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 No Porn, Masturbation, Orgasm 
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Post No Porn, Masturbation, Orgasm
I've posted in the past about my symptom of libido and sensitivity changes after a major CPPS flareup. That was 4 years ago, and I feel I'm still not back to normal. I still have minor discomfort in my pubic region (probably bladder inflammation based on past tests), moderate interest in porn/masturbation, and practically no interest in real sex. No random erections throughout the day.

After some time of no success, you start wondering what you're doing that you haven't yet considered as a culprit. I recently had unrelated surgery and found after about 2 weeks of no orgasm at all, one day I had a surge of libido. Maybe 90% of my old libido. This made me want to revisit the idea of avoiding orgasm. Maybe last time I tried this, I had other issues that have since resolved. I think it's time to try again.

An even bigger issue I have is long term porn addiction. I think not enjoying real sex is definitely related to this.
I've learned two new terms recently: NOFAP and Deathgrip.

NOFAP - this is a website with a very active forum of people avoiding some combination of Porn (P), Masturbation (M), Orgasm (O). I have chosen the difficult mode of all 3. I think if I am to have any hope of retraining my brain that sex is good and healthy, should be with a real human (not a computer), and that pain is not part of it, I need to try the 90-day challenge.
I do believe it's not for everyone, because when I had heavier inflammation throughout the pelvis/prostate, I think this would have made it worse. But now that it's subsided a lot, I think this is safe for me. I am hoping that I can get the remaining inflammation to dissipate by avoiding regular orgasms for extended time. My goal is to avoid P forever, M for a long time (ideally also forever), and O for a minimum of 90 days.

Deathgrip - My interpretation is that masturbating with a tight grip is reducing sensitivity in the genitals. Then, real sex isn't enjoyable because those nerves are receptive as they should be to subtle sensation.

I will report back periodically what I observe with this. If you want to follow me on the NOFAP site, my name is arken3.

Symptoms (starting 12/2014): Low libido, poor sensitivity; occasional urinary burning
Past Treatments: 6x Heparin bladder Injection. Elmiron (2x daily), Meriva Curcumin (500mg 2x daily), Physio (good!), Vistaril, Uro Prostate Massage (helpful!), Flower Pollen, Antibiotics (for about a month),

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Post Re: No Porn, Masturbation, Orgasm
I have thought several times that abstinence from orgasms/ejaculation could work in cases like mine. But I have doubts because if you think about insomnia, of course, not sleeping for several days can help to fall asleep but that doesn't mean that the absence of sleeping has cured the insomnia. The problem is still there.

As in the insomnia, if I don't masturbate in a few days, after 5 or 6 the libido and arousal ability increases. Sometimes the orgasm also improves, sometimes not at all. But how can I know that this is really solving the problem and not like in my insomnia example? I mean, simply the body is always on low libido but if you don't ejaculate in days the low libido gets increased a little.

I'm not a fan of porn, I prefer erotism but it's odd how the same image or video can arouse me after days without ejaculation when it usually doesn't. I also have not random erections or erections without touching my penis. It reacts a little but not to full erection. I have sometimes morning erections or while sleeping.

Also, the longest time I have been without ejaculating is a week. So, I don't know if eventually this could solve the prostatitis. I have tried 1 month but I miss so much my libido and orgasms and after I few days I always end testing if it works better. I couldn't last a month and it ended in a week.

If I had the certainty that a long abstinence will cure this and know the exact time I would go for it, though. I live alone and it is difficult but...

Mon Jan 07, 2019 7:58 am

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Post Re: No Porn, Masturbation, Orgasm
I understand your insomnia example, but I don't think you can compare the two conditions this way. The fact that a few measly days improves your libido a little is an INCREDIBLE sign that you should try the 90-day challenge like I am doing. I'm currently on day 20....

It's actually not all that odd that the same image is arousing to you. All the sexual circuits in your brain are hard-wired to that image. The point of NoFap is to re-wire your brain to be aroused by real, normal sexual situations. I have read some CPPS information about re-wiring the brain as well. I recall something about pelvic pain causing the brain to shut off some of the sensation so that you won't feel the pain. I think this is one of multiple techniques needed to get us back to normal.

If you want certainty, I'm afraid I have to be the first to tell you that it's not part of life. My motto is, if what I'm doing isn't working, then I must change. Since you're single like me, it should be pretty easy to give this a try since you have no partner to deprive. You just have to tell yourself that you can do it, rather than say it's too challenging.

Symptoms (starting 12/2014): Low libido, poor sensitivity; occasional urinary burning
Past Treatments: 6x Heparin bladder Injection. Elmiron (2x daily), Meriva Curcumin (500mg 2x daily), Physio (good!), Vistaril, Uro Prostate Massage (helpful!), Flower Pollen, Antibiotics (for about a month),

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