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 prostatitis with no pain, just constant urge to pee 
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Post prostatitis with no pain, just constant urge to pee
hi, i have been having some urinary symptoms for over an year now and found this forum trying to search for answers.
it all started suddenly after fairly cold mountain bike ride.
i needed to pee, and when done i felt like i still need to go, even though i just went and couldnt squeeze out anymore.
i have had this urge/sensation of needing to pee non-stop since (with some exceptions, see below)
the sensation is felt as itching at the tip of my penis, or on some occasions between scrotum and anus. it all seem to be
located in urethra. i pee 4-6 times a day, more if i drink coffee, i dont need to wake up at nights to go.
now the sensation sometimes goes if i dont pee for longer period of time, but returns immediately after i pee again.
also got this dribble after peeing, and stream seems somewhat thinner than what it was before.

my all tests were negative, none of the medications did anything. uro did finger test and prostate massage which was extremely
painful, burning like feeling. he noted that my prostate is somewhat enlarged. i currently started alfuzosin, as an alternative to tomsulosin
that did nothing, but have a feeling it will not work either. not sure what else to try next.

i am 41, exercise every day, mountain bike, road bike, hike, trail run, gym/weights. i cant say i am cleanest eater but i do eat pretty healthy,
non smoker, no drugs, drink or two once a month maybe.

any advice on further steps appreciated.

Tue Feb 18, 2020 8:17 pm

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Post Re: prostatitis with no pain, just constant urge to pee
Flomax, an alpha blocker, is effective for reducing or getting rid of frequent urination and urge to pee. I had and somewhat still have a similar issue with frequency in the day, and I also feel the urge in the tip and in my urethra rather than simply knowing I need to go or feeling it in my bladder. I don't have the itching, it's more a feeling of being swollen with pee ready to burst through or pressure built up. I also have perineal pain (in between front and back) frequently, almost constant actually, and haven't gotten tests for infection except basic urinary test that was negative every case. I also get dribbling after going, and sometimes still feel the need to go after finishing and cannot pee any more. It fades within a few minutes. Flomax was really effective for me, but I stopped it after it was so effective my problems basically stopped entirely. Then the problems returned and I went on it again, and I had this horrible tightening feeling / pain that felt like it was being pulled inside near the base. I stopped it, and that disappeared. But the first time I was on it, which was for several weeks, it was immediately and highly effective to the point of the urge, frequency, dribbling, and weak stream completely stopping. I don't know what the pain I got in the second course was from, and I'm considering trying the medicine again, though I need to research that problem I encountered to see if there's some way to prevent it. It could be because I stopped the 1st course early since it was so effective.

Another idea is to drink at certain times in the day. Do not drink whenever thirsty, unless dehydrated obviously, but align drinking with any meals / snacks and do not drink fast. I notice that reduces the urge and frequency somewhat, and is actually a technique in swimming and other sports to curtail the need to go suddenly at the wrong time or frequently. It's on the premise that fluids build up to a threshold point where then the need to go is signaled. So drinking slow and more gradual allows for time to prevent a sudden, strong urge to go, and the frequency to decrease if not drinking so much so often.

A number of antibacterial medicines can cause frequent need to go, though I'm not sure if alfuzosin is one of those. Look up the side effects to see if it is if haven't already.

One final suggestion is to limit biking / cycling. It's a rather physically active sport, and requires lots of hydration and muscle use. Bike seats still aren't the best they could be, so it could also contribute to bad effects, though may not be the primary cause. So I'd suggest reducing distance, intensity, and frequency of the activity for a week to see if it makes a positive difference. I was a swimmer, soccer player, and tennis player in high school, and I know how difficult it is to simply stop an activity you love to do and are getting so much from. However, it may reveal a pattern or something in the problems, and adjusting can be performed so it's not a negative impact and is not going to be disrupted by the problem as much or at all. I used to get urges to go in the middle of swimming practices, and it was because I was drinking large amounts of water during the practices. After I stopped drinking big gulps of water or downing half a water bottle, and either using the drinking fountain between sets or sipping from the water bottle, it stopped. That was in high school, and I'm 37 now, so kind of interesting I remember that.

May also need to check into the possibility it is a fungal infection because that is the cause of itching often, not just bacteria. Candida is a common agent, and is testable via different methods. So, ask here and at the doc's, or research online. I don't intend to sound crass or like I'm a suggestion enthusiast, but it's helpful to know of a starting point or other bit of information when confronting such a terrible health issue.

Sun Feb 23, 2020 1:11 pm

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Post Re: prostatitis with no pain, just constant urge to pee
presto, thanks for taking time to reply.
a lot of the things you suggesting is what i have already tried. flomax was one of the first things that uro suggested but i didnt get any benefits, just side effects so i stopped taking it. i went through the course of both antibiotics and antifungals, both zero effect. i have also stopped biking for a while completely, no change. actually, doing a physical activity, including biking, is when the feeling seems to go away. but maybe it is just mental, and i get more focused on the activity and forget. anyways, i basically have tried to make connection to anything possible, food, drinks, activity, detergent, soaps, clothes etc. the feeling seems really random. sometimes, very rarely though, i do feel back to normal and i immediately try to make connection to what it might be related to but nothing makes sense. one interesting thing that i noticed is, that the feeling goes away with erection, but comes back right after and i obviously cant run around with erection the whole time lol.
i also keep trying supplements but dont feel much benefits either. recently started alfuzosin, which is also alpha blocker, but less side effects than flomax, it feels like slight improvement so far in the intensity of the sensation, but not completely gone. but i have been on it only for 5 days so far. dont notice any side effects so far either.
if flomax worked for you maybe give alfuzosin a try, it doesnt cause RE or floppy iris issue from long term use.

i am going to try your idea of drinking with food.
i really appreciate your input. how long has your issue been going on for? we are not too far apart age wise, have you had DRE or cystoscopy yet?

Sun Feb 23, 2020 2:37 pm

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Post Re: prostatitis with no pain, just constant urge to pee
Odd, yet not surprising those suggestions didn't work. I had a DRE, not a cystoscopy though. I might check into alfuzosin, thanks. It's difficult to ascertain solutions for the condition when a bunch of things have no connection based on trying, and are also temporary at the most. I attempted the broccoli juice but it was too difficult to be consistent in, so I stopped. I'll return later.

Tue Feb 25, 2020 10:27 am
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