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Author:  Administrator [ Fri Apr 27, 2018 4:28 pm ]
Post subject:  An Email From A Non Member

While this isn't a site for BHP in particular, this is an email we received. I know a lot of you have had similar situations. Any comments for this man?
Thank you!

Hello all,

I want to say thanks for your site. I too had non bacterial BHP and suffered greatly.

I used to read what other people did to help themselves and by accident I found several things that help alleviated my pain - alas, they don't cure my symptoms but I can live with the outcome.

These are two steps that make my life bearable:

First, life style changes (the hard one) - no anti inflammatory foods (dairy {especially Cheddar cheese}, red meats & lunch meats {w/ nitrates}, alcohol & narcotics, some medicines {cold pills, T-patches, etc.}, Amino acids {protein powders}. One note, Zinc will make it worse, it induces more Testosterone production not less - look it up if you don't believe me.

Second, the two items I use daily are Cranberry pills (500mg) and one big glass of Santa Cruz natural apple juice (the one you have to shake up before drinking). Even better would be if you juiced up your own apples - but I am too lazy. Note, I know Cranberries did not pass clinical trials but it somehow seems to works for me. Turmeric/Goldenseal maybe alternative worth looking into if you not a Cranberry fan. As funny as it seems, the apple juice is key. Why ? I have no idea...

That's about it. I tried every medical treatment my Urologists gave me to no avail. I also tried natural herbs and they helped a bit but not enough. These two simple steps have given me my life back. Note, it took 2 months for it to really work. I am now back into sports - even weightlifting and enjoying it.

Please pass this along. Let me know what type of feedback you get.


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