urinary tract infection was cured and I could urinate better again, but not as well. The burning in my feet remained and even went into my calves, inner thighs and groin. It was basically burning so much I couldn't concentrate at work or much of anything.
Went to multiple doctors, urine and blood tests negative for all STD/STIs including trichomoniasis.
Took two more weeks of Macrobid, not knowing it doesn't penetrate the prostate from what I read.
Went to urologist and said prostate is normal size. I refused to take more Ciprofloxacin or anti-biotics, even though I hadn't taken a longer course.

I did a lot of research and I read this website:
I did prostate massage on myself, even though it was difficult physically reaching around. After performing 4-5 prostate drainages the burning in my feet and legs were cured.
Just as the guide had said I got clear prostatic fluid discharge and it stung.
Though sadly, the burning in my groin area remained mostly on one side and perineum.

I thought it could be candida so I took diflucan as I had logically thought candida can't be killed by antibiotics or made worse.
I read an article that diflucan can penetrate the prostate at least: ... 390553.pdf
This did not change anything.

I started taking magnesium, zinc and saw palmetto, which actually helped urination return almost normal, but have to be taken daily with food.
Some things do make it worse, such as caffiene and spicy food. I didn't want to believe this would make it worse.
Ejactulation causes slightly more burning which lasts a whole day.

I am thinking of what the next step is:

  • Fly to USA to get semen culture?
  • Try to see another uro who will do a scan of my prostate?
  • Try Ciprofloxacin again but for longer? Has anyone been cured from a second course of antibiotics?

Thanks for any advice or suggestions.

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Sat Jan 07, 2017 10:20 pm

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Post Re: Administrator
Hi MR; I'm not the administrator here, but might have some info for you...

A semen culture should be as easy to do as a urine culture. Even your GP should be able to order this, so no reason to travel to get this done.

With a history of positive E coli culture, most uro's would order Cipro for a month to 6 weeks, or Bactrim for 6-8 weeks. A scan of the prostate would be done only when/if initial treatment with anti-B's fail.

Cipro used to be the favored med, but with new black box warnings and Cipro resistant E Coli becoming common, Bactrim has been moving to the preferred med (according to my uro). If your girlfriend has taken Cipro for UTI, you may have Cipro resistant E Coli from exposure to anal area. If your gal has no history of Cipro treatment, then perhaps your bug is not resistant. Did they not do a sensitivity on the E Coli they cultured from your urine?

Bactrim has a nasty reputation for allergic reactions, so be on the look-out for this and stop treatment immediately if you go with this med and run into trouble. Cipro too has been gathering growing reports of persistent side effects, so research these meds carefully before you go with either of these.

Fosfomycin/Monurol has been used for Cipro resistant E Coli in Europe with good results, and has less risk for allergic reaction or persistent side effects, but has not been widely accepted as an initial therapy. Fosfomycin is a much more benign antibiotic than Cipro or Bactrim, & is worth looking into. Google: "Fosfomycin an option for prostatitis" for more info on this option.

With your history and positive cultures, it's likely your prostatitis is bacterial, and more aggressive anti-B therapy will be advised as an initial treatment for your condition. Do your homework before you start on this aggressive antibiotic therapy so you go into this with your eyes wide open. I would want a semen culture with a proper sensitivity done before I would start on Cipro. You don't want to treat a Cipro resistant bug with Cipro! If you don't have a bad reaction to Bactrim, then this might be a better choice if you can't get a proper culture and sensitivity, as resistance to Bactrim is less common.

Best of Luck, & hope this helps.

ADMIN NOTE: By the contract I have with this board, I am not allowed to give advice to anyone.

Once you eliminate the impossible, whatever remains, no matter how improbable, must be the truth
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Sun Jan 08, 2017 5:56 am

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Post Re: My prostatitis experience
Thank you Metanoia for the good advice and information.
I renamed this post to "My prostatitis experience" not sure why it was "Administrator" before, maybe I left it blank.

I checked my urine test results and they did do a gram-sensitive test and e.coli was sensitive to cipro, like you mentioned.
My girlfriend never had UTI or a yeast infection before so that is a good thing. Though what antibiotics she took over her life is more important.

I agree, I would want a culture to see if any bacteria exists before starting a prolonged course of antibiotics.

I will research cipro, bactrim, and fosfomycin. I read another thread that a member said fosfomycin worked for them.

I will keep updating this thread as I get more results and information.

Thanks again.

Sun Jan 08, 2017 2:09 pm

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Post Re: My prostatitis experience
I am about to try the drainage on myself, as I am on Cipro for 6 weeks half way through the course and no real improvement but the culture is sensitve to Cipro.

Can I ask Mr Robot, how many times or how often you done the drainage for?

Mon Jan 09, 2017 5:03 am

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Post Re: My prostatitis experience
MrRobot - if you truly believe your issue is bacterial, your best option is to go see Ilia Kaploun at his clinic. He does semen testing (both onsite at the clinic he works out of (covered OHIP) of, and through a third-party lab ($375). It will cost you a little $$ as this is a private clinic, but he's probably the best guy to talk to in Toronto about the bacterial theory. If you have insurance through work, you can also get them to cover his appointment/treatment, and he will also be willing to prescribe Foso if thats something you want to try. Easy guy to work with.

Mon Jan 09, 2017 12:16 pm

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Post Re: My prostatitis experience
Hi CerveloUK,

I did prostate massage/drainage only 5-6x times and it helped my condition a lot, more than 50%.
I did it 2-3 months after taking antibiotics and seeing 10+ doctors who suggested nothing useful.
From what I have read, the best time to do it is on antibiotics because you are releasing bacteria and helping antibiotics penetrate your prostate.
I read a lot of people do prostate massage 2-3x times a week for relief. In my case after I did it a few times I noticed my symptoms didn't get worse or better after the 5-6th time, so I stopped.

Wed Jan 11, 2017 3:54 pm

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Post Re: My prostatitis experience
Thanks WS1234 I remember reading about Ilia Kaploun. I will check it out.

Wed Jan 11, 2017 4:04 pm

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Post Re: My prostatitis experience
MrRobot wrote:
Thanks WS1234 I remember reading about Ilia Kaploun. I will check it out.

I would recommend Ilya Kaploun too before going to the US. He is quite good when it comes to Bacterial type of prostatitis. I'm currently seeing him for treatment, my symptoms are mild since my infection is dormant and under control but I'm under medication to hopefully get rid of the mild infection completely. He do complete urologic examination. He combines antibiotic and naturopathic treatments. It cost $350 for the first visit and $80 for a follow up visit. If your specimen needs to be sent to a private lab then it would be an extra cost.

Mon Jan 23, 2017 12:24 am
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