Anybody try anti-fungals rather than anti-biotics?
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Author:  AyaGuy2012 [ Wed Jun 26, 2019 5:36 pm ]
Post subject:  Anybody try anti-fungals rather than anti-biotics?

At least for me, my prostatitis seems to respond to anti-fungals, at least so far Diflucan, and maybe pure Allicin. I was taking 200mgs of Diflucan every 48 hours (2 days), but within the past week decided to start taking 200mgs everyday, along with my 2 capsules of AllicinMax every 8 hours (3 times a day). It's helped out a lot, but progress is slow, it'll look and feel like things are getting better but while i may see some slight improvement here and there it seems to stay roughly the same. I no longer at least have the uncomfortableness in my bladder and urethra, and here and there my eye floaters, these red lines at the tips of my fingernails, and a white scar looking thing on each side of my penis under the penis head along with "pearly white papules" seem to fade and clear up a little, so they're all definitely tied to this infection.

I was reading a study where Diflucan was used at 400mgs a day and was able to treat/cure fungal prostatitis, i tried 400mgs a day before for a bit but i was on Berberine at the time and for some reason it was counteracting, or seemingly counteracting the Diflucan on some level, and once i quit the Berberine i started noticing improvement from the Diflucan but by that time i was back down to 200mgs every 2 days. Thing with Diflucan though is, it seems to give me hella dry lips, flaky skin on my face, dry hands and feet, and makes my dandruff worse and kinda crusty, at least when i took the 400mgs, and 200mgs already does that but a bit milder. So idk, i may try taking 400mgs a day again at some point if things don't get much better, but since i've been taking 200mgs a day instead of every 2 days things have looked slightly better than they were with 200mgs every 2 days.

Idk if the Allicin does indeed help, but i feel like it does, i was trying just the Diflucan for little bit there but noticed when i added in the Allicin things felt better, so idk. But so far, Diflucan and Allicin seem to give me promise and hope that i will one day be over this, been dealing with this for about 6 years now, and damn is it frustrating. And btw, i know for a fact it's infection, and most likely fungal, i've been on anti-biotics like Bactrim and Cipro, Cipro helped a bit but i found that was only because one of the things it does also partially affects fungi but it also depleted Magnesium. My only concern about this thing is that i may have like some sort of fungal biofilm which is making it harder for me to expel/ejaculate the fungi or that i'm not taking enough of an anti-fungal in order to completely halt it's replication, i do get chronic UTI's each time i ejaculate, so some fungi is definitely coming out along with the ejaculation, but it's like things hardly ever get better, even though things are much better now than they were when this all first started, so i've made definite progress but there's just a little bit left to get rid of but it seems difficult to get rid of the last little bit.

I also take Saw Palmetto extract and Pygeum Africanum root, which a capsule of each twice a day really seems to help, i've tried one or the other and increased dosages and not even taking them at all, and i find they definitely help me and increased dosages aren't as effective, so i stick to a capsule of each twice a day (12 hours apart).

Also, i've recently within these last few months gotten a gf, and i'm afraid i may pass this fungal infection on to her, we've had sex a good bit so far, and she seems fine but every now and then has gotten chills/shivering which i've gotten as well from this infection. Though i'm sure she has some sort of infection herself, not an std, but she also has eye floaters, a red line at the tips of her fingernails, and when i first started going down on her i was getting tonsilitis but mouthwash, and possibly the Diflucan as well, seems to take care of that. So i know women don't have a prostate but do you think anything bad could happen if i did pass the infection on to her? I don't wanna like cause any issues or damage to her ovaries or uterus or something.

But yeah, are there any other good anti-fungals people know about, that i may be able to get ahold of, and that actually definitely work? I've been on Diflucan about a year or so i think, can't really remember, but it definitely helps. Also i've noticed that taking Ginger essential oil, as well as Clove essential oil, and maybe even Zinc, seems to interfere with the Diflucan and so i start noticing things getting worse again, but when i stop taking them things start getting better again. I've also tried different ejaculation schedules like ejaculating once a day every day, skipping a day in between ejaculation, skipping 2 days in between ejaculation, not ejaculating for 6 to 9 days, or even as long as possible. It seems the longer i abstain from ejaculation, things clear up a bit, but when i ejaculate i just go back to where i left off before it started clearing up again, and while it seems the longer i abstain from ejaculation the clearer things get, i find it's best to not wait too long between ejaculations, so, so far i'm trying to stick to skipping 2 days in between ejaculation for the time being.

If i can think of anything else to mention i'll update.

Author:  Chavalote [ Thu Jun 27, 2019 11:02 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Anybody try anti-fungals rather than anti-biotics?

I tried antifungals and they didn't worked.

I have eye floaters too. I think that they have nothing to do with infections, though.

Author:  AyaGuy2012 [ Thu Jun 27, 2019 4:07 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Anybody try anti-fungals rather than anti-biotics?

Chavalote wrote:
I tried antifungals and they didn't worked.

I have eye floaters too. I think that they have nothing to do with infections, though.

Well as i've said before, it's really all about what kind of organism, what kind of anti-microbial and the dosage/dosing of the anti-microbial. Some have bacteria, some have fungi, i apparently have fungi.

As for the eye floaters, i'm pretty certain they're due to the infection, at least for me, i never had them before the infection, and when the infection was at it's worst, they were at their worst, and as things have gotten better, so too have the eye floaters. My gf also has eye floaters, and also has a red line at the tip of each of her fingernails just like i do, which the red lines on my fingernails start to fade/clear up as the infection starts getting better, so i'm pretty sure she has some sort of an infection too and these things are like indicators of an infection. I'm not saying all people with all floaters have an infection of some sort, but i'm pretty sure they're connected and i wouldn't be too surprised if that turned out to be the case.

Author:  AyaGuy2012 [ Fri Aug 30, 2019 5:01 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Anybody try anti-fungals rather than anti-biotics?

Alrighty, so some more time has passed by for me to further determine what's going on for me. I'm taking 200mgs of Diflucan once a day (24 hours apart), along with 2 capsules of Allicin Max 3 times a day (every 8 hours), and recently started taking 25mgs of Zinc Picolinate 3 times a day (every 8 hours), and so far, the addition of the Zinc has started to further improve my situation so it definitely seems to be helping clear things up, i mean i don't wanna jinx myself but i'm pretty certain the Zinc is doing something. I may try to stop taking the Diflucan, and keep taking the Zinc Picolinate and Allicin and see how that goes, i'm not sure if i absolutely need the Diflucan, but if i stop the Diflucan and things seem to start coming back or getting worse again, i guess i'll just keep taking the Diflucan. I'm not sure how necessary the Allicin is for me, but i know it definitely helps since i was taking just the Diflucan but was still having some symptoms until i added in the Allicin, so it may be that i can get away with taking just the Allicin and Zinc, or maybe even just the Zinc, or i may have to keep taking all 3, but since i've added in the Zinc, things are definitely getting clearer, so i highly recommend maybe checking out the Zinc Picolinate, just keep in mind that if you take too much Zinc you could potentially become deficient in Copper, but so far i've been taking the Zinc for about a week or two and so far so good, plus, Zinc Picolinate is cheap, and doesn't seem to cause me any gastrointestinal issues like Zinc Gluconate did. I'll give an update on my situation as time rolls on, in the mean time, might be worth trying out the Zinc, 50 to 75mgs a day i would think.

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