Consistently unblocking and draining the acini
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Author:  mrjump136 [ Fri Nov 22, 2019 2:40 am ]
Post subject:  Consistently unblocking and draining the acini

I know that this is an important part of treating chronic bacterial prostatitis. There are bacteria that will be stuck deep within there, blocked by things such as calcification, biofilm, even scarring.

Massage might be the most popular method of drainage (Feliciano and others are known for this). I believe massaging the prostate will open up some of the blockages, but fail to get every part of it, especially the deeper areas.

EDTA is also popular, for dissolving calcifications. There have been mixed reports of how much of a difference it really makes.

One third and less-reported possibility is herbal medicine, such as certain Chinese medicine whose mechanisms of action aren't really known or discussed widely.
If you've done basic google searches you might have come across "Diuretic and anti-inflammatory pill" that you can order from China, claiming to treat prostatitis. Personally I have no idea how much of a scam it is. As far as Chinese medicine goes in general, though, there may be overlooked factors that would be useful in dealing with this malady.

Of course there's the Dr. Song 3D clinic in Changsha. I'm very hesitant to go there, as I've heard mixed reviews from the good to the terrible.

Hopefully will be able to do more research on ways to completely unblock and drain the prostate.....

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