Blood in seaman for 2 years - dr. dagnosed prostitis
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Author:  daveg5656 [ Wed Oct 01, 2014 10:32 pm ]
Post subject:  Blood in seaman for 2 years - dr. dagnosed prostitis

I have deal with blood in my seaman for 2 years now and as bad as that is, I feel worse for many of you hearing about all the other symptoms. I don't have any o f the other prostitis symptoms such as pain, burning, back pain, blood in urin, or any urination problems. after going back and forth with doctors, ultrasounds, prostate biopsy - I don't have cancer and the doc told me i just ha dot deal with blood - ya right. i found another urologist and he did that procedure where he send camera down your you know what and has a look around your prostate and seminole vesicles. Good news is no tumors but he says i have inflammation all around and this prostitis. So he puts me on laveguin, says to drink lots of water, hot baths, no beer and see if it gets better. Day 45 and still blood in seman. I see a lot of ideas on what to do about this like like the pelvic issues and spinal manipulation and the injections but I don't have all these other symptoms but I sure do worry that I am going to get them if I don't do something about this. Does anyone else have this symptom or am I the only one? Should I be exploring these same possible remedies?

Author:  needadvice123 [ Thu Oct 02, 2014 1:53 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Blood in seaman for 2 years - dr. dagnosed prostitis

Hi dave. That sure is unique to see here. I know my problem is in my spine/sacrum but I've never heard that symptom before. Maybe go get some x rays just to see how everything looks? I definitely wouldnt want to jump in to spinal manipulation or anything like that if it's not necessary.

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