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 TURP bacterial prostatitis 
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Post TURP bacterial prostatitis

I would like to ask to others members their opinion regarding TURP (transurethral resection).

I m a 39yo guy with history of bacterial prostatitis from 2007 to 2013. All started from an urethritis not treated very well, followed by years of antibiotics until 2013 where i was lucky enough to find resolution of my symptoms.

Since 2013 i had only two small urinary infections (2015 and 2017). It was managed before it turned into a prostatitis. (antibiotics treatments)

My urinary tract remain very sensitive and it seems any bacteria find its way to the prostate easily. For exemple i usually use condoms with my wife because the "common" bacterias found in her vaginal flora could infect my urinary tract.

Little bit than a month ago, i had an oral intercourse with my wife, i started to develop cloudy urine. few days later, i had small spasms coming from the prostate and i knew i had prostatitis again...
I rush to my GP doctor and was giver azithromycin + cipro. But i was not improved after 10 days.
I switch for ceftriaxone. 1Gr per day. I'm still using this antibiotic and currently on weeks number 3 (i had to ask the doctor to extand the treatment).

I feel much better, however a small pain remain in the prostate and i'm not sure the antibiotic clear everything. I think i will ask the doctor to add an other week to complete a course of 4 full weeks of medication

In between i managed to have appointment with uro. (thanks to online video consultations)

Uro 1 suggest me to to do a TURP when the acute episode is over. He saif i could have prostatic ducts clogged or a reflux and the surgery could fix the issue. However i found him to rush very fast to this option...

Uro 2 was more careful, suggest to finish the current treatment and go to make a stamey test / transrectal ultrasound / scanner to understand the situation. But told me the surgery could be an valid option to ease the chronic infections of the prostate

Both Uro's guarantee that this surgery is now well mastered with a minimal consequences on the quality of life.

Following these appointments, i made the transrectal ultrasound. Nothing unusual.
I made the scanner, i have a known small ureteropelvic junction obstruction + a small cyst on the kidney. But for the radiologist it's not something that could explain the reccurent prostatitis

I still have to do the stamey test when i'll finish the antibiotics.

I'd like to ask fellow members of the forum with an experience of TURP if they were help by this surgery. I have to admit i didn't found many feedbacks on the website.

From my researches on the internet, i found some studies that suggest 2/3 of patients with chronic prostatitis were cured with this treatment. (it was a small study, not sure i can post the link.)

Thanks for your responses and sorry for my english, it's not my native language

Have a good day !

Tue Apr 21, 2020 6:16 am

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Post Re: TURP bacterial prostatitis

Im slightly younger than you with the identical history of disease. Cured prostatitis 3 times earlier but it becomes harder by each time.

My fourth episode now really became a mess, the infection got so deep in the calcified area that antibiotics were not even close to clearing it, and I tried injection etc, oral courses for 1 year etc.

A final TURP cleared this problem and Im finally off antibiotics without a relapse. Some 20% of my prostate was removed, along with most of the calcifications.

There are close to none side effects, I cant really tell I had a TURP. While there indeed is a big hole in my prostate, I do not feel it in any way.

I will make a longer post about this soon and also post a new webpage with everything that worked for me, and everything that did not.

_________________ - my journey, my pitfalls and eventual success to curing treatment-resistent bacterial prostatitis

Tue May 26, 2020 9:48 am

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Post Re: TURP bacterial prostatitis

I'm glad you got relieved from the your prostatitis. This sickness is really annoying...
Your testimony is encouraging. I would be happy to read more about your journey. From lots of medical reports i read, TURP surgery seems to be a good therapeutic option.

It's hard to say if people like us have predispositions to prostatitis or maybe the first acute episode built the way for relapses. The problem with prostatitis is it takes weeks or even months of antibiotics courses to clear the infection. After few episodes you re likely to face sides effects of antibiotics.

At this point, my infection is almost cleared by 7 weeks of daily injection of ceftriaxone. (1 gram per day). It was very hard for the guts. My immune system is mess.

I hope i'll not have a relapse but i still need to wait a week or two after the antibiotics to be sure.
If it comes back, i will probably go for the surgery.

It would be good for all readers of the forum if you can provide more details about your case. Like your age, the surgery process, before and after, the recovery ect...

Thanks a lot, i wish you a good day

Wed May 27, 2020 8:30 am

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Post Re: TURP bacterial prostatitis

Just a quick update. 10 days after finishing the antibiotic course. I have a relapse...

My plan is to do a urine test, as suggested the urologist, then i will request an other appointment to discuss the surgery option.

Have a good day :)

Tue Jun 02, 2020 12:40 pm

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Post Re: TURP bacterial prostatitis
Tawan, your case sounds similar to mine. What helped clear things up, daily raw yogurt from a local farm, a bowl full each day. After 3-4 weeks unprotected sex wasn't a problem anymore, and the utis stopped. Seems like gut flora works it's way down to the urinary system in some manner.

Mon Jun 08, 2020 3:08 am

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Post Re: TURP bacterial prostatitis
Hi Inflamed

What you say is interesting because i stopped eating dairy products since 2008. It coincides with the beginning of my troubles with UTI's...
I use to take probiotics time to time to help my guts flora but maybe it's not enough.

I notice every time my pee is alcalin (if i take magnesium for exemple), i have more chance to develop an UTI. The dairy products are known to acidify the body. I might give a try and start eating again yogurt.

Fri Jun 12, 2020 5:12 am

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Post Re: TURP bacterial prostatitis
The normal bacterial flora of the urinary tract is widely discussed, but it is clear that both men and women have a portion of lactobacillus covering the urinary tract. Different strains of this bacterial group are found in yoghurt and probiotics.

Lactobacilli serve as our protection against pathogens, such as dangerous bacteria but also against fungus. Reduction in these could lead to chronic urinary tract infections.

However, oral intake of lactobacilli are very unlikely to be extracted with urine into the urinary tract. Studies showed that oral probiotics struggle with establish themselves in the intestial tract aswell.

In theory, a normalization of intestial or urinary bacterial flora could mean less inflammation, that directly or indirectly could relieve stress from the prostate aswell.

But I do not believe that eating probiotics or yoghurt would send good bacteria into the urine stream and push further up the prostate, in sufficent amounts to knock out other, harmful bacteria there - if this is assumed to be the problem.

_________________ - my journey, my pitfalls and eventual success to curing treatment-resistent bacterial prostatitis

Fri Jun 12, 2020 10:15 am

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Post Re: TURP bacterial prostatitis

You're right, i do not believe the yogurt will cure any infection or knock out bacterias too, but it could be good to create a unfavorable environment to avoid these bacterias to grow easily. However, when the infection is already there. Only antibiotics will clear the UTIs.

I give a quick update about my situation. I made a mares & stamey test last week. It is a test where they pick up some prostatic fluid after massage. And found nothing...(no chamydias, no gonhorheas, trichomas vagginalis or any bacterias or yeast)

My symptoms are mostly relieved now, since 7-10 days (i thought first i had a relapse but no, or not really..). I still keep some pain + cloudy urine time to time. (especially during mornings and this symptom scares me little bit i have to say.)

However, i feel the prostatitis could flare up again..

I read every page of your website and i congrats you to take the time to explain with so many details your story and journey with this sickness. I'd like to ask you how it is possible they didn't saw your abcess / calcifications before ? I myself made ultrasound two times one month ago and they show nothing. But i'm pretty sure i have something that promote infectious recurrences of the UTI's.
I'm also curious why you didn't found a urologist able to do the surgery in your country. I guess it was expensive in Italy, and you didn't got refunded by your social security or insurrance.

I'd like to take the same therapeuthic choices than yours. I want my urologist to do a TURP. I think he's not against this choice, but i'm a bit scare of the consequences...

I try to have a baby with my wife and once pregnant, i will book an appointment.

have a good day !

Fri Jun 12, 2020 1:41 pm
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