urination numbers confusing / night time waking
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Author:  winglets [ Mon Jan 29, 2018 11:29 pm ]
Post subject:  urination numbers confusing / night time waking

Could someone explain what's going on here as I'm sure maybe some of you will have experienced similar -

Sometimes I realise you pee more than you drink especially if it's alcohol or tea/coffee. I have drunk alot of tea for many years now on a daily basis and never had an issue with urination for the most part. For the last few months though, things have changed. I will have instances where I will drink alot and not feel an urge to go for ages. Eventually I'll get the urge, pee a fair amount and then not drink hardly anything but I'll go pee a large amount again maybe 2/3 hours later. It's the fact that I'm peeing soon after I already peed that confuses me despite not really having much to drink. So for example...

In the morning I drank around 700ml then some time I voided around 700ml but then about maybe 2 hours later, I'll have a slight urge and then void another 400ml despite NOT DRINKING ANYTHING in these 2 hours. So why the retention? Is this normal? I don't get it.
This has not really happened to me before in my life.
Also the other glaring symptom is that this sensation I have wakes me up in the night time, sometimes just an hour after I fall asleep. I'll be wide awake sometimes but then the urge to pee will lessen and almost disappear entirely within minutes. So again I'm confused.

I have been to the GP and he did mention I have a slightly larger but very smooth prostate (for someone of my age 34) but he suspects that I have a case of over-active bladder, which I suppose would explain the intermittent symptoms.

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