Quick solution for urethral pain and penis tip discomfort.
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Author:  Livehawk [ Mon Jun 03, 2019 7:26 pm ]
Post subject:  Quick solution for urethral pain and penis tip discomfort.

How I developed the pain:

- Sex followed by UTI
- Course of antibiotics cleared UTI but I was still in discomfort
- During the UTI urinating was incredible painful like pissing needles.

Symptoms following Antibiotic treatment:

- Urethral pain
- Penis tip pain
- Sticky painful ejaculate
- Painful often split stream urination
- Rare, but on a couple of occasions I was desperate to urinate and simply couldn't.

Many visits to the doctor no solution or result.

What I found was, following the initial UTI, I was hesitant to urinate due to the expectation of pain. Even after the UTI was cleared I would tense my muscles that restrict the flow of urine in order not to feel pain. it was this tensing of the muscle that I suspect caused all my trouble. I was giving this muscle an excessive workout every time I urinated.

This tensing of the muscle caused a blockage like a kink in a hose-pipe meaning both urine and ejaculate were not clearing my urethra properly causing irritation and near constant urethritis.


I had to concentrate really hard to relax before urinating, I have to let the urine flow on its own accord without my intervention to reduce the flow.

When masturbating I would use lube never just 'dry', this enabled me to ejaculate easier and harder clearing the urethra. When masturbating I would relax also never tensing my penis shaft.

I've been completely pain free now for 6 months with no relapse.


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