First time on ABX. 5 weeks of Doxy. Need advice!
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Author:  chucktown [ Sun Jan 28, 2018 5:12 am ]
Post subject:  First time on ABX. 5 weeks of Doxy. Need advice!

Hi again everyone. I got a prescription yesterday for 5 weeks of Doxycycline with a refill if I want to go longer. I had symptoms of prostatitis and a lot of my symptoms correlated with infection. Although my urine didn't test for anything they prescribed it anyway. I have yet to try antibiotics apart from one week of cipro (but we all know that isn't long enough.) Fingers are crossed that this works. I am also going to take a diflucan pill once a week to prevent yeast infection which is my theory as to how this whole thing started. Is this okay to take in conjunction with the doxy? I'm going to take probiotics as well.
I am really worried that my yeast infection is going to come back when I start to take them, what should I do if this is the case? Just use my cream and keep taking the doxy?

Was wondering if anyone has any advice for me while I take these or if anyone has had success taking doxy before?

Can I take anything with it to make sure I penetrate the prostate?

Should I masturbate often or not at all?


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