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Author:  prostateman [ Wed Mar 14, 2018 9:46 am ]
Post subject:  Update

Hello all,

So this first happened to me 14 months ago after a BJ. Felt weird almost immediately but symptoms began a couple of days afterwards.

All I've taken is Azithromycin (1 dose) which kept my clear for about 4 weeks, then 1 month of bactrim(kept me clear for 3-4 weeks) and another month of bactrim(symptoms started to return a few weeks later also) however this time I decided not to take anymore antibiotics because it was giving me yeast issues, white tongue, itching all the rest of it. This must of been a flare up because it last about 2 weeks and gradually I started feeling better... anyway long story short, I'd have a flare up and be upset that it's come back, wait it out and it goes, comes back again, this has happened non-stop over the past 13 months except the flare ups are so weak and I recover very quickly so I think I'm almost over it. Whatever it was.. my body is healing it naturally I think because I've been living a normal life since 6 months into it and don't think about it at all really unless I have some mild symptoms and it crosses my mind.

What I tried:
1 does of azithromycin
2 months of bactrim in total
Garlic clove
Lemon in warm water

Interestingly out of everything I tried, I think cutting up raw garlic cloves and down them with water worked the best. I know it has many anti-viral, bacterial and fungal properties. I was cutting slices of lemon and putting them in warm water and drinking that for a few weeks. To be honest, like most of us I started feeling better and have neglected the garlic/lemon so I might get back on that just to see if it cures me 100%.

Sorry for the messy post but thought I'd update you all. In my experience, it gradually became better over time, each flare up less and less. Did the antibiotics help? yes temporarily like everyone else. I really believe the garlic did it for me.

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