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Post Epididymitis
Hi gents,
I am 40, and since 2014, struggling with epididymitis at my left testicle. All story started with hernia operation. Right after first epididymitis diagnosis I took antibiotics and anti-inflamation pills for about 3 months.

Whenever I thought that epididymitis is over, it came back with a pain on my left ball along with feel that it is pinned. Almost at each and every 6 months pains reappear and I have to take antibiotics.
Until now I could not figure out if frequent or rare ejaculation helps to get rid of epididymitis. Frequent keeps the duct clean but puts pressure on ball and rare unloading results in stronger pinning feeling.

Since 2 weeks I have pain at my left testicle again. But this time I noticed that it got smaller than before, and my ejaculate volume is less compared to a few months before. Indeed this makes me curious about the status of my prostate.

Obviously I need to see my urologist. But I know what he will say. Keep them up, use those pills and in 6 weeks provide me a sample. I am fed up with that and looking for a real solution. Any suggestion or experience is important?

Mon Aug 27, 2018 7:41 pm

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Post Re: Epididymitis
I don't know if I have epididymitis. But I have pain in my testicles semi-frequently, often switching from one side to the other. The pain is a dull ache at times, and sometimes it is sharp, and usually feels swollen. For a time I had burning during urination, and I still have frequent urination often with leaking and having push through retained urine, which I think causes urethral pain. I have chronic prostatitis, having experienced a wide range of the symptoms commonly associated with it. One of the symptoms I have somewhat frequently still is perineum pain. Similar to the testicular pain, it is sometimes dull and other times sharp, and usually feels swollen. At times it only feels swollen and not much of a dull or sharp pain.

I think there is a correlation between the swelling and the pain. It's largely thought that inflammation is a healing response. However, I think in lots of cases it is actually a dysfunctional response to a particular problem. How I treat my testicular pain is via putting the underside of my knees over a pillow or two to raise up and remove pressure from my lower pelvis and the connected muscles and tissues. Yesterday I tried applying BioFreeze in the area to reduce some pain and swelling, and it worked mostly, yet after, it was aching to the extent that I think it may be at least a bit harmful. The ache was different than the usual pain I get too, so that's another concern with using it. When I sit at the edge of a seat, I try to sit so my perineum is not directly on the edge, but a bit past it, reducing pressure and friction. But all this stuff keeps me aware of the pain or the potential for the pain to occur, so in effect, I think it causes resurgence. I think this because after I have physical therapy (myofascial release trigger point and regular massage), I have relief and am capable of not concentrating on it for a time. When I get a bit of pain, or am reminded of it enough (doesn't require much), it returns and I'm much less capable of not concentrating on it or being aware of it. Then it slowly or quickly gets worse, often until I do something to reduce it (laying down on my back, raising my knees, shower, pain medicine, etc.).

Have you ever had a TENS unit electrical stimulation done? I get it at therapy once a week on average, and it removes the pain entirely almost every time. 10-15 minutes is all I get. I've read that it blocks the pain receptors and encourages blood flow for healing and relief. That's what the physical therapist also says. Leaning back into the chair I'm sitting in has helped me too. Slow walking around the house also reduces some of the pain at least.

Chiropractic and acupuncture are two options I haven't explored yet. Acupuncture is known to lower blood pressure, reduce or get rid of pain (similar to the TENS unit in blocking receptors and resetting the nerves), and distract the mind from thinking about it / being aware of it. Chiropractic may work by adjusting posture and muscle/tendon/bone/fascia to correct problems.

As far as your ejaculate volume being less than before, it may be a recursive effect of the pills you were taking, or it could be caused by inhibition of prostatic production and/or transfer (e.g., narrowing of ducts, pressure buildup, other). I've heard lots of different accounts of "abnormal" ejaculate (watery, yellow, brown, blood, highly viscous, chunky, etc.), enough to make me feel I have to throw up even without imagining. The problem I encounter is ejaculating quickly, before I think it'll happen sorta thing. I think it's probable your body is in a recovery stage with the lower volume and you need some kind of respite from ejaculation. I'm 36, and I was told by the GP and the Uro that I'm too young and quite young to have prostatitis, and that lots or all of it is in my head. Well, I don't buy that mostly. These things have a physiological basis, so I think it is vital to allow potential solutions to be in the physiological realm. Thus why I raise my knees up (also suggested to me by the physical therapists), attend physical therapy, take pain medicine, and most of the other potential solutions I've tried. If there isn't one solution that completely solves it, then I think multiple things done over time can allow my body to heal and recover from years of pain, suffering, and turmoil.

Tue Aug 28, 2018 1:48 pm

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Post Re: Epididymitis
Thanks presto423 to share your experience. I was doing some of your practices and keep the rest into my to-do-list.

Indeed, with the start of epididymitis story, my left testicle never got better. So I get used to this situation somehow. Even I take the pin prickling feeling at my ball with a slightly firm touch as normal. Although this feeling is uncomfortable but it still bearable. However almost two times in a year it gets worse and unbearable. And then I have deep and intense pain on the left side while either standing or sitting. In addition to that, sometimes, sharp pain in pelvic and groin area. Intense ache in perineum area right after ejaculation. Even during ejaculation, I can have grindin feeling along my penis. And my semen is watery at those times. The tip of my penis burns after peeing. Then I call my uro.

Now, I am resisting to see my uro and take pills or any kind of antibiotics as I know that it will be the same process which relieves the situation temporarily. But I do keep in mind that I might call him in a week and ask for an emergency appointment. Current concerns of mine are, in addition to noticable pain, my testicle is getting smaller and the volume of my ejaculate is almost half. According to what I have read until now the blood flow through epididymit might not be proper and my prostate might not function as it was.

Fri Aug 31, 2018 7:07 pm
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