Anybody can share prostate injection results?
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Author:  ortizprostate [ Thu Jul 16, 2020 3:19 pm ]
Post subject:  Anybody can share prostate injection results?

Hello guys,
I would like to try prostate injection, anybody has a story about it? I cannot find it here, it is weird. Please tell me your story with prostate injection to see if I should do it or not....

Just for you to know about me (from previous posts)

I'm the guy who found a solution for prostatitis using the combo Amoxicilin + Chlaritromycin + Omeprazole (combo usually taken for helicobacter pyrolis)
I took this combo in October 2019 because I was diagnosed positive for helicobacter. While taking this combo it literally disappeared my prostate pain, however in December 2019 pain came back.
Curiously, I got tonsillitis in December and I was prescribed a one week course of Amoxicilin and the following week a course of Chlaritromycin. Thanks to this approach my pain became mild. Luckily, because I was still recovering from tonsillitis, the doctor prescribed me Tranexamic acid for 2 weeks, and wow, this Tranexamic acid lowered my pain to zero and I was back to pure happiness again.
In February 2020 I had a deviated septum operation and after the operation just in case the doctor prescribed me Clindamycin to avoid infections post-operation...and wow this medicine literally gave me a horrible urethritis-type burning pain.. In other words pain was back.... It also gave me diarrhea. Because of this the doctor changed the medication to Clarithromycin for 2 weeks. Thanks to this my pain again went down to almost zero.
Since February my pain comes back sometimes, let's say 7 days per month and only in afternoon times for a couple of hours. but is mild compared to the past and I can handle it.
On the other hand I've bee checking my prostate size and I manage to control it with Cernilton, initially i took it for 6 months and it worked amazingly. Then I stopped and because I stopped months later my prostate size became bigger. So I went into a second course, however one month later of this second course, my prostate did not change, it remained big. I felt disappointed, however I read on internet that Cernilton can be taken up to 6 tables per day and I was taking 3 tablets only..
So I myself decided to start a 6 tablets per day course for another 6 months. One week after I started this approach I went to the doctor for the ultrasound and my prostate that was 32mm3 went down to 25mm3 (in just one week...hilarious). Now, 6 months later my prostate has reached a size of 18mm3. But I think my destiny is clear, once i stop Cernilton it will grow back and maybe just maybe 6 tablets per day will no longer work in a third course... so I'm a bit afraid here and that's why I want to try prostate injection... any comments about this is appreciated..


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