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 My CPPS 1 year to hell and back success story. 
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Post My CPPS 1 year to hell and back success story.
I have finally decided to come on here and share my story. I had an encounter with an unknown person who gave me unprotected oral and 5 days after I masterbated and it burned when I ejaculated. Then I was getting burning with urination as well. So I took a zpack and it went away completely. Then I had a other encounter with only oral given to me being unprotected with that same person a few weeks later and it came back with a vengeance. I tried 4 different antibiotics in sequence that all made me feel very ill this second time and it simply wouldn't go away. I thought for sure she gave me claymidia or some other std orally because I also got pink eye really bad.

I was paranoid and looking for answers and thought for sure I had some unknown std from the oral she gave me. The tingling sensation in my penis would intensify over time and turn into a feeling like a lighter was being held to the tip of my penis. The thing was though my penis had zero discharge even after trying to milk it out. So then I was really confused but I heard it's possible to have claymidia and other unknown bacteria get way down into the prostate even though the initial infection of the std has gone away. I had a urine test for all stds and also had my psa checked just to be sure it wasn't cancer and it all came back perfectly fine. The pain was so severe I thought then I had kidney stones. I had every single cpps symptom in the book and all of the doctors swore it was an std but I wasn't so sure especially since no discharge. I had tingling, constant tip of penis burning, constant anus burning, throbbing, urination issues such as frequency and hesitancy with a weak stream, more severe burning with urination and ejaculation, very little ejaculate coming out on orgasm that was very clumpy and extremely painful, pain with any kind of sexual activity or any bowl movements, extreme tenderness in penis and scrotum, very painful and erratic erections, trouble walking, trouble sleeping, depression, anxiety, severe tenderness in all of my lower abdomen and psoas area, stomach pains, abdomen and pelvic floor tension and contracting, hip pain, lower back pain, extreme radiating nerve pain especially when sitting or laying down.

The pain was eventually radiating all over my hip area and felt like it started in my pubic bone at times and radiated outwards. It was affecting everything. This went on for a few months. I saw nurses, dr's, chiropractors, DO's, pelvic floor specialists. They all either thought for sure I was crazy, had an STD, or evaluated me and touched me in a few places and scheduled another follow up just to touch me in a few more places. I was realizing that none of them really cared to help me and was getting more depressed each day as my pain intensified and now 4 months with no real answers.

One day I was looking in the mirror and noticed my one hip appeared higher then the other. I put my thumbs on the crown of my hips and then looked in the mirror and sure enough it was higher. Which X-rays later confirmed. I finally sought out a sports physical therapist who confirmed I had a pelvic imbalance (upslip) from either working out too hard or running on an uneven surface. She said that for as long it was out of balance expect at least that long or longer to readjust to being back in balance. My whole core went into panic and tensing mode to try and stabilize myself with all of the nerves down there in a heightened state.

So she pulled my hip back into alignment by pulling on my leg for me and that started day one of my long recovery. I also sought out a dry needling and cupping rehab therapist who worked with me on all of the myofascial tightness I now had. I was really tight everywhere and it would take months and months of needling, stretching, therapy, strengthening to slowly recover and symptoms finally start to subside day by day. It's now been almost a year since my initial hip injury I am back to 90%. I just mostly have some achiness and inflammation on my outer hips especially if sit down or lay on then for too long.

I seriously recommend anyone with any of my symptoms to go check out a sports rehab specialist, dry needling, or a chiropractor that specializes in alignments of lower back and hips. You will never get better if anything is out of alignment even the slightest. I also think a lot of men are connecting their symptoms to an encounter with an unknown women when in my case it was just coincidental as it ended up having nothing to do with that at all. Remember almost all of cpps is non bacterial and more alignment, stabilization, and pelvic floor myofascial issues such as tensing and nerve issues.

Tue Jun 19, 2018 8:27 am

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Post Re: My CPPS 1 year to hell and back success story.
Thanks for your success story.
It really helps, wish more guys would come back when they get well.
Me, Like many of us we have a hard time thinking this is not bacterial.
Hope you are doing well and are getting 100% soon
What’s your status these days?

Sun Aug 12, 2018 9:07 am

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Post Re: My CPPS 1 year to hell and back success story.
Hi. Thanks for the note. Yes I would say I’m pretty much back to 100% now!

Sun Aug 12, 2018 11:44 am
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