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 Need Advice: Oral Sex No Condom - STD to CBP? 
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Post Re: Need Advice: Oral Sex No Condom - STD to CBP?

That wasn't long.

I felt the wolf knocking at the door after 3 days: cold tingling in penis tip, frequent urination, and epidimitys.

Then I read some PDFs about Nitro and believe I wasn't on it long enough.

Today the Doc put me back on Nitro since I was only off it for 3 days.

Took a urine sample to check for E-Coli - he doesn't think it is there but if it is he will see what it is resistant to or sensitive to.

Said we are going to go for a longer course this time with the Nitro - 2 to 3 months - unless the urine culture shows something else

There is a PDF I was reading about it that I showed him. PM me if you want it as I can't post the link.

I took one Nitro and perhaps placebo effect, but feeling better 2 hours later.

He also suggested a supplement called "D Mannose" 500 MG x 200 to fight the e-coli. Anyone have any experience with this supplement?

Anyone else have any ideas about how to fight a persistent E-Coli bug?

Mon Sep 24, 2018 11:47 am

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Post Re: Need Advice: Oral Sex No Condom - STD to CBP?
you have prostatitis so a urine sample wont tell u much,probably nothing at all.semen and prostste fluid culture,takes 7-8 days ina good lab.go to a good one.theyll tell u if you have e coli and if so there may be other bacteria too,it must come with a sensitivity test a WBC content and the strength of the infection in cfu/ can then start a course of meds that will kill it,e coli is difficult for several reasons it can be very resistant indeed or it may be sensitive to a no of abx.thats your way forward.urine test will not show whats in your prostate.its a waste of time,

Mon Sep 24, 2018 3:27 pm

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Post Re: Need Advice: Oral Sex No Condom - STD to CBP?
jon jon,

thank you for your post. Where I live I do not have access to 'first world' medicine. The labs here are simply not that good. Also I do not have access to all ABX. can you tell me or PM me with the following:

1. what country are you based in?
2. what doctor did you see?
3. exactly what was the fluid test called (7 day culture?) - my doctor keeps using the PCR test but did you have another type of test done?
4. what ABX regime did he put you on (name, dosage, frequency, etc.)

The only reason I took the urine test was because the doctor suggested we just check to make sure there is no e-coli in it.

Mon Sep 24, 2018 11:53 pm

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Post Re: Need Advice: Oral Sex No Condom - STD to CBP?
Uro wants me off ABX and supplements for 30 days prior to retesting.


I am the house of pain.

Tue Oct 09, 2018 1:20 am

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Post Re: Need Advice: Oral Sex No Condom - STD to CBP?
Weird. Was having a some pinching pain and cold and tingling in penis and couldn't sleep. Took a melatonen pill an expired (1 year old) Lyrica and felt great for 2 days and today 3 feel pretty decent.

Thu Oct 11, 2018 3:00 pm

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Post Re: Need Advice: Oral Sex No Condom - STD to CBP?
Lot of work travel so have had to delay the next round of diagnostics. Will update when I do later this month but currently taking NO ABX which is a good thing.

Does seem my symptoms are settling down - taking a melatonin every night before bed to help with sleep and popping a Lyrica every 3-4 days if pain gets above a "1" on a scale of 1-5.

I find that sitting for more than 1 hour kicks it off - which sucks because I am spending almost the whole month of November on airplanes. Trying to masturbate more often as it is cheaper and more fun than visiting my Urologist. Still having protected sex with wife. Have pretty much stopped drinking beer and only 1 small coffee a day. Started running and going to gym to try and change focus.

The biggest complaint I have now is I can't seem to hold my urine anymore - feel like fluids go right through me and urinating every 2 hours or less if I am drinking lots of fluids.

Sat Nov 03, 2018 5:43 pm

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Post Re: Need Advice: Oral Sex No Condom - STD to CBP?
Ok boys and boys, here's the latest update. Probably the last report on my case. Think of it as "Lessons Learned"

1.) Prostatitis CAN be transmitted as an STD so tell your male friends!. I found a very good paper that talks about oral sex transmission. It's from Eastern Europe. PM me if you want me to send you the link. Sex Education should teach boys and men to NOT have blow jobs from Chinese massage parlors/strange women/etc without a rain coat. Ok, so I'll chalk up the $8,000 in medical bills and pain and suffering and my wife's rage and anger as an expensive education which I will share with my guy friends. I also should've paid more attention in bible class. Who knew that Job and King Solomon both had STDs!? (another interesting link I can share "Veneral Disease in the Bible")

2.) I received clean/clear EPS cultures from my local Urologist and the Eliava Phage institute in Georgia. Call me crazy, but I had hoped they would have found some bacteria that would have allowed me to take some more antibiotics in the hope I could cure my prostatitis. Ok, at least I have some clarity now.

3.) Sitting down kills me after a few hours. I am going to focus on stretching, doing some weight training and getting my muscles and tendons strong through exercise and stretching. Already I am noticing an improvement by stretching at least 20 minutes each morning.

4.) Prayer, Meditation and affirmations - I can erase the pain for short periods of time if I focus on it by using prayer and affirmations.

5.) Lyrica is my new friend. I take one every 3 or 5 days and melatonin every night. The Lyrica is habit forming so I need to be careful here. I will use the Lyrica for a few more weeks and then stop (i hope)

6.) Pineapple - eating a ton of pineapple, brussel sprouts, and as much fruit and veg as I can. Did a few days of veg diet and water and wine and orange juice.

7.) NO BEER - I've given up beer and am only drinking red wine diluted with water and OJ and Lots of green tea. 1 small coffee in the AM

8.) Sheep skin seat cover - I stole the bed from my cat. It's a nice sheep skin/fur covered pillow. It's my new office chair cushion. Helps a lot! The cat sleeps on the couch fine without it.

9.) Masturbation - I decided to try the "3 a day" masturbation massage method for a week. It seems to have helped. I will try again to 'clean out the pipes' during my next severe prostatitis bout. My uro said I should go for that instead of more antibiotics.

10.) Weight loss - going to try and lose a few kilos and get my body weight down to take the pressure off my prostate when I sit.

That's what I know. Just remember, it could be worse. God bless.

Mon Dec 17, 2018 12:37 pm

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Post Re: Need Advice: Oral Sex No Condom - STD to CBP?
Hi... Finally I read it all I saw you gave quite a fight. Hope you try what worked for me. As I told you in some other post
750mg amoxiciling morning and 750 mg evening make wonders, if you try let me know if it worked or not.
However i recommend you take it with the other two components that kill helicobacter.
Is tricky though. When I took it, i was on the beach. Was my week off and spent those days in the forest and the beach. Lot of activity and no stress.
Unluckily once I stopped it, it slowly came back. Now I'm taking it again in a regular week. I see an improvemente but not as perfect as before.
I don't think this is a solution but at least made me feel 100% great for a couple of weeks and now is making me feel better at an 80%.

To track the performance of this approach I suggest you avoid suplements and focus only on this...In my case I only added Cernilton because it helped a lot in the past and is natural stuff.


Sat Sep 21, 2019 1:12 pm

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Post Re: Need Advice: Oral Sex No Condom - STD to CBP?
Gut flora is probably off in the majority of these cases which begin as a routine urinary tract infection. Reminds me of the stories I've read about women who get frequent urinary tract infections after unprotected sex. They are usually told to eat daily yogurt and their issues clear up after a while allowing them to have sex again without any consequences. Too much dairy can also cause problems though, fermented foods would probably be better, daily sauerkraut, or kimchi.

Thu Oct 03, 2019 10:41 pm
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