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 prostatitis or pelvic pain syndrome 
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Post prostatitis or pelvic pain syndrome
I am a 54 yo male that has been experiencing various symptoms since I was about 35 yo. I was diagnosed with BPH at that time and given antibiotics only for intermittent flare-ups, which would last about 3 days at a time. Symptoms did not become unrelenting until I was about 50 yo. At that time, I began to experience constant urgency, feelings of not fully voiding and associated anxiety and depression. I was put on flomax, which took almost a year to really provide mild relief, and later given vesicare to reduce urgency. The meds helped somewhat but I never felt "normal". The only thing that seemed to really help was walking. I would walk outside for two or three hours at a time and then have real relief for several days at a time. What I could never understand was that with regular checkups, I never really was found to have an enlarged prostate. Bladder Compliance Test did show I had some blockage in the urethra just inside the prostate. I firmly believed I was suffering from Pelvic Pain Syndrome and not BPH. I began a regimen of exercise, both weight training and aerobic conditioning. At one point, I began a weekly yoga class. Within a relatively short time, I noticed I did not have any symptoms and was able to go for hours at a time without the urge to void. Starting and stopping my stream also became less to almost no problem. I have been following this regimen now for about a year and I want to say I do not consider myself to have any problem at this time. I think the most important part of the strength training is core muscle, lower abdominal and pelvic girdle strength. The yoga is for stretching and strengthening. I don't think symptoms should be ignored but the medical community takes the position that you take the meds and get as good as you can get. If your symptoms are too uncomfortable, you can have prostate surgery. A very scary thought. I think anyone that is experiencing prostate symptoms should try exercise and stretching before going under the knife. As an aside, my PSA has always been less than 1.

Fri Apr 29, 2011 6:55 pm

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Post Re: prostatitis or pelvic pain syndrome
I think you nailed it down!
In my case, to stretch seems to be the key (although I do work out too, do some core strength, and cardio).


40 years old. Symptoms started at 38. As time was progressing over few months, my urine flow was getting worst and worst, waking up at night one or twice, sudden need to urinate during the day, distance of the ejaculation getting shorter and shorter (to no distance), and pain in the anus area during and after ejaculation, for days, like if you had been riding a bike. Also, touching with the finger, I had some tender spots in the pelvis. Went to the doctor every time when things were getting ugly and sure enough, few tests, all negative (except high inflammation indicators), no bacteria of any kind.

Still, classical treatment, antibiotics for a month or so, which would work ok but after three months symptoms started coming again. Sounds familiar? I had 3 episodes of this kind were the antibiotics "saved me" for some time on the first 2.

When things were getting bad, I noticed that stretching and hot baths were helping. Then I saw a theory from two doctors I think in California (you sure have read about them) that all was due to trigger points, stress... Fit my description. Before the first onset of symptoms I had a lot of stress, I could discover myself anytime tightening my ass muscles...

So, there you go, when the third onset started with the above symptoms, I treated it like if it was muscular:
- Didn't come for 2 weeks (yeah, that was tough). You know, you want to let the muscle/tendons recover... And that by itself looked like it was making a good difference. The opposite (coming every day) made it much worst. Resting just 3 days was not enough.
- And then stretching. I do everything, but the one that seemed ultra tight was the Gracilis. I followed it with my fingers and actually was connecting to the pelvis right on the tender spots. S

Now I stretch the Gracilis and a lot of other stuff about 3-4 times a week and seems enough. At the beginning I did it every day but now it doesn't seem to be necessary. No symptoms anymore! I could see the progress better by the weeks! The only thing I need to test is to ejaculate more often. I did it last weekend twice and no issue, but I am still checking :). Whole process to this point may have taken 2 months or so.

Not saying that this will work for everybody either. I am sure there may be other causes (that's why it is hard to investigate) or even being the same cause, the trigger points may be in places hard to release/stretch (?). You can look for massage therapies for them. On my case, massaging the tender spot seemed to make the tenderness worst for days, but it may have helped the symptoms after a week or so. Hard to correlate because I was doing the stretches too.

Good luck everybody.

Sun May 15, 2011 12:12 am
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