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Author:  Administrator [ Wed Jun 19, 2019 6:52 pm ]
Post subject:  Spammers

As fast as you can fight idiots that want to spam and destroy a website, they figure out how you are blocking them and sidestep you. Over the past three days, we had a flood of people 'apply' to register here. Only three got in because they passed the usual test methods that we use to verify a new poster. Every single one of them posted something stupid within ten hours and they were booted.

A check of our server logs showed that all three of them had registered from a nation that is totally banned from this site, but had used a sidestep program to make it look like they had come in via the States. There's a telltale way of looking at these registrations and know that it is a bot making them. All three of those clowns are gone and we have designed a program script that looks for the exploit that they used to sidestep our normal shields.

Now the reason that I am posting this is not solicit "You go boy!" accolades, but to warn you that if you begin to get PM's from people who don't have any posts asking you weird questions or are sending you links to elsewhere, let me know. Give me the user name and a copy of the email, and we'll hunt them down and remove them. We take the security of this site and the others that we host extremely seriously.
Thank you!

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