Pain worse after squat exercises or ejaculation?
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Author:  rtpatter [ Thu May 03, 2018 9:52 am ]
Post subject:  Pain worse after squat exercises or ejaculation?

I have noticed that my symptoms greatly increase after ejaculation or squat exercises. Everything you read says the more blood flow to the area the better. However, I seem experience the opposite. I wasn't sure if this is any type of indicator as to what the root cause of the issue is. Some people say abstinence is better following the theory that the prostate needs to rest when inflamed. Somewhat confused as to which path to follow. I think that if its causing discomfort that is your body's way of telling you to stop. It's not necessarily painful during the process but its definitely more irritated in the hours and days that follow. Thoughts?

Author:  prostate454 [ Thu May 03, 2018 12:32 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Pain worse after squat exercises or ejaculation?

This is very normal. Squats and deadlifts place strain on the pelvic floor and can cause irritation to tight muscles or to the prostate itself if it is inflamed. Mine used to increase in soreness for 2-3 days following leg day and it seems common among sufferers who lift.

Ejaculation is a huge variable that often has a negative effect on the condition. An orgasm causes contraction of the pelvic floor during ejaculation with muscle spasms, nerve excitation, and also trauma to the prostate itself to produce prostatic fluid. A few lucky people consistently feel better after ejaculation however most experience a flare.

As for me, it's been the biggest variable of this whole ordeal. Real sex with my wife generally wouldn't cause any flare in symptoms, or maybe just a very minor increase in irritation. Masturbation was another story. It was ok during the event and actually would feel relief for a couple hours after, but usually by about 12-24 hours afterward my pain would increase significantly for 3-4 days before returning to normal (with abstinence). If I masturbated 2-3 days in a row then all bets were off with major pain and irritation in urethra and tip for a significant time. Anti-inflammatories (methyl-prednisolone, daypro, diclofenac) allowed me to masturbate every day without any symptoms.

Now I have improved significantly over time. Sex causes no increase in symptoms, and masturbation will sometimes cause a slight increase in symptoms and sometimes it will make no change. It's very strange. If I masturbate and it does increase my symptoms, they often stay increased until I masturbate again and then they go away. If I experience no symptoms then I generally will stay 100% without symptoms until the next time I masturbate and symptoms increase again. I attribute this to muscle spasms that get held tight sometimes and sometimes they don't. Anyway, I don't masturbate more than once or twice a week at most these days so I'm 90% pain free anymore.

I attribute sex vs. masturbation differences to the intensity of the orgasm. Sex tends to be more relaxed whereas masturbation you try to extend things, edge, do a more intense climax...all those things cause more muscle contraction and increased nerve excitement. If I didn't masturbate at all then I'd be 100% cured, but eh it's worth the slight increase in symptoms these days once or twice a week. I expect in the coming months that I'll be back to normal as things continue to improve.

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