Someone to see if you are in Aussie
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Author:  Logcrusader [ Wed Nov 18, 2020 10:17 pm ]
Post subject:  Someone to see if you are in Aussie

Hey All

So a bit of an update from me. its been years since i was here. my pains slowly went away, and they have gone through cycles of coming back and then leaving.

its very clear to me that this is muscle/structure not bacterial. not to say that bacterial didnt flare something with the muscles, but for me i dont feel its on going bacterial.. If you have been on as many drugs as i have ( and im talking about every single drug i could try aside from injections to the prostate as i couldnt get them ) then i think you get to the point you think "maybe its not something a drug can fix".

Anyways i was travelling to aussie for work and i went and saw this person ... 10366317f4

In one session he reduced my pain significantly. it felt like i could pee freely again. yes it was only temporary and lasted a few weeks, ( which he told me it would ), but he knows his stuff and has a book etc on the topic. If i had the ability to travel more often i would continue to see him.

Read up on his stuff, you might be able to find a local physio etc who can try the techniques on yourself.

Worthwhile investigating if you can.

good luck everyone

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