I'm so lost. Please help me.
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Author:  Kev92 [ Mon May 07, 2018 1:52 pm ]
Post subject:  I'm so lost. Please help me.

Here's my sad story:

Dec 2017:
- Unprotected encounter with a female of unknown status.

- The very next day I got white cloudy urine mid stream & end stream.

- Ran to the Doc who ordered test for Gono/Chlamydia & other STDs. Doc gave me a injection shot of Kanamycin since I already had cloudy urine and asked me to wait for the test results.

Jan 2018:
- FFW to 2 Weeks - All STD results came back negative. By this time, I started having dull pain in both testicles and once had sperm like discharge after urination. Ran to the Doc again who gave Doxy for 2 weeks and ordered for Mycoplasma IGM & IGG AB blood test (I'm not sure if this is right way as I have read Mycoplasma Genitalium/Hominis testing should be done via PCR testing as blood test is unable to differentiate between Mycoplasma Pneumonia/Genitalium/Hominis)

- Anyway, tested positive for Mycoplasma IGM but negative for IGG. Doc put me on Zithromax - 500mg per day for 2 weeks. Stopped taking doxy & switched to Zithro. I was on 5th day of doxy course by then.

- In between these 2 weeks, I started having prostatitis like symptoms - Unable to void urine completely, dark yellow urine, discharge while defecating, lost sense of urination (I don't get the urge to urinate - If the bladder is full, I will just have a mild sense. Might be suffering from Neurogenic bladder.)

- Finished my 2 weeks Zithro. Tested again for Mycoplasma, this time it was positive for both Mycoplasma IGM & IGG.

- Doc prescribed 2 weeks more of Zithro

- Took Zithro for 1 week and I decided to switch to a Urologist. So overall, I took Zithro - 500mg per day for about 17-18 days. One thing to note though, Zithro made all my symptoms go away - No pain in testicles, no cloudy urine when I was on Zithro.

Mar 2018:
- Went to a Urologist. Did Semen/Urine culture test - All negative. Uro prescribed Tamsulosin (I think which made my Neurogenic bladder worse - I have no urge, no feeling to urinate at all - I could have gone whole day without urinating - I put a timer every 2 hours to remind myself to urinate and avoid any bacteria growth in my bladder) & some anti-inflammation pain killer tablets.

- Took the prescribed drugs for 1 month. Still no change.

Apr 2018:
- Talked to my Doc & decided to go for 6 weeks of Avelox (Moxifloxacin) course.

- I'm on my 4th week of Avelox and still have the following lingering issues:

- Dull pain in my testicles, mostly in my left testicle which comes and goes off

- Slightly white cloudy urine sometimes

- White discharge while defecating

- Swollen Meatus

- No urge to urinate (Think might be Neurogenic bladder)

I'm so lost as as Avelox (Moxifloxacin) was my last resort. If it doesn't cure me, then I don't know what else to do. I'm thinking of extending Avelox course to 8 weeks though. Can please anyone guide me what to do next?

Thanks ~ Kevin

May God Bless Us All.

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