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 New prostatitis member 
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Post New prostatitis member
Hi all,

I found this forum when googling and I think I have the same as most of you.
I will try to keep it short:
- Had a very brief encounter with a CSW, first handjob (she was still dressed), then protected oral and vaginal. There was a few seconds when my dick touched her Buttocks, just skin.
- Had non-protected sex with wife after one week (only once)
- 2 weeks after csw encounter, it started with some urge to urinate and feeling I was leaking urine (but was not the case), after few days I had mild irritation inside the urethra, but no pain, no discharge,...
Also I had some feeling that there was something between scrotum and anus.
(ofcourse anxiety levels were at 100%)
- Didnt had sex with wife anymore.
- went to doc, and got tested for chlamydia, gon., trich., .. all negative, He did urine analysis: negative, no wbc's. (only remark, it had been only 1 hour since last voiding...) I think it is not so reliable.
- Doc gave me (without knowing results) 1g azithromicyne,
- after 8 days or so, all symptoms were gone, (maybe because doc telling I have nothing, but maybe prostatitis)

- Had unprotected sex with wife
- after 2 weeks I started having symptoms of candida (redness, ...) on dick. I was totally stressed out and after a few days, some symptoms came back. Candida went away, but now I had again the continous urge to urinate, feeling there is some urine in the urethra, and just awareness of the tip of the penis, maybe slightly tender.
No discharge, no pain when urinating, stream is weak and takes seconds to start and a lot of after dribble.
Also when sitting I often have this dull feeling between scrotum and anus, slightly painfull sometimes. Testicles also hurt sometimes, but sometimes left sometimes right)
Ofcourse I am totally freaked out, tested again for std's, all negative incl mycoplasma gen.

I am afraid I have a NGU and passed it initial to my wife, and got it back. I think the urine test was maybe not reliable for the wbc's, as it was only 1 hour after urination.

I will keep you updated

Sat Dec 22, 2018 9:23 am

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Post Re: New prostatitis member
Sounds to me like a classic case of "guilt prostatitis". We see them all the time on here. Consider it a lesson learned, forgive yourself, and don't do it again!

Sat Dec 22, 2018 5:22 pm

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Post Re: New prostatitis member
I don’t know...
I did another urine analysis, and again everything was negative.. bur anyway they gave me some azithromycine.

I test negative all the time.. should I tell my wife?

Mon Dec 24, 2018 8:25 am

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Post Re: New prostatitis member
I think you contracted an infection from your wife more likely than the CSW. Like you said, NGU or quite probably something else. If the azithromycin works, then ask doc to continue it. What's safe to continue until? 30 days, 60?

Then see if it's resolved. Don't tell your wife until you're ready. De-stress and maintain drinking water with at least half of the diet being healthy foods. Reduce or cut out processed sugars, high-sodium / high-salt content foods, carbonation beverages, alcohol, coffee, high-fat stuff, and foods that don't get cooked long or are cooked extensively (e.g., grilled, microwavable, etc). Refrigerate water, then drink it. It's a form of distilling. Keep a practical distance from tv, smartphone use, and even computer. Those devices are stressors and relaxers. Relax with alternatives to those. Use NSAIDs or similar medicines for pain. Track your "progress" every few days as far as anything that's important. And try a heating pad. It doesn't sound like the greatest thing. However, it's effective at inducing relaxation.

Thu Dec 27, 2018 12:45 am

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Post Re: New prostatitis member
Welcome to the club! I actually find relief in posts like yours because your exposure was completely protected. You literally have nothing at all to worry about regarding std’s. I did the same thing as you, but unprotected oral for a very brief time. All of my tests have been negative. But my guilt and shame have been a 12/10 and it’s f’d me up for moths. I’m on month 10 of this hell and still in a ton of pain. In your situation, Im not sure I’d listen to the guys on here raving about infection. Some of that .... is nuts to be honest. And this is coming from someone who is still in disbelief that his case is not bacterial.

Don’t tell your wife, it’ll just hurt her and add to your misery. You screwed up, but you’ll be fine. Try not to obsess. I did that and it’s only gotten worse.

Thu Jan 03, 2019 1:56 pm

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Post Re: New prostatitis member
you are 100% sure oral was protected?

No breaks or slipping off of the condom?

My symptoms started 2 DAYS after the 'event' - 2 weeks is a long time.

I wouldn't tell the wife about the CSW because I think you may have caught an infection from your wife.

Doesn't mean your wife is stepping out, just some of her body's bacteria may not agree with you.

My Uro told me he has seen that happen before.

What are the exact diagnostics tests you have had?

Sat Jan 12, 2019 11:29 am

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Post Re: New prostatitis member
Have an update, OP?

Sat Jan 12, 2019 7:05 pm

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Post Re: New prostatitis member
100% is was protected, there was not even contact, because I had my hand in between. I was really checking this.
The only thing I am worried is the 2 seconds skin contact with buttocks, but this would be rare I think.

I will meet the uro soon, we will see what he says.
Did more std tests, all negative. Only thing I didn't checked is UU.
I know tests are not 100%, but chlamydia has sensitivity of +/- 97%, but I assume that after 6 times it should become positive if it was so.

Wed Jan 16, 2019 6:04 am

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Post Re: New prostatitis member
Hi Robie,

What is your diet like? Do you eat only organic with lots of yogurt and fermented foods? Do you eat a lot of sugar? Over time these can impact the immune system, your flora can get thrown off making you more susceptible to pathogens. Do you exercise as well? How old are you?

Wed Jan 16, 2019 11:28 am

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Post Re: New prostatitis member
Since 100% protected, forget the CSW experience. Meat stick to buttocks is a risk for absolutely nothing. I actually enjoy seeing stories like yours because it makes me feel like the "guilt prostatitis" is a real thing and my exposure was a brief dodgy BJ that was NOT protected. I'm still in pain 10 months later and sick of this. You'll be fine, and I can assure you there is no infection from the exposure you describe. And no, I wouldn't say anything to your wife. That guilt will slowly fade, as mine has, but hopefully your symptoms follow. Mine just haven't yet, although the severity is way down....

Thu Jan 24, 2019 6:14 pm

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Post Re: New prostatitis member
Just an update.

I think the bacteria became resistant.
I have it again.

Took 1 week doxy: testicle pain and urethr discomfort dissapeared slightly
Took afterwards 1,5g azm: no effect
Now I also have slight discharge (sticky, watery), and pain/ discomfort in perineum (prostate?)

I have so many STD checks, all negative.
Docs say condoms do not offer full protection and this happens...
Strange, then more people should have this I guess.

Sat Feb 16, 2019 9:08 am

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Post Re: New prostatitis member
Still coping with this issues.
Since symptoms came back I took:
1 week doxy
1,5g azm
1 week minocycline
6 days azm 500g
1 week cipro
All antibiotics, but no effect anymore.

Did another urineanalysis + urethral smear at doc in the morning.
Urine: 1 wbc, 3rbc no growth on culture, urethra smear (gram): no pus cells, no bacteria.
Cultures for ureaplasma and mycoplasma; negative
PCR: chlam, gon, trich, m. Gen, ureaplasma sps, gardnerella: all negative

Uro says its no NGU or std, but I need pelvic treatment.

- discharge: clear scant, slightly sticky. All day long, leaves some sticky traces in underwear. It’s more after urination.
(It’s very strange for me that the urethra smear didn’t show any wbc)
- irritated feeling inside urethra.
- frequent urination during the day.
- sometimes dull feeling in testicles and perineum. Slightly pain, sometimes golfball.
- strange feeling upper legs
- all of the symptoms dissapear at night.

I think it is bacterial as I have the discharge + was resolved before with AZM.
But alle tests don’t show nothing, is it some mysterious bacteria.
Or was it just the inflamatory effect of AZM.
Sometimes I also think it’s Candida, as my wife was having this.
First I really tought it was m. Genitalium, but after 5 tests, I think it can be conclusive.
Later I tought Ureaplasma, but it’s also negative, or it hides somewhere in the prostate or biofilm.

Docs in Europe don’t give ABX without any clear indication, I was hoping to try moxy, but they don’t want to prescribe this.

Wed Mar 13, 2019 8:07 am
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