Consolidated Oral Sex Thread
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Author:  stanfelder [ Sat Jul 07, 2018 10:46 am ]
Post subject:  Consolidated Oral Sex Thread

There’s lots of fellas on here with stories involving oral sex. I think it would be a great idea to consolidate these stories into one thread for reference and conversation. Some of the questions to answer which I find important t to share:

1) Was oral sex with a regular partner, random person, masseuse, or prostitute?
2) Stages of symptoms, timeframe, how they changed, etc. For example, did you experience urethritis such as discharge and dysuria, etc. Be specific.
3) Did you seek out testing of semen, eps, etc and if so what were those results? (ensure your only exposure was oral though. Vaginal exposure changes things)
4) Did you take abx, which ones and what were the results?
5) Did you resume sex with your regular partner and if so, did you pass anything on to her? Did you receive any dr advice on this such as; normal flora bacteria, vagina will killl it, etc....
6) If a bacteria was identified, did you cure it completely?
7) How did your emotions factor into your symptoms? Was there a coorsrion here for you?
8) How long has your battle been?
9) Did you tell your regular partner, and if so, how’d that go?

I’ll add more questions if you guys recommend others! Be as specific as you can guys!

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