Gardnerella / ANY good docs in NYC?
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Author:  vitam [ Sat Dec 28, 2019 4:32 pm ]
Post subject:  Gardnerella / ANY good docs in NYC?

I've had prostatitis symptoms for several months now. I now strongly suspect it is a Gardnerella infection, because my girlfriend tested positive for an overgrowth of that and it seems to match my symptoms. My condition began shortly after I started seeing her. At the same time I also developed intermittent/recurring balanitis, which is also consistent with Gardnerella. I've tested negative (urine, semen, blood tests) for everything else.

A lot of docs believe it can't be a cause, but there is extensive medical literature on Google Scholar indicating that it can be.

Does anyone know of any good doc in NYC (or near) who believes in testing this stuff before throwing more antibiotics at it? A positive test should also be able identify which antibiotic the Gardnerella is most sensitive to.

Thank you!!!

Author:  ortizprostate [ Sun Feb 09, 2020 10:22 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Gardnerella / ANY good docs in NYC?

Once i suspected the same but any urology will kick you out and tell you that is like asking a male to treat hpv, no need, is harmless and whatever. Best thing for you to do is do an EPS test, won't show anything but after 3, 4 times of EPS try outs in different labs something will come out in your happened to me. so it is thee only way....though if you do find a doctor treating you for gardnerella please share it with us

Author:  vitam [ Sun Feb 09, 2020 2:36 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Gardnerella / ANY good docs in NYC?

Hi ortizprostate,

Good news! Although all the docs I talked to said it couldn't be gardnerella, I saw studies saying it could be -- and since my partner tested positive for gardnerella, I figured it was extremely likely I had it.

Instead of taking meds, I actually took one full glove of garlic a day (chewed, swallowed) for a month. Search Google Scholar and you will see tons of studies showing that it may be a natural antibiotic. One study even tested it in women for gardnerella specifically and found it just as effective as pharmaceutical antibiotics.

My symptoms started improving after a week, and by a month was essentially gone. I guess it could have gotten better by "chance", but I'd had teh pain for 4 months, so I think it was the garlic. I still have the occasional tiniest urinary discomfort that I didn't used to have, but I suspect it's just from leftover scarring. I have now been off of garlic for 2 weeks and no relapse at all, so I'm hoping I'm "cured". If it comes back I'll definitely try garlic again first. I also plan to try the testing recommended above at some point just to confirm that I'm clear.

The bad news is that 3 months later I'm still suffering from some side effects of the antibiotic (Cipro) my doctor initially prescribed (small muscle twitches all over body, possibly caused by potentially permanent nerve damage.) Which really sucks, but hey, at least I'm alive and functioning pretty normally.

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