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 My descent into hell, and what has helped and what hasn't 
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Post My descent into hell, and what has helped and what hasn't
Hello, Fellow Sufferers!

I'm a 67-year-old who developed prostatitis symptoms for the first time last November: the first symptom was a badly stinging urgency to pee multiple times a day, then an unprecedented and dramatic decrease in ejaculate (but not ED), and increasingly a feeling of swelling and burning in my pelvic region. Orgasms began to feel more like painful spasms and to produce little or no ejaculate. A decrease in urine flow was an intermittent problem, but it occurred mostly right after sleeping or having sat too long without physical activity.

My PCP MD, who has disappointingly devolved over the years from a naturopathic/nutritional emphasis to pill pushing and especially hormone replacement for all his clientele, kept pushing me to start testosterone. And after about three weeks of rubbing the prescription testosterone into my inner thighs as directed, the disturbing symptoms above began - for the first time in my life.

I stopped the testosterone immediately. My doctor believed that the testosterone had nothing to do with it, but that I just had a UT/prostate infection, and without culturing my urine, put me on a 28-day regimen of Bactrim DS twice a day (fortunately we agreed that Cipro was a dangerous, last-ditch treatment). The Bactrim was devastating to my system - it made me feel weak, arthritic - I had to lie down from sudden exhaustion after each tablet "hit". I had to take leave from my teaching position as I simply couldn't function most of the time.

So I go from feeling okay despite somewhat low natural testosterone levels (hey, I'm 67 - isn't that to be expected?), to increasingly disturbing UT/prostate discomfort while using prescription testosterone, to being totally devastated physically by Bactrim therapy (and yes, I was taking strong probiotics between Bactrim doses).

I decided to go to another MD, who immediately said that my urine should have been lab-cultured before any antibiotic therapy, as my symptoms may not be caused by a bacteria. They found only traces of E. Coli in my urine, after the 28 days of Bactrim, and I was put on a week of Macrobid, which targets E. Coli. I was also advised to take mannose, a natural supplement found in health food stores. Within a week, my urine was "sterile" - no detectable pathogen. But I was physically wiped out by all the antibiotics, and my UT/prostate symptoms remained the same.

It seemed crucial that I now take an entirely different approach. Allopathy was not helping, and in fact, the exogenous testosterone therapy appeared to be the start of everything - of all my UT/prostate problems! I was referred to a urologist and told that the high-end urologists had "amazing new" surgical solutions - but I also talked with men who had horror stories to tell about undergoing these "solutions".

So I started doing my research on all the prostate forums and set up a nutritional supplement spreadsheet and began to treat myself. Here's what I have learned from weeks of trial-and-error. Your mileage may vary, as our problems and metabolisms may be quite different, of course. (The order below has no special significance):

  • Considerably reducing acidy foods and supplements, such as fruit (even watermelon!) and ascorbic acid, has helped a lot. Instead, I eat a lot more broccoli, brussel sprouts, fresh carrots, kale, asparagus, sweet potato, and I drink a teaspoon of powdered calcium ascorbate every day. I have restricted my meat to chicken and fish (mostly salmon) - which may or may not be important, but the salmon does have omega-3s, which are anti-inflammatory.
  • Contrary to much advice, coffee does not seem to irritate my UT/prostate - I drink lots of dark roast pour-over coffee. Going without makes me lethargic, but seems to have little effect on stinging urgency.
  • Aspirin is out for me for a couple of reasons: (1) It decreases the effectiveness of the ACE inhibiting BP med I take, and (2) it seems to worsen, not help, the sensitivity of my UT (it IS acidic).
  • Advil and Mobic (meloxicam) are also out, as they raise my BP and heartrate and upset my stomach. (Mobic also makes me very lethargic.)
  • My best combination for UT/prostate relief is a couple of Tylenol (and coffee boosts it!), quercetin (which helps retain the Tylenol, like grapefruit juice retains Viagra), and concentrated curcumin extract (simple turmeric won't do the job!). The curcumin seems to have reduced the feeling of pressure in my pelvis. The Tylenol stops the stinging urgency. (But do not combine Tylenol with alcohol because that can cause severe liver problems!)
  • Of all readily available foods, avocados supposedly have the highest level of beta-sitosterol, the real active ingredient in saw palmetto (which actually contains less beta-sitosterol than avocado), so I have at least one avocado every day. (I must be allergic to whatever else is in saw palmetto because it makes me sick to my stomach and the burning in my pelvis gets worse.) I believe that avocado has also helped reduce the pressure I was feeling in my pelvic region.
  • Exercise is essential. Often just a long, brisk walk will stop all prostate discomfort for me.
  • Hot baths (not showers) are also essential. Give me a lot of relief.
  • Ejaculation (however you manage it) every few days seems to help a lot. I believe it releases stale accumulation there and allows fresh blood and nutrients to flow into the dense tissues. My ejaculate turned completely clear (with a slight yellow tinge) during my Bactrim therapy, which was disturbing, but I've noticed some whitish streaks reappearing lately - I guess that's a good sign things are returning to normal. Caveat: I'd suggest avoiding excessive masturbation - that increases my UT/prostate irritation.
  • Other supplements that seem to have helped me: A good multi with Thiamine mononitrate (not HCl - too acidic!!), Vitamin A (not too much), D3, methylated B6, B12, and folate, zinc (not too much without extra copper too), selenium, E complex, mannose, and oddly enough, Claritin, it seems - perhaps there is an allergic factor to my prostate problem.
But whatever, easy does it on everything - careful moderation and gentle introduction of whatever you do.

I have just started going to a very sympathetic MD acupuncturist. Since the therapy is still in the beginning phase, I can't say how much this is helping yet. Ironically, the acupuncture has been most effective in controlling my seasonal allergies, but I do see that I take much less Tylenol for prostate discomfort now.

Hope this is of some help to some of you out there. This time last year, I wouldn't have understood how maddening and how very depressing this condition can be. It's good for my soul to experience this and develop more empathy.


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Post Re: My descent into hell, and what has helped and what hasn'

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