Can wiping the penis with kleenex irritate it?
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Author:  Chavalote [ Sun Feb 03, 2019 4:32 pm ]
Post subject:  Can wiping the penis with kleenex irritate it?

I have been thinking about "weird" causes of chronic prostatitis and I have thoght about kleenex. I mean, some kleenex have chemicals in them that can cause allergies in people.

I always have leakage after urinating and I'm used to clean it with a kleenex before putting back my pants. I have thought, what if the cleenex have chemicals, moisture or bacterias that are constantly irritating my penis and prostate via urethra? I thought this because I have house dust allergy and these days, when I wiped it inserting kleenex to dry all the mucus, the left nostril bleed a little. I was reading about kleenex and how they can cause this by making your nostrils too dry and irritated, then I remembered my habit of wiping my penis with a kleenex after urinating.

I know that it is a strange and quite improbable theory but sometimes the cause of something is an habit you would never think about.

Most of us, because of prostatitis have leakage after urinating. Do you have the habit of wiping your penis with a kleenex after it?

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