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 15 years of Prostatitis - Dealing with it on a daily basis 
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Post 15 years of Prostatitis - Dealing with it on a daily basis
Dear all:
I thought I would share my own story as succinctly as possible in the hope that it might help others. I witness a lot of suffering here, and people looking for answers to the pain, discomfort, and lower quality of life that Prostatitis can bring, so maybe what I have to share can contribute positively to some fellow sufferers; here we go :).

In September of 2002, I moved home, and at about that time started suffering from low grade back pain. Blood tests revealed nothing wrong, but as the months went by, i noticed a general feeling of tiredness, and picked up frequent colds and sore throats. Further blood tests revealed nothing. On the morning of December 27th that year, I woke up with a strong ache and spasms in my Pelvis. It initially thought I had Intestinal problems, but upon going to the bathroom, there was nothing of that sort. However my pee was black; and i could not pee properly. 30 minutes later and urgent doctors appointment was made; i went back to the bathroom, and peed what looked like grains of sand (in fact a Kidney stone; though I had never had one before). To cut a long story short, a massive UTI followed, it infected my prostate which led to Epidiymitis, and subsequently Orchitis in my left testicle. After 2 months of the doctors trying to save it, there was no hope, and it was taken away (i will spare you the details...).

Following 3 months off work, I was able to go back. Despite the Bacteria having been eliminated by antibiotics, the damaged prostate remained inflamed, and I had what i would call regular Prostate inflammation crisis. This led to me being on antibiotics for 2 years. Once i cam off these crisis would go through cycles. 3 weeks of crisis (feels like someone is rubbing my Perineum with sandpaper), 3 weeks of no pain. Slowly the cycles involved shorter periods of pain, and longer periods of well being. The pain periods were managed (best possible) with Ibuprofen; and though the pain never left during those times, it was manageable. Slowly after 6 or 7 years the cycles completely stopped; and I lived without any pain, normally again.

However, I am once again having a brush with this sickness, and its due to my own fault. During Christmas, I saw my GF whom I live far from, she had forgotten her birth control pills, and we had anal sex. I fell asleep straight after, and made the error of not going for a pee or a wash (2 absolute musts for any man engaging in such sexual practices). I will never make that mistake ever again. I had a UTI, and though it seems my prostate was not infected, the prostate has been irritated and I am in pain again. I initially controlled it by Ibuprofen, but things are improving (slowly) and a herbal supplement I use seems to be enough on its own....however I am taking things day by day. I am determined to beat Prostatis a further time. This leads me to the things you can do to help yourself without looking for miracle solutions. This is what works in my own case; give it a try:

1 - Diet - Just fresh foods if you can. Fresh fruit, vegetables and good quality meat. Avoid too much fat which i find irritates my prostate
2 - Running (start or increase) - Your prostate is located just behind your lower colon. If you run you may evacuate your intestine more regularly and reduce the chances of constipation which can cause very uncomfortable pressure on the back of your prostate
3 - Limit alcohol - Reduces the chances of bladder irritation, and therefore Prostate irritation. Also reduces gas which can put pressure on your prostate
4 -Herbal teas (careful of) - I find that some herbal teas are blue murder. If you notice irritation after drinking herbal tea; don't drink anymore until your prostate is stable
5 - Limiting liquids before bed - The desire to pee maybe disturbing your sleep. Drinking plenty of fluids (water and pure juices) during the day, but limit these at night so as not to put pressure on your bladder, and therefore your Prostate
6 - Find a prostate draining supplement that works for you. After lots of unsuccessful products, I found one that works well for me in my market. It helped get me off Ibuprofen; and reduced my PSA (I have an excellent PSA for my age)
7 - Ejaculate at a frequency that works for your prostate and reduces your pain. Over or under stimulation should be avoided

I think there is some good to be had from this condition. I find it forces a hygiene in my life that can have benefits in other areas.

Lastly I want to come back on prostate tissue scarring versus stones. During a scan of my prostate, I was also told that I have scars on my prostate, so it does exist. It showed up as a darker area. What I also learned is that the prostate is largely formed of Alveoli (little sacs) and that when infected, these dry out and leave tiny stones. Sometimes I have what appears to be tiny grains of sand in my semen, and it would appear to be these stones being released.

I hope some of this helps some people; so in summary healthy diet, sports, and the right prostate degongestant for you.

Kind regards

Thu Feb 08, 2018 11:26 am

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Post Re: 15 years of Prostatitis - Dealing with it on a daily bas
Well done Thomas in finding what works for you. I agree that discovering how to manage prostatitis is more important than seeking causes and miracle cures. Fact is as long as a man has a prostate he is at risk for all the problems that come with it. Prostatitis is just one of many medical issues that do not come with a standard level of treatment and cure. Psoriasis, arthritis, diabetes etc are just a few of the medical problems we have to learn to manage and prostatitis is just another on the list. Stay well Thomas and thanks for sharing your story.

Thu Feb 08, 2018 12:22 pm

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Post Re: 15 years of Prostatitis - Dealing with it on a daily bas
What is the name of the prostate draining supplement that you mentioned?

Thu Feb 08, 2018 7:42 pm

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Post Re: 15 years of Prostatitis - Dealing with it on a daily bas
Thank you Madcap. Despite all the problems, i find that it has enriched my life in many ways and changed my outlook on certain things. I ended up seeing Prostatitis as an opponent that had backed me into a corner. I either had to fight back or be taken down, and i chose to fight.

I will add getting regular sleep to the list i wrote up :)

I live in France, its a medication called Prestagem by Herbal Gem (a company in Belgium). It was recommended to me by my urologist years ago. Its a 50ML bottle, i take 10 to 15 drops before bed. I do a month of it once every 6 months in order to keep my prostate in shape (had not had any problems in years). I finished my Ofloxicine 2 weeks ago for the UTI I picked up at Christmas; and the Prostatitis came back a week ago. I was taking Ibuprofen to start, but was worried it might mask fever associated to a recurrence of the UTI; so i stopped that. 4 days ago I started just the Prestagem and already feel the results (less need to urinate, less waxing and waning of pain; normal life coming back...). If you do get some, I recommend trying ejaculation 2 to 3 times per week while using it. It seems to work faster and more efficiently when regular ejaculation is involved.

Good luck!

Fri Feb 09, 2018 6:14 am

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Post Re: 15 years of Prostatitis - Dealing with it on a daily bas
Thanks Precision66

Sat Feb 10, 2018 7:03 pm
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