Another New Prostatitis Book for 2011
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Author:  Administrator [ Tue May 17, 2011 4:53 pm ]
Post subject:  Another New Prostatitis Book for 2011

Brand New 2011 Book on Prostatitis:
Aysmptomatic Inflammatory Prostatitis by Paul Korrovits, Margus Punab, and Reet Mändar

This goes well with the other new 2011 Book on Prostatitis:
Some etiopathogenetic aspects of chronic prostatitis: mycoplasmas, coryneform bacteria and oxidative stress [Paperback]
by Silver Türk, Tiiu Kullisaar, Paul Korrovits, Kristo Ausmees, Margus Punab, and Reet Mändar.

The link to this book on is:

And the link to the book on Create Space is:

The Prostatitis Foundation has been aware of most of these researchers for years and tries to help disseminate information about prostatitis.

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