philipinnes greece or hwere the best doc?
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Author:  jonjon [ Tue May 29, 2018 8:28 am ]
Post subject:  philipinnes greece or hwere the best doc?

i was diagnosed with bacterial prostititis in late april,id taken antibiotics before that,im now in PI at one of the clinics there getting treatment,i thought to do this early and get on with it as so many people suffer for yrs,ive read up a lot.i have back ache and a few leg inner thighs pains that are not very strong,in manila i had massage 8 days and then a ESP culture they came back with urea and hominis bugs,im on dox,my WBC is 0-3 it was like that the 1st 3 days then went up two days 10-15,it went back to the 0-3 reading after that,thats where it is right now,i live in hongkong so its close by here,i see other member tehdude is here too,id like to meet him and swop our experience.please contact me.i have a decent diet so i dont need to do anything about it,theres a lot of resistance out there to drugs thats one problem.i had a sensitivity test too but the doc said the lab did it thats where i am,i have gheard the best place to go is athens,id like other readers also like to know how hominis is spread as i read it can be spread by bodily contact sneezing and the like,i find that hard to would be my best bet!rectal ultrasounds,has anyone opinions experience of also like to know about phages.what exactly are they how do you take one is it a pill or what?im totally ignorant of the subject

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