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 An Explanation and Cure for a common cause of CPPS - Update! 
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Post Re: An Explanation and Cure for a common cause of CPPS - Upd
Ok thanks I will.

Do you think there's a chance what I'm describing could be another complication or does it sound consistent with the "pain syndrome" that's talked about on this thread.

The last time I visited a urologist he wanted to do an exploratory type procedure to rule out some things.

Mon Oct 09, 2017 1:35 pm

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Post Re: An Explanation and Cure for a common cause of CPPS - Upd
David88 wrote:
freeman wrote:
Hi David how are you?
First of all, I apologize for my English. I am a man from Barcelona (Spain), but I have the need to write to you because you must know that YOU SAVED ME MY LIFE.
I am 51 years old and have had all the symptoms described. I will not repeat them because we all know.
I was absolutely desperate, I did not see any solution. Luckily I have aborted all the antibiotics and various medication that so insistently prescribed me all urologists. What ineptitude.
I began to read to you and saw the light.
I was able to recover an MRI that I did a year ago, in search of chronic digestive problems that later overlapped with this so-called prostatitis.
And ... oh my god .... there was everything you were talking about!
Look at how bad the urologists are that I did the following test:
I asked two appointments to two different urologists, in the same center, one after the other.
At first I explained all my symptoms. I did a rectal examination and was diagnosed with "congestive prostatitis"
I went to the second, without saying anything, just wanted to do a checkup for my age and told me that my prostate was TOTALLY NORMAL.

How is it possible?
Tomorrow I have an appointment with osteopath ... so far I have just given some deep massage in the areas you mention and the improvement is spectacular. And above all on the mental level.
For the moment I can only tell you that you have saved me ... and I mean it ...
Thank you

Thank you for posting that.

I'm always very happy when someone has benefitted from this thread.

It is my belief that Prostatits can often arise from a failure in biomechanics...usually mainly down one leg.

The major muscles to work on are

Tibialis Posterior (to restore foot arch)
Peroneal Longus (to help arch)
Calf Muscles
Quads (Particularly Rectus Femoris which can tilt and twist the pelvis)
Tensor Fascia Lata
All the Glutes (especially Glute medius and Piriformis)
Quadratus Lumborum

In particular I think tension in the muscles which run up the back of your body is commonly created by tightness in the muscles which run up the front. This is why people have their shoulder and back massaged but the relief is only temporary.

Good luck and keep at it!

Hi David how are you?
I hope you're still here.
Again, sorry for my poor English.
I must confess that I followed your protocol. Unfortunately I had to do it by myself, because I have not found any professional who understands the problem or the concept.
I have gone to several osteopaths, fisos ... etc. Everyone wanted to "sell" their system and ... of course, nothing works.
So I had to do it by myself.
The improvement has been spectacular.
I'd like to ask you a question if it does not bother you.

Currently, the pain accumulates in a single point, and it is the coccix area. When I touch... it hurts. I do not know if it is a neuropathic pain or is a product of the residue of the rigidity of the tendons.
How would you approach this situation?
Also tell you that there is still painful fibrosis, especially in the Rectus, Tibial and QL. The rest of points and I begin to tolerate them much better.

Taking into account the existence of pelvic torsion, would you be in favor or against performing muscle-building work in the buttocks area? ... or consider this area too tight by concept.

Following this point ... I believe that abdominal distension can be a factor to correct. I often feel that after a muscle release session, abdominal distention disappears. For me, the effect of abdominal detachment can be the cause of oppression of the bladder and prostate, producing part of the symptoms.
Do you maintain any protocol in the abdominal muscles? ... Do you consider that it should be an area to work?

Thank you very much for all David ... thanks to you I see the light ...

PD: Ah ... another question if it's not excessive ... if you were on a desert island ... your only, with what instruments-material would you self-treat?

Tue Dec 05, 2017 9:42 pm

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Post Re: An Explanation and Cure for a common cause of CPPS - Upd
Hi David88

First of all I’d like to say thank you, your forum post is an absolute credit and vital resource for anyone going through pelvic pain / prostatitis / CPPS / pudendal Neuralgia symptoms.

My main question to you David is... since 2013 would you say you are still completely cured to this day? (now 2018). Would you say you’re completely cured or do you still get the odd niggle here and there over the years or flare ups? Or would you say you’ve achieved complete resolution in symptoms.

My symptoms in order of severity are:
-chronic ‘urge’ to urinate (horrible)
-chronic nerve tingling penis tip (the left side dorsal nerve of the penis which branches off from the pudendal nerve)
-strange sensations in the penis/tip (extremely uncomfortable)
-urethral pressure
-red penis tip (would like your thoughts on this one as I’m similar to Richard1969)
-occasional testicle pain
-occasional general penis pain
-occasional really bad bladder pressure (urinating often 8-10 times at night with horrible pressure in the bladder making the urge intolerable)... this comes on mainly when really stressed I think, but it takes me to my knees every time (I’d put this number 1 actually).

I’m unable to sit down for any length of time without the symptoms increasing or becoming more noticeable i.e. increase in penis tip tingling and urethral pressure (classic pudendal Neuralgia symptom)

The main things which alleviates my symptoms are walking, pacing around, hot baths and laying down flat. Standing still and especially sitting down exacerbate and increase my symptoms.

My symptoms started suddenly in September 2017 with a sharp hook pain at the tip of the penis including urinary urge symptoms. I think I was holding in / clenching the area quite hard at the time and most likely caused some form of trauma to the area, which in turn caused tension and therefore the symptoms to occur. Prior to that I did masturbate a lot.

1.5 months before my symptoms started I developed a hernia like pain near my left testicle due to squeezing a little too hard on the toilet (inguinal hernia pain), but it turned out to just be a muscle tear (I was told this could have affected the pelvic floor muscles due to my lower abs becoming weak)

2 days before my penis symptoms started I started wearing orthotics in my shoes for the first time for a painful right calf issue I was dealing with for 9 years. I never really bothered to sort my right calf pain out (which increases after running) and just got on with getting used to it, but I had some free time so thought I’d get it checked out. They said it’s most likely because my right foot sticks out to the right which has likely caused tension in my calf (due to the twist in foot position putting pressure on it) hence why my calf burns after running due to my right foot protruding outwards. Anyway, they suggested I put orthotics in to try and align the foot to prevent the calf pain. So I put them in my shoes and felt really weird with them in (my hips felt really strange whilst walking) so I took them out after a couple days and thought I’d rather deal with the calf pain then put up with the weird feeling the orthotics gave me in my hips which also altered my gait pattern. Nevertheless, 2 days after wearing orthotics I got all the pelvic pain symptoms mentioned above. Coincidence? Maybe. My muscular skeletal specialist seems to think the orthotics had an effect of bringing on the onset of symptoms.

As a side note I too have Morton’s toe and tinnitus (referring to previous comments on this forum)

I’ve gone through all the usual rigmarole most CPPS patients do with multiple specialists (urologists, neurologists, pelvic floor specialists etc) and got nowhere. Antibiotics didn’t do anything. No trigger points were found internally on my pelvic floor muscles and my prostate was checked and deemed completely normal and fine. My urologist referred me to a nerve specialist because he didn’t think it was prostatitis (prostate related) but more nerve related (pudendal nerve), due to the way I described my penis tip as ‘tingling’. Anything ‘tingling’ implies a nerve is involved he said (either irritated, entrapped, inflamed or damaged).

I’ve been to see an osteopath and was assessed as having a posterior tilted pelvis (swayback when standing) including my right hip being higher than the left (laterally tilted). My right shoulder is also lower than my left. My hamstrings were assessed as being extremely tight and my glute muscles were described as ‘flaccid’ and very weak (in need of strengthening to take pressure off my hips when walking - glutes are essential for waking). He said my sacro-iliac joint was fine. He did dry needling / acupuncture in my buttock muscles, TFL muscles and quads etc.

Now here is where my view changed from my condition being 80% (muscular skeletal) vs 20% (‘could’ still be bacterial) to... 99% (very likely muscular skeletal) vs 1% (could ‘still’ be bacterial - lingering doubt)... the osteopath sticking needles in my muscles with tension and tightness in actually CHANGED my symptoms. He made them temporarily worse after treatment. I developed this weird nerve like ‘nipping’ pain underneath my penis (as a result of his needing) which was a completely NEW never experienced symptom before and my original tingling penis tip altered to more pressure-like. He said this was a good thing because change implies working with the muscles are actually creating effects (albeit in a temporary negative way). This was the kicker for me. If it was in any way bacterial, why would sticking a needle in my Obturator internus muscle change my symptoms if it was bacterial? These changes just wouldn’t happen. The most likely explanation is something changed with my muscle tone/tension and hence changed the pudendal nerves reaction (the pudendal nerve just happens to run through the Obturator Internus muscle and is often a culprit with my type of symptoms, not necessarily the cause, but a likely culprit across the board).

So going back to alignment... my alignment is certainly not up to scratch. I’ve read a few of Katy Bowman’s books and now realise how important alignment is. This blog post was also an EXCELLENT realisation piece: ... r.html?m=1

That blog post was a HUGE lightbulb moment for me. I read it multiple times including the numerous golden nugget comments and things just clicked from there. It took me away from any thoughts about my condition being ‘bacterial’ in any way, as it makes complete sense that it’s highly likely muscular skeletal (tension in the prime mover muscles located around the pelvic floor I.e. glutes, hips, hamstrings without the pelvic foot muscles themselves being the actual culprit). I think I held too much tension in my pelvic area and the change in gait pattern due to wearing orthotics or the trauma the day it started was the “straw that broke the camels back” so to speak, thus triggering the symptoms. Possibly.

Although... the ONLY thing which niggles me and I mean the ONLY thing which gives me a little bit of doubt in my mind, is my red penis tip (red meatus). It’s the only symptom which sways me 1% to the bacterial side. Otherwise, I’m 99% sure my condition is a muscular/skeletal/alignment/tension related.

David88, is the red penis tip something you can comment on in terms of relating it to muscular/skeletal? It occurred the day my symptoms occurred. I do like Richard1969’s suggestion a few pages back. Also, were your urinary symptoms really bad? I don’t see you mention much about the urinary side. I’d say urinary symptoms are my number 1 hate and penis tip nerve tingling / irritation as number 2... all other symptoms are bearable apart from these 2.

In terms of my feet, mine are: 1) really flat footed, 2) right foot sticks out to the right, 3) Morton’s toe on both feet (if that’s anything related as someone posted), 4) really tight soles so I roll them often with a lacrosse ball (which helps).

Appreciate your thoughts on the above, hope you’re still around mate!



Wed Apr 11, 2018 12:12 pm
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