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Author:  Sparky [ Thu Jun 14, 2012 2:54 pm ]
Post subject:  Correct Diagnosis

I live in Africa and am keen to understand whether my diagnosis was correctly carried out and is therefore correct.

I would greatly appreciate any comments on my experience.

A. I experienced:
(1) a burning sensation emanating from a point about 2-3 inches inside my abdomen half way between by belly button and groin.
(2) increased urination need, especially at night, visiting the bathroom 1-2 times (and occasionally more).
(3) this has now lasted approximately 1.5 years.

B. About 1 year ago I visited the local urologist, who following DRE and visual inspection of seminal fluids diagnosed prostatitis resulting from an infection and gave me 3 days of Cipro and 2 weeks of anti-inflammatories. This did not work and he subsequently prescribed 2 weeks Cipro. Again this did not have any effect and he subsequently prescribed 5 weeks metronidazole, which had a moderate effect, particularly in reducing the need to rise in the night to urinate. However whilst it calmed the condition, it did not cure it completely and my mild symptoms have remained.

C. During this process, I visited a urologist in the UK to get a second opinion b. His opinion was that my prostate was "boggy" but not very inflamed. Ultrasounds did not show up anything in the UK, but had done in Africa (faulty equipment?).

D. I have had urine and blood samples screened for STDs with no result - as did my wife, also without result. However, one urine sample did show Candida: I believed this may have been a result of my antibiotics.

Prior to this and in my 20s (I am now in my mid 30s) I had urethritis on 3 occasions.

When symptoms of prostatitis first struck, I had not exercised for 3-4 months after an injury incurred after a series of half marathons. I now find that running exacerbates my symptoms and am frustrated by my lack of options to exercise.

In light of the above, I am very interested to work out what is actually going on. I do not seem to have some of the intense symptoms outlined in information on the web in terms of pain, chills, inability to pass urine.

Are these mild symptoms normal for prostatitis? Does anybody have a similar experience? I would really like to hear your thoughts on soundness of my diagnosis and whether this does seem like prostatis.

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