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 Need Input on my condition 
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Post Need Input on my condition
Hello all,
Would appreciate some input on my condition

Some backstory:
7-8 years ago I had sudden extreme pain in right testicle. Diagnosis: chlamydia infection.
Got treated (7day doxy), and it cleared (in urine test). Symptoms remained, and I developed back pain and sweating from lower back

Several urologist found nothing (basically the same, physical exam, urine tests) I even did an MRI scan... They found one small calcification in the prostate.

Over years the problems got less and less, to very manageable after 2-3 years. But always a strange "feeling" in my genitals, no pain...

Fast forward to ~1.5 years ago; i get chlamydia infection again (thanks cheating partner) and genital warts (treated, gone now). Back again with 7 days doxy - no better - get Azithromycin, no effect still. Symptoms get _worse_ while taking these abx.

Sudden pain/ needling in tip of penis, discomfort after and slight urgency urinating, discomfort in the area around penis/ testicles. Discomfort/ discharge in rectum. Maybe discharge from penis (very small amounts, not sure if normal or not)

The chlamydia is gone ... only urine tests done. Find nothing else

So this summer i try Cipro, this basically clears all symptoms in 2-3 days. But I get terrible lower leg/ arm pain (so i must stop), and develop tendon issues shortly after (still somewhat a problem).

The next 2-3 months the initial symptoms slowly comes back...

Now I go to a fertility clinic to test my semen, and my quality is pretty bad, but still fertile. They find bacteria, but identify it as normal skin bacteria. No abnormal white blood cells. Semen slightly thick.

Currently im on day 4 of Bactrim (no better symptoms yet)

Im at loss at what to do next and how to proceed:
1. if bactrim does not work?
2. Surely there must be better testing for this?
3. Is my condition bacterial?
4. Is there better antibiotics?
5. Can this be because calcification in prostate?

Im located in Norway. 30 years old. Health otherwise is good (healthy food and in shape).

Any help appreciated. Thanks

Sat Nov 10, 2018 9:19 am

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Post Re: Need Input on my condition
sorry, I think std does damage that goes beyond the antibiotic getting rid of it. I have little to back this up but research I've done shows it can do harm to the waterworks. I saw a homeopath once who said that.

I recommend you go slow or avoid more antibiotics.

Sat Nov 10, 2018 9:33 pm

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Post Re: Need Input on my condition
Stay on the Bactrim is how I would continue. Reduce consumption of high-acid foods, and consume more protein from eggs, milk, beans, cheese and such, not as much from meat. You may be having nerve dysfunction and referred pain, which is where some of the strange feelings come from. I got this information from multiple sources, including thinking about it myself, at how pain in almost any form irritates the nerves and can easily cause dysfunction, or as they are known in the health industry: paresthesia, dysesthesia, and allodynia. For a long time (probably 2 years or so) I primarily only had pain in the perineum and urinary urgency/frequency/discomfort. Then I developed a range of other problems, mainly other pains and odd sensations (cold at tip of penis, aching in urethra, a strong pull type of spasm that usually occurs when laying down and laying on my side...are some). I've only had basic urine tests that all had no bacteria detected, but one showed high ketones, which a PA said was a sign of dehydration. It was true, I rarely drank water, and didn't drink other fluids much. I thought I didn't need to because I was mostly sedentary. It was not long after my other pains and sensations started that I decided to go to physical therapy. For several months I did and received:

1. Myofascial release trigger point massage
2. Regular back/hips/legs/glutes massage
3. Extensive stretching of pelvic and leg muscles (60 seconds each, twice a week)
4. Exercise bike 5-10 minutes (twice a week, as everything else listed)
5. Gentle exercises to stretch and work my legs, hips, and back
6. Sometimes did yoga exercises (core strengthening)

All of it except for the bike, core strengthening exercises, and the gentle exercises were effective at reducing pain and other problems. The bike would exacerbate pain and dysesthesia, the gentle exercises often worsened dysesthesia and were far more difficult than they should be due to how weak I was and still am, and the core strengthening exercises exacerbated pain, dysesthesia (odd/hypersensitive sensations), and made me weaker in the core, which I think didn't help with digestive issues. What I've noticed from reading the forums is doctors and therapists often prescribe things that are harsh or at least not feasible for having chronic pain. I believe they don't understand they're doing this, and cannot become aware of it easily because of protocols and procedures they are required to follow, among other reasons. I may or may not have prostate calcifications, bacterial infection w/ or w/o biofilm, IBS/IBD, gut distension, and possibly interstitial or another type of cystitis. I know for sure I have neuralgia or nerve dysfunction. I've read more than one scientific abstract summarizing how bacteria found in the human body can contain a chemical or something that induces pain from the nerves. E. coli is one I read can have one (it's called O-antigen in the E. coli I read about). It basically is a mimicry of the immune and nervous systems. That's what a biofilm is in a way, a sort of camouflage for bacteria to hide from the immune system defense. What I don't understand, at all, not simply in amateur researcher terms, is how they get to the point of being capable of producing a biofilm or other thing that causes the problems. And if bacteria or fungus or viruses are not the cause(s), then how does chronic pain really start? How could I not have pain and all the sudden have chronic pain?

Basically, you likely need to research or look further into the nervous system aspect of the problems you described. Although it probably seems like bacteria just need to be gotten rid of, which might be the case, understanding how your nerves are affected could lead you to get pain-reducing medicine or solutions. I noticed that certain juices upset my gut more, such as apple juice. Surprisingly, orange juice is not a problem. It's funny, but I always feel good after I eat McDonald's triple cheeseburger with fries and a pop. It doesn't reduce pain to zero levels, but physically elsewise I feel good, relaxed and a sustaining type of energy. I eat orange/yellow/red pepper now too, cut into easy-to-chew sizes and dipped in dill dip. Sometimes it simply requires some amount of trial and error to discover what works and what doesn't. Being informed prior to it is essential though.

Mon Nov 12, 2018 1:24 pm
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