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 I'm so lost. Please help me. 
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Post I'm so lost. Please help me.
Here's my sad story:

Dec 2017:
- Unprotected encounter with a female of unknown status.

- The very next day I got white cloudy urine mid stream & end stream.

- Ran to the Doc who ordered test for Gono/Chlamydia & other STDs. Doc gave me a injection shot of Kanamycin since I already had cloudy urine and asked me to wait for the test results.

Jan 2018:
- FFW to 2 Weeks - All STD results came back negative. By this time, I started having dull pain in both testicles and once had sperm like discharge after urination. Ran to the Doc again who gave Doxy for 2 weeks and ordered for Mycoplasma IGM & IGG AB blood test (I'm not sure if this is right way as I have read Mycoplasma Genitalium/Hominis testing should be done via PCR testing as blood test is unable to differentiate between Mycoplasma Pneumonia/Genitalium/Hominis)

- Anyway, tested positive for Mycoplasma IGM but negative for IGG. Doc put me on Zithromax - 500mg per day for 2 weeks. Stopped taking doxy & switched to Zithro. I was on 5th day of doxy course by then.

- In between these 2 weeks, I started having prostatitis like symptoms - Unable to void urine completely, dark yellow urine, discharge while defecating, lost sense of urination (I don't get the urge to urinate - If the bladder is full, I will just have a mild sense. Might be suffering from Neurogenic bladder.)

- Finished my 2 weeks Zithro. Tested again for Mycoplasma, this time it was positive for both Mycoplasma IGM & IGG.

- Doc prescribed 2 weeks more of Zithro

- Took Zithro for 1 week and I decided to switch to a Urologist. So overall, I took Zithro - 500mg per day for about 17-18 days. One thing to note though, Zithro made all my symptoms go away - No pain in testicles, no cloudy urine when I was on Zithro.

Mar 2018:
- Went to a Urologist. Did Semen/Urine culture test - All negative. Uro prescribed Tamsulosin (I think which made my Neurogenic bladder worse - I have no urge, no feeling to urinate at all - I could have gone whole day without urinating - I put a timer every 2 hours to remind myself to urinate and avoid any bacteria growth in my bladder) & some anti-inflammation pain killer tablets.

- Took the prescribed drugs for 1 month. Still no change.

Apr 2018:
- Talked to my Doc & decided to go for 6 weeks of Avelox (Moxifloxacin) course.

- I'm on my 4th week of Avelox and still have the following lingering issues:

- Dull pain in my testicles, mostly in my left testicle which comes and goes off

- Slightly white cloudy urine sometimes

- White discharge while defecating

- Swollen Meatus

- No urge to urinate (Think might be Neurogenic bladder)

I'm so lost as as Avelox (Moxifloxacin) was my last resort. If it doesn't cure me, then I don't know what else to do. I'm thinking of extending Avelox course to 8 weeks though. Can please anyone guide me what to do next?

Thanks ~ Kevin

May God Bless Us All.

Mon May 07, 2018 1:53 pm

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Post Re: I'm so lost. Please help me.
Did you have enterococcus or anything else?

One lab said I had
Enterococcus faecalis
And mycoplasma Hominis + ureaplasma urealyticum

Mon Nov 26, 2018 4:09 pm

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Post Re: I'm so lost. Please help me.
I'm not questioning you but it's so hard to explain the fact that after unprotected sex ( was it oral or more?), the day after you had cloudy urine. Did it remain cloudy?

Any type of bacteria takes several days to weeks to show itself. Getting any type of std test the day after is not something any doctor would sign off on.

Mon Nov 26, 2018 9:14 pm

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Post Re: I'm so lost. Please help me.
The day after, there could be signs. It may depend on the bacteria, and what it's doing. It is more than likely a reaction to something bad. What do you mean by cloudy though? I can get cloudy urine without having had sex the day or two before. Usually I think it is because I haven't drank much water, or ate something that didn't digest right. It sounds like acid buildup. The nurse practitioner who examined my urinalysis said high ketones can cause cloudy or high acid urine. It's one sign there is high ketones. And high ketones is caused by a number of things, one of which is dehydration. I don't know about you, but I've gotten dehydrated after sex before, and even forgot to drink enough fluid if it was at night that the girl and I had it. If alcohol was involved, it could be even more likely I get dehydrated. One dehydration episode is enough to cause high ketones, but so is repetitive lack of proper fluid imbibing.

I'd suggest either trying a different doctor / urologist, and then a new course of different antibiotics. Or do something else besides take abx. Too much of the stuff results in a number of side effects, and it can easily deplete the immune system.

Tue Nov 27, 2018 4:57 pm

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Post Re: I'm so lost. Please help me.
Might want to find a place that can check for fungus. Give antifungal a shot you have been on a good amount of antibiotics. From what Ive learned about prostatitis its not usually one thing causing it its either combination of bacteria or bacteria and fungus. I had totally different symptoms before I killed my bacteria and now with fungus that have changed. I think ive had a fungus problem for a while once of the first signs I should of noticed is the acid reflux and when I reduce carbs it goes down.

Symptoms with Bacteria when I first got an std
-Penis pain
-Painful erections

After that I would get flare ups over 8 years id take either doxy or cipro it would help but would get less effective. Now that ive had proper testing and killed most of the bacteria in there with other antibiotics. I get different symptoms with the yeast. Redness on penis skin on the tip and itching. Fluconazole reduced that. Still some redness remains and chaffing a bit now. Im using cream still on tip but now I have prostate pain which I never had. My prostate is not enlarged but I assume the yeast did some damage. My erections dont hurt though or painful ejaculation which I had before with bacteria. Also cloudy urine 80% of the time lol. I think antibiotic abuse jacked me up. Hoping my immune system plus diet can fight the fungus before I try another antifungal they are quite dangerous on the liver so be careful and monitor your liver if you take any.

Mon Dec 17, 2018 1:14 am

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Post Re: I'm so lost. Please help me.
The kanimyacin shot - was it before or after your PCR test? (I assume it was a PCR test?)

Have you had your prostate fluid tested? I am a believer in having that tested before Semen.

The white discharge - is that from your penis or anus?

If you are not having any side effects from the Avelox, you may as well continue.


Lots of information here but you need to use the search function.

There are some bacteria out there that are resistant to first line ABX so you may have bumped into one of those.

Urinalysis are useless for those (in my experience at least).

Mon Dec 17, 2018 12:04 pm
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