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 Lyme Disease 
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Post Lyme Disease
I was diagnosed with Prostatitis in 2014 and went through the standard treatment (antibiotics for a couple of months with no improvement) . I always felt mine was muscular related as I have an obvious pelvic disorder which also causes anal fissures.

In 2018 I started getting nerve pain between pelvis and chest. Each month this pain was spread into a new area and as of now it is effecting my entire body and I'm suffering alot. Someone suggested I get tested for Lymer Disease which I did on the NHS and it came back negative. I then sent bloods to Armin Labs in Germany and it came back positive.

Chronic Lyme Disease is a controversial subject - please do your own research.

However, I do believe I have this and now thinking it could also be the cause of Prostatitis (in my case). Urologists usually argue it's an infection and now knowing what I know about Lyme Disease I believe this could be a common cause. Standard methods of testing won't identify chronic Lyme Disease so this could explain why there has not been many studies to correlate the two. It also would make sense why Urlogists even though they believe it is an infection can't identify what infection it is.

Please do your own research into chronic Lyme Disease. If you have not got anywhere with your Prostatitis pain then I would suggest you ask your GP for a NHS Lyme test which will probably come back negative. Then get tested at Armin Labs in Germany (cost around £600) and see if this comes back positive.

It would be very interesting to see if others on this forum also get a positive test for Lyme.

NHS does not accept the results from Armin Labs and does not recognise chornic Lyme (only acute). I'm on the waiting list to see an infectious disease consultant who specializes in Lyme in Dublin. There is no cure for Lyme but treatment options exist which in the most people brings a 70-80% improvement in the pain. Treatment consists of combination of antibiotics and antiviral drugs for around a year.

Mon Jun 08, 2020 11:33 am

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Post Re: Lyme Disease
Would be interested to here how your CLyme is being treated, and if that treatment has an impact on your CPPS.

Sat Jun 13, 2020 6:56 pm

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Post Re: Lyme Disease
Hey man, I got bit in 2016, but really didn’t develop any noticeable symptoms at all, just extremely mild, until last year. I developed full blown Lyme Disease and my symptoms initially were extreme nerve pain all over my body, including my head, extreme head pain and pressure, to the point of being in tears and bed ridden. Extreme brain fog, feverish, skin flushing, over heating, eye pain, among a few others. I ended up getting tested with Armin and got positive tests for Lyme. Armin’s Lyme tests are accredited and I believe one of them was developed by University of Finland, which is one of the tests I got that showed positive. I’ve also had Prostatitis and Interstitial Cystitis since 2011. I don’t believe the two are interlinked, I think it is a coincidence that I got both. But I do believe chronic illness stems from a poorly operated immune system, which may make you prone to multiple illnesses. However if you slept with someone that had Lyme, it’s very possible if it got to your whole body from your prostate, that is how. Although it is rarely transmitted sexually or if it is it lays dormant in most people as their immune system keeps it in check or kills it. The reason it’s not transmitted sexually is because they tend to hide in the body and even though they cause such destruction in the body they are often not in the body in huge amounts, it is just the body’s immune reaction to the bacteria that causes all the symptoms, and that is why testing is so difficult to develop for Lyme and why government tests are terrible. They are not developed enough to pick up the Lyme bacteria since they hide so well. In fact it took a Doctor years in his basement researching through Lyme blood samples spending his own money to find the bacteria hiding in people. I believe it is more widely accepted now because of this and by the medical community, most Doctor’s I see understand there is Chronic Lyme, I haven’t really met any opposed to it.

As for healing, I’ve healed both my Lyme and IC/Prostatitis about 50%, simply through fasting. All my head pain is gone, still have bad brain fog and chronic fatigue/body soreness but the nerve pain all over my body is mostly gone, sometimes it flares up. I still have nerve pain in my eyes and do over heat. Body soreness is one of the main symptoms of Lyme and it is a major one, so there isn’t any set symptoms that you have to have together or in combination, but usually there are some key major ones. If you’re willing to fast I’m sure that you can put your Lyme into remission if not complete cure. Fasting kills the Lyme bacteria as the body uses it as a food source. It eats the infected cells, and also boosts your white blood cells so they kill it themselves too. But it can take time. Most people will have to fast for 7-30 days to completely get rid of it. The quicker you do it, closer to when you developed symptoms the shorter you will have to fast. There is also a program called the Clean Program which people use to heal many diseases and illnesses, which I am starting to use and seeing results. Anything you use to heal that works will end up healing your whole body, including your prostate and Lyme, because you need to allow your body to heal itself. Any conventional treatment doesn’t work because it’s really a dysfunction of the immune system. Antibiotics aren’t effective anymore, bacteria and Lyme included are resistant. And the antibiotics can’t get to the bacteria when there is huge inflammation.

An infectious disease doctor is unlikely to help. Still see them if you want. If you can try IV Rocephin or something similar. Though it’s unlikely to completely heal you, and if it does you may relapse as the antibiotics just push it into hiding. Any treatment like fasting or the clean program can completely wipe out the bacteria for good. You have to treat the whole body, rather than focusing on specific symptoms and conditions, that’s the only way for long lasting healing. Fasting and clean program accomplish that. Infectious Disease doctors are really not a lot of help either. The government doesn’t want to admit how big of a problem Lyme disease is. The infectious disease doctor may be less help than your family doctor, unless you find a really good one, because they are trained to believe one course of antibiotics work, but clearly they don’t.

Mon Sep 28, 2020 6:49 pm
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